How To Release Stress and Anxiety With Energy Medicine

How To Release Stress and Anxiety With Energy Medicine

How to Release Stress & Anxiety with Energy Medicine


Stress and anxiety are a part of daily life for most people, but how you manage it can make all the difference in your health and well-being. Western medical practices often use prescription medications like Prozac or Zoloft as treatment methods. There is some evidence that these drugs can be effective for patients with chronic stress or anxiety, but they also have a high rate of addiction and are often prescribed for long periods of time.

That’s why I’m recommending energy medicine – an alternative that has been used since ancient times to address mental and emotional challenges like stress or worry. Let me note here that this is just my opinion and does not constitute medical advice.

There are a number of ways and modalities to release stress and decrease anxiety, but the three techniques that I’m recommending for releasing stress and worry are Acupuncture, Reiki  and Biofeedback therapy. All of these have been shown to be highly effective in reducing psychological distress and physical symptoms among patients with chronic pain or those suffering from chronic, unexplained anxiety.

When it comes to releasing your tension or worry through the use of acupuncture, evidence suggests that it can be an effective treatment method. For example, one trial showed significant reductions in both psychological distress and physical symptoms in patients undergoing acupuncture for cancer-related stress. Acupuncture is also known to induce natural feelings of relaxation and can be an effective treatment for low-back pain, headaches and many other issues.

In the case of reiki, a Japanese practice used by Westerners to release stress and anxiety, it is thought that this modality works through “transferring” energy from practitioner to recipient (according to practitioners). Reiki practitioners use the palms of their hands or a small quartz crystal as they work with chakra points on your body, allowing energy to flow freely. The result is a calming sensation.

Lastly, Biofeedback therapy is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing. It is a technique that is used to help people and even their pets balance their body, mind and biofield through Biofeedback frequencies, as well as find the root cause of their problem. Similar to Anti-Virus Software on your computer:  It scans endless amounts of code looking for code sequences that are problematic and then sends a corrective signal.

It’s been used in many contexts over the years – including as an anxiety treatment technique for combat veterans suffering from PTSD or chronic pain patients with comorbid psychological conditions (such as depression). A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that Biofeedback therapy was successful at reducing depression, chronic pain and anxiety among patients with fibromyalgia. It is also thought that this modality can be used as a complementary treatment for other mental health issues like ADHD, bipolar disorder and addiction.

Now that you know more about three ways to relieve stress and anxiety, I hope you’ll explore the options on your own!

I hope this article has been helpful for anyone who is living with stress and anxiety. I’m not a doctor, but these are the types of techniques, specifically Biofeedback balancing, I use in my own life to reduce my stress levels.

Using these practices can help you manage your mental health and improve your well-being while also reducing any negative side effects from taking prescription medications for long periods of time. You should always consult with your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle.

So, if you’re a person who struggles with anxiety, constantly stressed and worried and want to try one of the energy healing modalities – schedule a complimentary session by clicking the link below. You will experience biofeedback frequencies during our call that have been shown to reduce stress levels and anxiety naturally because of its effect on the mind-body system:

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