Unlocking Vitality with PEMF:
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In the intricate dance of life, we navigate a world that’s not as rich in essential energy as it once was. The elements crucial for our well-being are often elusive, and despite our best efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, something vital seems to be missing.

We eat well, exercise, foster a positive attitude, yet there’s an unseen deficiency. It’s akin to a puzzle with a missing piece, and that piece is the essential energy our cells crave.

Enter the solution – Vitamin P for PEMF Electro-ceuticals! Just as historical documents like Senate Document 264 advocated for nutritional supplements in response to soil and food deficiencies, we find ourselves in a similar situation today.

The soil of our geophysical world lacks the vibrancy it once had, and we now need to supplement our lives with energetic or ELECTRO-CEUTICALS to tap into the much-needed ESSENTIAL energy from the earth.

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What is PEMF?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, is more than just energy; it’s a force that nourishes and heals, a vital element in the symphony of health. Think of it as chicken soup for your biofield, the holographic field of energy and information that serves as a blueprint for the body.

PEMF is natural, surrounding us in the Earth’s Geomagnetic fields and Schumann resonances. Unlike static magnets, PEMFs are dynamic, vibrating magnetic fields that penetrate deeper and work in ways static magnets cannot.

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The Physics of PEMF: How It Works

PEMF Physics

1. Faraday’s Law: PEMF is 3D microcurrent therapy, penetrating deeper than other methods. A rapid rise and fall signal induces microcurrents, facilitating ion transport within tissues.

2. Resonance: PEMF resonates with cells, tissues, and organs, wirelessly transmitting energy to increase cellular voltage and ATP/Energy production. The Earth and the human body share a fundamental resonant frequency of 7-10 Hz, aligning with the Schumann resonance and a relaxed Alpha state.

PEMF Energy Medicine Benefits:

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PEMF: A Better Approach to Therapy

Walking barefoot in nature recharges your body by reconnecting with natural healing energies. PEMF devices replicate this effect, enhancing circulation, oxygenation, ATP production, nutrient absorption, and detoxification at the cellular level. By providing essential nutrients and recharging cells, PEMF supports the body’s healing processes, improving sleep, alleviating pain, and promoting overall biobalance.

Whether you seek relief from pain, improved sleep, increased vitality, or enhanced mental clarity, our PEMF wellness package offers tailored solutions. PEMF therapy acts as a whole-body battery recharger, wirelessly charging your cells, tissues, and organs via magnetic resonance stimulation.

Experience the transformative power of PEMF and embark on a journey towards optimal health and vitality. Book your session now and unlock the potential of your well-being.

The Biological Window

Research has shown that low energy pulsating fields within the frequency range of “the biological window” (0,5-25 Hz), as well as the inner and outer wave patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field (7.83-11.79 Hz) can produce remarkable positive changes within the body. 

The term “magnetic resonance stimulation” simply indicates that by applying a weak pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field properties and it`s correlating harmonic over waves, nearly all 75 trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy. This energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body. We call it a holistic approach! 
Magnetic resonance stimulation offers a broad spectrum of benefits to human health with essentially no adverse reactions and very few legal contraindications (pregnancy, epilepsy, electronic implants).
Consistent use is strongly correlated with increased energy balance resulting from the integrated whole-body stimulation of the immune, metabolic, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. The result is increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, less stress, reduced pain and overall a greater enjoyment in life.

For the Elderly:

  • To improve mobility 
  • To increase energy, vitality, and strength 
  • To provide metabolic support for bed-bound people 
  • To optimize the physical and psychological balance 

For Wellness and Anti-Aging:

  • To improve circulation and immune system function 
  • To activate cellular metabolism and repair 
  • To aid relaxation and detoxification 
  • To provide optimal overall vitality

Discover the Transformative Power of PEMF

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Frequently Asked Questions

PEMF therapy involves the use of pulsating electromagnetic fields to promote the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

It uses electromagnetic fields to enhance cellular function, increase energy production, and improve overall health at a cellular level.

PEMF therapy is generally considered safe with minimal side effects, as it mimics natural electromagnetic fields found in nature.

Many users report significant pain relief from chronic conditions as PEMF therapy aids in reducing inflammation and enhancing tissue repair.

Sessions can vary but typically last between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the condition being treated.

PEMF therapy is known to enhance sleep quality by promoting relaxation and improving circadian rhythms.

Long-term benefits can include improved energy levels, better sleep, reduced pain, and enhanced overall well-being.

Contraindications: Pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, epilepsy and pregnant women. People with any of the above are automatically excluded; because you can not legally use them in trials or testing. If the insulin pump or any other electrical device can be temporarily removed or turned off; this would be best. Most modern medical devices with at least 1 Gauss resistance will not be affected by our system.

**Any person having any of these contraindications will use the system at their own risk and not under our instruction.***

Usually, basic success with a PEMF therapy depends on the severity of the condition itself and on the age, general condition and lifestyle of the user/patient. PEMF sessions for Acute conditions show faster results. PEMF sessions for chronic conditions may take

longer and are usually more subtle. If used with consistency, results become present within a time frame of 2-4 weeks, with some acute conditions in even shorter time.

Hydrating is very important while utilizing PEMF applications. Please make sure to always drink a glass of purified or activated water prior to a PEMF application, this will greatly improve efficiency and oxygenation to your cells.

Basically, and if assigned because of a particular situation, apply as long as the therapeutic period has been completed and you are free of any symptoms. However, PEMF application is also designed and effective as a preventive modality. Apart from a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, hydration, exercise, avoid alcohol and nicotine), implement PEMF application into your daily routine! The use of the iMRS system is very beneficial in terms of keeping your entire organism healthy, PEMF supports relaxation, stress relief and improves your quality of sleep.

PEMF application is a conjunctional modality, but does not replace conventional treatments, administered by your healthcare provider. However, as PEMF therapy improves the self-healing capacities, it serves as a powerful support to speed-up repair and healing and may be capable of improving and optimizing the results of existing and applied primary therapy modalities.

IMRS products expose different waveforms for the whole body mat (triple sawtooth) and the local applicators (square wave), one application does not replace the other, they actually complement each other. 

4 types of applicators and their use

1. Mat = (Uses Triple Sawtooth waveform) Head to Toe Full Body sessions at cellular level, immune system and oxygenation etc.

2. Exagon FIR Mat = (Uses Triple Sawtooth waveform) Head to Toe Full Body sessions at cellular level, immune system and oxygenation etc.

3. Pad = (Uses Square wave waveform) Localized area concerns related to Bone Fractures Tissue Swelling, tissue cuts and open wounds, Pain Management and Depression. For larger areas, lower back, upper back, Shoulders, Hips, Knees etc..

4. Spot = (Uses Square wave waveform) Localized area concerns related to Bone Fractures Tissue Swelling, tissue cuts and open wounds, Pain Management and Depression, For Smaller areas, Ankles, Knee, Hand, Wrist, elbow, shoulder or area you

can wrap and use from two directions.

The most common sensations during a whole body application are warmth, slight tingling in various areas of the body and a deep feeling of relaxation. Many users fall asleep during a session. And even if you feel nothing, a lot is happening inside your body. Do not be disappointed if you do not sense the field. It is incorrect to assume that no sensation is equal with no effect! Unlike applications, which we can easily detect with our senses, electromagnetic fields are hard to perceive. However, the resonance phenomena create a very pleasant reaction and you will feel it`s benefits over time if you consistently use PEMF. Based on the feedback from thousands of users: 
  • Only 10% of users feel absolutely nothing during the first couple applications 
  • 50% feel pleasant warmth and deep relaxation 
  • 40% feel a slight tingling 
  • Approximately 20% of the above fall asleep during an application

PEMF signals are also characterized by the property of penetrating through solid material (even concrete). Therefore, it is not necessary, and it does not create any additional beneficial effect, if the user undresses. However, please make sure that you empty your pockets, remove your wallet, credit cards, take off your ring(s), watch and other jewelry as alloys may interfere with the electromagnetic pulse packages and so create a

disturbing influence on the exposed field.

In general the application of low-pulsed electromagnetic fields are free of side effects and the application is well tolerated, if the applied field strength is within a secure range in accordance with the respective legal thresholds. The highest intensity level of the iMRS one W@pp is even lower or equal to the strength of the earth magnetic field and therefore absolutely safe to use. No side effects or interactions are known to date.


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