Why You Can’t Put a Stop to Binge Eating by Using Willpower

Why You Can’t Put a Stop to Binge Eating by Using Willpower

I see people struggling and suffering every day trying to end binge eating addiction by using their willpower. That’s all they are concentrated on, counting the days since they have binged last. And usually, it doesn’t last very long. People have a tendency to count calories, get on a diet for a week or two or more… Usually they slip up after that.

Then they jump to another diet and restrain themselves from other foods and try to avoid binge eating for as long as they can. And again, they usually slip up after several weeks. And this never-ending circle continues.

After years of yo-yo dieting and binge eating – they get disappointed and some even start hating themselves. This often leads to anxiety and depression.

Binge eaters who are trying to quit their destructive habits have one thing in common (besides the obvious) which is – fighting binge eating with willpower. Binge eating almost always wins.

In order for you to get rid of an addiction, and binge eating is absolutely an addiction, you need to change your beliefs and your identity of what you associate yourself with. For example: As long as you keep thinking of yourself as a smoker – you will not be able to quit smoking permanently. The same thing goes for binge eaters. As long as you think of yourself as an overeater and emotional binge eater – you will continue this path, even if you restrain from it for a limited time.

I have personally gone through this. I was always looking for an easy way out, which I thought would be my willpower, then some kind of magical diet, pill, or some other thing that I didn’t learn about yet. And even though I would get results short-term, long-term I was still suffering, keep coming back to binge eating. And there are millions of people out there who are suffering from eating disorders, some openly – some secretly.

I can tell you that when you finally change your relationship with food and learn to eat to live instead of living to eat, your whole life changes. You start enjoying your life and stop feeling weak, unhealthy, and ashamed of yourself.

When you heal your eating disorder – you heal your life.


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