Ready for Love?

  I have a little challenge for you today. 🙂 Ready or not, here it comes… Let’s make this day, (or tomorrow, if you are reading this at night) the day we love everything and everyone around us. Everything that we see or hear will make us happy. All we need to do is to […]

Accept the Good in Your Life and Know You Are an Awesome Delight

Once you start noticing the good things that are happening in your life, any good stuff that surrounds you, more good things start happening. It’s kind of like a magnet. That’s what they call the “law of attraction”. Your positive thoughts attract similar thoughts and cause positive events in your life. So in order for […]

What We Think, We Become

“What we think, we become.” Buddha. I couldn’t fully comprehend this before. I wish I did a few years earlier…:) (No regrets though) We are creating our reality, our life, by our beliefs. And we create our beliefs with our every-day thoughts. Why not take control of our lives? It is not as hard as […]

The Future Can be Better than the Present, and I Have the Power to Make it So

  At times it seems that everything that could go wrong – just did. And we are adding on to this by telling ourselves things such as: “how bad we have it”, “why does it always happen to me”, “what else could go wrong”, and many other variations. This negative self-talk never benefits anyone. All […]

What is Your Biggest Fear?

We all have fears. Some of us have more fears. Some of us have deeper fears. It is natural and totally normal to have them. The important thing is not to live in them. When fear becomes a primary emotion that drives you, it becomes impossible to be happy and fulfilled. Whatever you do, you […]

Inconvenient Truth

Last week I started telling you about my weight loss journey and how it all started. Being overweight was an ongoing lifelong struggle for me. Once I have decided that I wanted to lose weight, I would lose weight and then gain it back. It felt like I was going in circles. But there was […]


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