10 Tips & Tricks for Getting Through Holiday Family Reunions

10 Tips & Tricks for Getting Through Holiday Family Reunions

Holiday time with family can be tough, there are so many different personalities to deal with. Different people have different opinions on how things should go down, and tempers flare when you least expect it! But no matter what your reunion experience may be, there are some tips and tricks to help make spending time with the family more enjoyable for everyone.

1) Be prepared for anything by having a list of activities ready ahead of time: It’s often hard for people to get together because they don’t know how to spend their time without arguing about politics or religion. Activities like card games or board games will provide entertainment and help everyone feel like they’re on the same page.

And make sure everyone gets to participate in activities: If you have a large group of family members it’s easy for some people to get left out. Make sure that there are enough activities so all your family members can enjoy the time together!

2) Additionally, be prepared for different diets: Many people are on special diets nowadays or have allergies that impact what they can eat. Make sure you’ve got enough food to accommodate everyone so no one is left out! I am not saying you should make a separate meal for each person, but just be aware of what your family members can and cannot eat.

3) Avoid heated arguments about politics or religion: It’s often hard to avoid these kinds of arguments, but the holidays should be a time for people to spend with family without getting into fights. The first bullet point above has some activities that can help you avoid this kind of discussion.

Remember that you are there because of your family: Family members have different beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds. But through it all, they are still family! Try to be accepting of everyone in the group so you can spend time together happily during important events like reunions.

4) Be respectful of others: do not interrupt when people are speaking; use appropriate manners, and speak positively about everyone in the family. This will help you avoid fights, get along better with your family members, and make holiday time more enjoyable for everyone!

5) Remember to laugh: Try not to take things too seriously. Enjoy the time with your family and have a good sense of humor about everything! Humor is a great way to diffuse tension and make sure that the family is able to have fun.

6) Be kind and generous: Give thoughtful presents to your family members, or do something nice for them without expecting anything in return. This will help everyone feel like they are appreciated!

7) Take it easy with the booze:) Alcohol can lower your inhibitions which might lead to fights, so be careful with how much you drink!

8) Avoid gossip: It’s easy to talk about other people behind their backs, but this can damage relationships and cause tension among family members. Talk about positive things instead of talking badly about others!

9) Avoid confrontations at family reunions. This is not the time to get into fights; try to come up with a solution later when everyone has calmed down.

10) Let go of old grudges: It’s easy to hold onto past disagreements, but that doesn’t do anyone any good. If you have a family member who wronged you in the past, try your best to let it go this time around!

That’s all for now! I hope these tips and tricks help you get through your holiday season with the family this year, but if there is anything else that has worked for you please share it in the comments below!

No matter how you do it, try to have fun this holiday season! If not everyone is going to get along then at least make sure that they are able to spend time in the same room without killing one another. 🙂 Get out there and do something fun!

Have a wonderful time everyone!!!


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