Ready for Love?

Ready for Love?


I have a little challenge for you today. 🙂 Ready or not, here it comes… Let’s make this day, (or tomorrow, if you are reading this at night) the day we love everything and everyone around us. Everything that we see or hear will make us happy. All we need to do is to decide that today will be this kind of day.

The moment you wake up, set the intention that today is “I Love Everything Day”. Appreciate and love the bed you slept in, the blanket that covered you, the warm house you live in, the roof over your head, that you are breathing, that you opened your eyes, your body, your mind, your soul, the clothes you wear, the food and drinks that you put in your body, people who usually irritate you, everything and everyone that will show up in this day, and most importantly love yourself, your voice, your laughter, and your smile.

Make a decision and simply commit to love everything on this day. Just give it a try for one day, and you might just experience the best and most love-filled day you have ever experienced! 🙂

Have a Beautiful One!


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