How Can I Enjoy The Holidays Alone?

How Can I Enjoy The Holidays Alone?

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, but for many people, they are anything but. How can you enjoy the holidays alone? How do you find peace on Christmas day when your loved one is gone? How can you feel less lonely on New Year’s Day when everyone else is out partying and celebrating? These questions and more will be answered in this blog post.

You can enjoy the holidays alone by making sure they are about you. How do you make it all about yourself? Well, for one, don’t feel pressured to spend time with people that aren’t good for you or drain your positive energy just because of some arbitrary holiday tradition that demands they be in your life during this season.

The holidays are meant for celebrating your own personal victories of the year, so enjoy them on your own terms! How? By planning out things that make you happy and doing those exact things by yourself without ever having to feel guilty about it or apologize for it. How can you do that? Here are some ideas for you:

  • How about going to a holiday-themed restaurant? Plan out a nice dinner for yourself with delicious food and festive drinks.
  • How about decorating your apartment or home with some festive decorations you already have lying around and listening to Holiday music while doing so? How about decorating your home however you want this year?
  • How about watching movies by yourself, catching up on all those shows people have been talking about at work or watching holiday movies on TV all day long until it’s time to go out?!
  • How about going to see a play or musical at the local theater, or going to a concert?
  • How about picking up that book you’ve been wanting to read and reading it in one whole sitting?
  • How about writing yourself a letter detailing all of your favorite memories you’ve had during the year and then keeping it somewhere safe where you can look at it whenever you feel lonely?
  • How about getting together with friends or family for a holiday-themed movie night?!
  • How about taking some time to pamper yourself with spa treatments like massages, pedicures, manicures…etc.?
  • How about taking a day trip somewhere like the beach or even just driving around and exploring new parts of your town you’ve never been to before.

How about doing something that makes YOU happy?!

The holidays should be filled with joy, not stress! So make sure it’s for you this year and truly enjoy them! How? By doing whatever makes you happy!

Another important tip is to have realistic expectations about what the holidays are supposed to be like. How do you pull this off? Well, by knowing what it’s not going to be like…like having all of these expectations and then being crushed when the holidays only turn out to be what you didn’t want them to be? Let’s face it, sometimes that’s just how things are going to go down. So instead of setting unrealistic expectations, and focusing on everything that could go wrong or not at all like planned, focus on enjoying this time with yourself and getting yourself excited for the little things.

How about talking yourself into the fact that the holidays are really whatever you make them out to be, and if it’s not what you want this year, then make a plan to change things up next year so they will. How about making your own traditions this year?!

How about spending some time doing something nice for yourself because you deserve nothing but the best! How about not feeling guilty or sorry for wanting to enjoy your own holiday experience. How will you do that? By knowing it’s okay to want the things YOU think are fun and then making them happen!!!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and Enjoy Yourself to the Fullest!


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