Quanta Capsule App

Biofeedback Quanta Capsule App

This is an incredible tool for receiving powerful, life-changing frequencies that have been selected just for you. The practitioner uses your voice and picture to curate the very best personalized frequencies for you!

After checkout, you will receive specific instructions for using your Quanta App including download instructions and how to receive your first set of personalized, encoded frequencies!

Receive energy balancing sessions and frequencies, from your Biofeedback practitioner, at home, directly on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

How It Works

  1. Install the Insight Quanta Capsule on your device
  2. Receive therapeutic frequencies from your biofeedback practitioner by email
  3. Load frequencies on your device
  4. Perform your rebalancing session at home, at your leisure, for 7 days

Simple and easy. No need to travel. You perform your rebalancing session at home with your device.

Insight Quanta app license is valid indefinitely.

In general clients purchase monthly packages. This includes one analysis (or more based on a package) session per week by Yelena + a new set of frequencies for your Insight Quanta app every week. (Packages vary)


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