What should I have for a snack?

What should I have for a snack?

What should I have for a snack


So you are hungry, but it’s not time for your next meal or maybe you aren’t hungry enough for a full meal or maybe you are in a hurry and don’t have time to have a full meal. Regardless of the reasons why – you want a snack…

And you ask yourself: “What should I have for a snack?” A few years back, when I wanted a snack, I would get the first thing I saw. This could be a candy bar, chips, a fruit, or whatever was available and delicious (at that time for me). And after eating it, I would feel even more hungry than I was before consuming this snack.

Does it sound familiar to you? Do you remember the last time you were hungry and grabbed a candy bar or chips from the vending machine or gas station? It probably tasted really good and filling while you were eating it, but shortly after you’ve eaten it, you might have said to yourself: “Shit, I’m still hungry” or “I have no energy, I need some pick me up”. I think we’ve all been there.

Now, what I find delicious goes hand in hand with what I consider nutritious. I would like to share with you below what I think are the best nutritious and delicious snacks that are also filling, as well as convenient on the go.

When you are considering your next snack, as well as a meal, think of these 3 important components: Wholesome Quality Protein, Fat, and Fiber. And ideally, your snack contains all of them.

And nuts and seeds contain all 3, quality proteins, fats, and fiber. That is why Nuts and Seeds are my number one go-to snack. In fact, I always have a small bag or two of raw almonds in my purse and my car. But remember, when you are buying nuts, go for raw nuts with nothing added, like sugar, salt, or preservatives.

Nuts and seeds are a great option for a snack not just because of how delicious and nutritious they are, but also because you feel satisfied, and stay full for longer and get energy from eating it. Of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of different options for snacks, so choose based on your needs and taste.

So, what is your favorite nutritious snack? Please share it below. 🙂

Have a Beautiful Day!!!


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