5 Diet Beliefs That Work Against You

5 Diet Beliefs That Work Against You

Sometimes we adopt certain beliefs from our relatives, friends, and/or society. And we start living by these beliefs, and they become our reality. And oftentimes, we don’t even question these beliefs because they came from the so-called, ‘authoritative’ sources.

Most of my clients who needed help with losing weight had these similar diet beliefs in common. And today I wanted to talk to you about it.

1. Eat small portions often throughout the day

Any time we eat something, insulin levels in our blood go up. And insulin is a hormone that regulates our blood sugar. Additionally, insulin is a fat-storage hormone. And it’s job is to store fat. So when we have insulin in our blood – we do not burn fat, we are in a fat storage mode. In order for our bodies to access our fat, we have to lower the insulin levels in our blood. That’s why you want to have longer breaks between the meals, (unless directed by your doctor not to) to lower your insulin levels and get to the fat-burning mode.

2. Healthy eating is time-consuming

Another myth is that healthy eating is time-consuming. People are often pleasantly surprised when they find out that they actually spend a lot less time on eating and cooking once they start eating healthier.

3. Healthy Food is Expensive

This is another common myth regarding healthy eating. We are conditioned to think that healthy foods are expensive. And it’s because people often think of the most expensive foods when they are thinking about healthy foods. Healthy doesn’t mean expensive, it means nutritious.

4. Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Fat is our friend, unlike processed sugar and flour. Healthy fats don’t make you fat. We absolutely have to regularly consume essential fats. Essential fatty acids are required for your cells to function. Essential fats have numerous benefits, such as improve brain function, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of diabetes, help run the central nervous system, and more. The fats that you want to avoid or minimize are trans fats, animal fat in meats, and processed foods.

5. I have to count calories

I totally disagree with counting calories. Most nutritious and healthy foods are high in fat and calories, and they don’t make you gain weight (of course you have to be reasonable with amounts of consumption, as with everything else in life… 🙂 ) Some of my favorite foods are high in calories and fat, which are avocados, raw nuts, bananas, etc. I personally don’t count calories and do not suggest that my clients do. All calories are not created equal. We look at the nutritious value of foods, instead of the number of calories.

To sum it up, don’t assume that widely recognized and old fashioned beliefs are the right beliefs for you. Question every belief you have adopted from someone, as they might be setting you back in life. 

If you would like my support in transforming your negative and limiting beliefs, if you would like to let go of the old habits, and start losing weight in record time, I can help you. Send me a private message and let’s connect. I have some space opening up in my program: Fatless, Happy & Free. It’s a free chat to explore and see what working together might look like.


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