The Uncertainty

The Uncertainty

This year has been absolutely crazy, nothing like most of us have ever seen before. We will all remember this year, no doubt. And the biggest scare that we are dealing with throughout this year is Uncertainty. When we encounter uncertainty, it throws us off.

As human beings, we can deal with a lot of stuff. But that is when we know what to expect. When we are exposed to the unknown – we start panicking. In order for us not to lose our sanity, we need to learn to cope and deal with uncertainty.

And there are several truths we should remember every time we start to feel anxious about uncertainty.

  1. “Nothing is permanent in our wicked world – Not even our troubles.” Charlie Chaplin

We can hope with anything that has an end. But when we don’t envision the ending – we get panicky. It’s important to remember that Nothing is permanent. Everything will pass, good and bad. When you know that whatever it is you are anxious about is temporary, you get some of your certainty back.

  1. “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Mike Murdock

How do you start your morning? What does your day look like? If you don’t have any empowering rituals as your morning/daily routine, you live in the world of uncertainty. If you start your day with empowering habits, such as gratefulness, hydrating, exercises, meditation, journaling, reading, etc. – you have a great deal of certainty in your life. What kind of changes can you bring into your routine? Can you possibly get up an hour earlier? Maybe find some breaks in the middle of your day? What can you implement to start creating your days? You can absolutely change your life and be certain that you can set a tone for your days, weeks, months, years, and life.

  1. “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” Unknown

We cannot control the outside environment, but we can control our internal world. Find something that’s good, what’s positive, something you are happy about, something you can get excited about. You can change your world by changing your language. Start your day by being grateful. Get in the habit of asking yourself: “What’s good?” You can come out as a better and stronger person out of these difficult times.

There is so much beauty to appreciate around us if we start paying attention to it. Life will go back to the way it was before, but you don’t have to remain your same-old self.

“When it rains – look for rainbows. When it’s dark – look for stars.”

Love and Take Care of Yourself! Because You are Absolutely Worth It!


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