From Leftover Temptations to Holistic Triumph

From Leftover Temptations to Holistic Triumph

I wanted to share my personal experience with the day-after-Thanksgiving battle of wills—the moment I stared temptation in the face and made a choice that set the tone for a post-feast wellness journey. So, the day after our Thanksgiving extravaganza, my fridge resembled a dessert wonderland. Leftover pastries from the family gathering beckoned, whispering promises […]

Thanksgiving Gratitude: From My Heart to Yours

Thanksgiving Gratitude

As Thanksgiving draws near, I’m filled with a profound sense of gratitude, and I want to share what’s on my heart with you, my cherished friends and followers. My Holistic Journey: This year, I became a Doctor of Holistic Health. This journey has transformed my health and life, but it’s more than just a title. […]

Start the New Year Off Right

It’s that time of year again! A time for reflection and setting resolutions for the coming year. Even though I prefer to not wait for the end of the year to make that list, the New Year offers a good opportunity to start fresh. What are your goals for 2023? Whether you’re looking to get […]

What I’m Grateful For


It seems like lately, there’s been a lot of focus on what’s wrong in the world. From the global pandemic to political unrest, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the negativity. But today, I want to take a moment to talk about gratitude. This week is a time when we traditionally reflect […]

The Post Holiday Blues: Causes and Ways of Coping

The holidays are a joyous time, full of family and friends celebrating the year that has passed. But after all this excitement and celebration, many people find themselves feeling low. This is often referred to as the post-holiday blues. The symptoms can vary from person to person but most commonly include sadness or depression, anxiety […]

The Secret to Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

The new year is a time when resolutions are made, and for many people, they don’t stick. More than half of all resolutions fail to be completed in the first few months of the year. But this year can be different! This year, you can be one of the success stories!  You can identify the […]

11 Ways to Bond with Your Family This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to be with family and friends. The holidays are also a time of a year that makes many people feel vulnerable, due to the stress and pressure they can create. It’s important to remember that there are ways to make this holiday season more enjoyable for you and your […]

10 Tips & Tricks for Getting Through Holiday Family Reunions

Holiday time with family can be tough, there are so many different personalities to deal with. Different people have different opinions on how things should go down, and tempers flare when you least expect it! But no matter what your reunion experience may be, there are some tips and tricks to help make spending time […]

How Can I Enjoy The Holidays Alone?

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, but for many people, they are anything but. How can you enjoy the holidays alone? How do you find peace on Christmas day when your loved one is gone? How can you feel less lonely on New Year’s Day when everyone else is […]

Holiday Stress: How to Resolve Conflict With Your Partner

It’s that time of year again, where the holidays are fast approaching and there is a lot to be done. Couples may find themselves arguing more this time of year due to stress from all the preparations. I have put together a guide for couples on how they can work through conflict in a healthy […]

What I Am Grateful For

This time of the year is always filled with reflection and gratitude. What am I grateful for? What could I be grateful for? What are the things that make my life worth living, even on days when it feels like everything is crumbling around me? It’s a question we all ask ourselves at one point […]

How to Deal with Family Drama and Conflicts During the Holidays

If you’ve been dreading the idea of spending time with your family this holiday season, you aren’t alone. In fact, one-third of Americans are uncomfortable spending any amount of time with their family during the holidays. There’s no such thing as “too much family time” during the holidays. The question is, how do you deal […]

New Year’s Resolution Mistakes to Avoid

As the New Year approaches, I wanted to talk about New Year’s resolutions. Many people have a tendency to set up new goals at this particular time, thinking of January 1st as our “reborn day”. 🙂 I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore. I think we should have monthly, weekly, and even daily […]

What I’m Feeling Grateful For…

It’s almost Thanksgiving Day. This is the time of the year, (hopefully, not the only time 🙂 ) when we focus on Gratitude and being Thankful. I think that one thing all of us can agree on is that it has been a very rough year for everyone. Everyone will remember 2020 forever. We will […]

New Year’s Resolutions

 “New Year’s Resolutions”, a phrase we keep hearing left and right come the holiday time. Why do we want to create this list? Because we want to be responsible and trying to be our own friend to help ourselves to become better. For the most part, all of us are creating a list for New […]


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