Navigating Your Midlife Weight Journey

Navigating Your Midlife Weight Journey

Entering our 40s and 50s brings a whirlwind of changes, and weight gain often takes the spotlight. Hormonal shifts and busy lifestyles blend together, making it tricky to manage weight. Let’s simplify this journey with practical tips on food, activity, stress relief, and nurturing a balanced gut microbiome. Understanding the Challenges Weight gain isn’t just […]

Heal Your Gut, Transform Your Life

Heal your Gut

Ladies, have you ever considered that the key to vibrant health might be right under your nose, or rather, in your gut? It’s time to embark on a journey to unveil the profound impact of your gut health on your overall well-being. The Remarkable Gut: Your Body’s Second Brain Your gut is often referred to […]

Embracing Imperfection: My Journey through the Perfectionist Maze


Have you ever wondered why the pursuit of perfection can sometimes lead to a sense of inadequacy? Picture yourself standing in front of a mirror, scrutinizing your reflection and feeling that you somehow fall short of expectations? I certainly have done this. This familiar scenario, facing oneself in the mirror and feeling somehow lacking, is […]

Unleashing the Power of Muscle for Women

muscle for women

Picture this: you’re navigating the demands of daily life, constantly juggling responsibilities, and it feels like your energy levels are on a never-ending rollercoaster ride. Fatigue, weight fluctuations, mood swings—these are symptoms many women can relate to. But did you know that the secret to unlocking a vibrant metabolism lies within you? Let’s explore how […]

Blood Sugar Imbalance and Weight Gain

Blood Sugar Imbalances and Weight Gain

The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Picture this: you’re racing through a busy day when suddenly, it feels like a switch has been flicked inside your brain. You’re hit by a tidal wave of anxiety, exhaustion, or irritability. You’re shaky, overwhelmed, and the world feels like it’s closing in on you. It’s a scenario a lot of […]

Embracing Holistic Approaches to Healthy Body Composition

Welcome to an enlightening journey into the world of holistic weight management, where the harmony between body, mind, and well-being takes the spotlight. As a Board Certified Naturopath and Homeopath, I am delighted to be your guide through this transformative exploration. In this article, we will unravel the intricate dance between hormones, metabolism, and weight […]

Weight Loss – How to See It Differently

Weight Loss – how to see it differently

Many of my clients were initially overweight, not all, but a lot of them were.  Today, I’m going to focus on helping those people who want to lose weight, not because I think that the topic of weight loss is more important than other health and wellness topics I could cover, but because I think […]

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight after 40?

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight after 40

Many of us want to look and feel better as we age, but it can be more difficult as we get older. There are a lot of changes that happen after the age of 40, from hormonal fluctuations to decreased bone density, which makes it more challenging for those who are trying to lose weight […]

Weight Loss: How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Weight Loss How Long Does it Take to See Results

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to see results from your weight loss plan? The answer may surprise you. It can take as little as a week for some people, but sometimes it takes much longer. This article explores the different factors that go into determining how quickly you will see changes in […]

How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss: 4 Tips

How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Have you found that your skin is looser after losing weight? It’s a common problem for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Skin elasticity isn’t the same as it used to be, and this can lead to loose skin on the belly, arms, thighs and face. I have personally gone through this […]

The Six Vitamins and Minerals That Help You Lose Weight

The Six Vitamins and Minerals That Help You Lose Weight

It is a commonly-known fact that you need to take vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. However, did you know that there are certain vitamins and minerals that also help improve your metabolism? This blog post will discuss six of the most important ones for weight loss and the main food and herbs […]

Healthy Weight Loss Foods: Eating to Jumpstart Your Journey

Healthy Weight Loss Foods Eating to Jumpstart Your Journey

It’s a common misconception that you can’t jumpstart your weight loss journey with healthy foods. In fact, there are plenty of options available to support your weight-loss efforts when included as part of a balanced diet. Aside from tasting great, many of these foods are high in fiber or protein – two nutrients that help […]

Can I Lose Weight Without Exercising?

Can I Lose Weight Without Exercising.

That is one of the most common questions people ask when trying to lose weight. The answer is yes, but it’s not always easy. If you are unable to exercise because of an injury or another reason, there are several other proven options for you. Let’s look at how these work and what they can […]

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Many people start thinking about weight loss in the spring, and it’s no wonder: everyone wants to feel comfortable with their body. For those of you who are struggling, I wanted to address some key points that can help you manage your weight. If you are someone who is looking for a quick fix, this […]

What should I have for a snack?

What should I have for a snack

  So you are hungry, but it’s not time for your next meal or maybe you aren’t hungry enough for a full meal or maybe you are in a hurry and don’t have time to have a full meal. Regardless of the reasons why – you want a snack… And you ask yourself: “What should […]


  What do you think has the biggest impact on your relationship with food? It might not be your first guess… Your thoughts and beliefs is the correct answer. In order for you to change your relationship with food, you need to change your beliefs about it first. And in order to change your beliefs, […]

Do You Ever Say: “I HATE MY BODY?”

Many of the people whose goal is to lose weight and/or stop binge eating often have one thing in common – they hate their bodies. And from my experience, additionally, clients who want to lose weight are also struggling with a lack of self-worth. But for the purpose of this post, I will talk about […]

#1 Mistake When Trying to Lose Weight

The #1 mistake people make when trying to shed off some pounds is concentrating on weight loss. Weight loss could mean so many things besides fat loss. People lose pounds due to water weight, muscle loss, and sometimes even due to some serious illness. Additionally, the word “lose” is such a negative word. No one […]

#1 Thing That Will Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey

Do you need to lose weight? Do you need to heal your relationship with food? If yes, what are your reasons for it? This is the first question I ask my clients in my weight loss program. And the most common answers I hear are: “To stop the pain…” “I don’t want to suffer anymore..” […]

Today is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday

Oftentimes, we are deceiving ourselves by “feeding lies” to our minds. Can you think of the times you have said to yourself something like this: I’m going to start eating healthy tomorrow… I’m going to start exercising tomorrow… I’m going to start studying tomorrow… And then tomorrow never seems to come. Or when it does, […]

I need to lose weight but l like food!

“I need to lose weight but l like food…” I have heard this so many times. Is there anyone who doesn’t like food? I don’t know anyone personally. But I know for a fact that some people who say that they don’t are just restricting themselves and made up this story, so it seems natural. […]

Why You Can’t Put a Stop to Binge Eating by Using Willpower

I see people struggling and suffering every day trying to end binge eating addiction by using their willpower. That’s all they are concentrated on, counting the days since they have binged last. And usually, it doesn’t last very long. People have a tendency to count calories, get on a diet for a week or two […]

How to Not Get Upset When You Weigh Yourself

Do you want to know how to not get upset when you weigh yourself? Well, here it is – Do Not Weigh Yourself! This is my opinion. Oftentimes, your scale shows a higher number than usual, or not showing that you actually lost weight because you possibly drank more water than usual, or it might […]

Do you hate exercise?

Several clients of mine had a similar story. They were struggling with carrying extra weight, which felt like wearing a heavy jacket or a backpack at all times, according to them. We have talked about several areas of their life prior to us getting to the subject of exercising. Once I asked them about it, […]

Why You are Struggling to Lose Weight

A large part of the US population is either overweight or obese. At least half of the adults are trying to eat healthy and get on some kind of diet nowadays, to lose weight. But unfortunately, less than a few percent are successful long term. Why are so many people failing with losing weight and […]

5 Diet Beliefs That Work Against You

Sometimes we adopt certain beliefs from our relatives, friends, and/or society. And we start living by these beliefs, and they become our reality. And oftentimes, we don’t even question these beliefs because they came from the so-called, ‘authoritative’ sources. Most of my clients who needed help with losing weight had these similar diet beliefs in […]

Today is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday

Oftentimes, we are deceiving ourselves by “feeding lies” to our minds. Can you think of the times you have said to yourself something like: I’m going to start eating healthy tomorrow… I’m going to start exercising tomorrow… I’m going to start learning ___ tomorrow… And then tomorrow never seems to come. Or when it does, […]

Weight Loss is Not a Physical Challenge; It’s a Mental One

Have you ever thought about why so many people are struggling to stop harmful and destructive habits? What often happens is someone temporarily interrupts their bad habit, thinking that they are done with that particular behavior for good; and then, shortly after, they go back to it. Why is this happening? Well, it’s simple. People […]

I Am Not Losing Weight, I Am Getting Rid of It

  How many times have you seen a commercial or were approached by someone who stated that they will help you lose weight? Have you tried it? Did it work for you? If it didn’t, there is a reason why. Most people change some of their daily routines temporarily when they are attempting to get […]


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