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The Approach You’ve Been Seeking

Do you feel like your well-being and quality of life have been compromised by frustrating and persistent symptoms? Have you been disappointed with conventional approaches that only address surface-level symptoms and rely on medication?

Functional approach offers a different perspective by identifying and addressing the root causes of your concerns. If you’re ready to take control of your health and seek long-lasting solutions, Functional Wellness may be the approach you’ve been searching for.

What is Functional Approach?

The Functional Approach is the next generation of wellness care that is available today! It relies on evidence-based methods to uncover and address the underlying causes of health challenges, rather than simply managing their symptoms.

The Functional Approach is neither completely conventional nor alternative, but instead combines the most beneficial aspects of both.

Key Characteristics of the Functional Approach


Inquisitive in nature, the Functional Approach aims to target the root causes of symptoms, resulting in more significant and sustained outcomes.


The Holistic approach considers the body as a complete, interrelated system that maintains a dynamic balance with its surroundings.


Recommendations are designed to minimize the risk of negative effects, and individuals may experience improvements in other areas without direct intervention.


Focused on the individual, not the illness. Recommendations are tailored to the unique goals and requirements of the individual.


Clients are encouraged to be actively involved in their own healing process, and are respected, empowered, and educated to make informed decisions.


Emphasizes the importance of diet and lifestyle while combining the best of modern and traditional healing methods, resulting in a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.


The focus is on optimizing bodily function, and recommendations are aimed at promoting wellness, preventing and reversing imbalances, and enhancing overall quality of life.


Based on the latest research from reputable sources, including peer-reviewed journals, and free from any influence by corporate or political interests.

Who Can Benefit From Functional Approach?

Because Functional Approach places its focus on addressing the underlying factors at the root of various complaints, it can help with a wide range of conditions. These include issues with digestion, energy levels, mood, hormones, inflammation, and the immune system.

Individuals who can benefit from a Functional Approach:

  • Want to identify the root cause(s) of their symptoms
  • Are motivated to take an active role in their own healing journey
  • Prefer not to rely on unnecessary interventions or substances that may have negative side effects
  • Are open to making necessary dietary, lifestyle, and mindset changes to support their overall well-being
  • Are not searching for a quick or easy fix.

How Does Functional Approach Work?

The Functional Approach is similar to that of a detective’s investigation to identify the root cause of an issue. The practitioners initiate an extensive inquiry into one’s daily routines and personal background. Additionally, they may use advanced laboratory assessments like blood, urine, stool, saliva, and hair analysis to collect data.

Upon identifying the underlying imbalances or causes of the problem, the Functional Approach aims to recover natural body function and balance. This involves customized alterations in diet and lifestyle, as well as the use of natural remedies and targeted nutritional support backed by research.

Get to Know Your Holistic Detective

Yelena is a Doctor of Holistic Health  Naturopath, Homeopath and Coach, who is passionate about understanding your unique story and helping you achieve your goals. She provides personalized, high-quality care to get to the root of any issues and bridge the gap in your life. Yelena is passionate about promoting a state of wholeness, and her abundant knowledge and experience can provide valuable support in your personal journey towards a fulfilling and balanced life.

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