Quantum Biofeedback Services & Programs

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

- Albert Einstein


1-1 Quantum Biofeedback Consultation

What It Is

Quantum Biofeedback is a method of energetic testing, harmonizing and balancing. The way it works is by detecting stressors in your energy field and sending frequencies back to you to neutralize the energy. When your body is rebalanced – it can heal itself. All you have to do is just listen to the pleasant tones and get balanced.


Meet with a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner for a 1-1 consultation to discover the underlying potential reasons behind your concerns and get resources as well as guidance on how to take an active role in enhancing your overall health, both physical and mental.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Stress Disturbances & Nervousness
  • Brain Cognitive Enhancement & Heightened Mental Clarity, Memory and Attention
  • Improve Quality of Sleep
  • Emotional Blockages Clearing
  • Clear Destructive Patterns & Limiting Beliefs
  • Improved overall health


  • Remote –Enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.
  • Non-invasive – biofeedback technology does not require invasive procedures or tests.
  • Fast – initial sessions are up to 1.5 hours and follow-up sessions can be done remotely by a    practitioner, and you will receive your custom chosen frequencies to your phone.
  • Real-time results – the practitioner will share the results with you during the session.


Starter Subscription

$ 347 Monthly
  • Experience a relaxed state, get information about the general state of the body, mind, energy and top stressors while balancing the top places that require attention, every day. (May include furry friends as well )
  • 4 x Virtual Sessions
  • 4 x Biofeedback Frequencies Exports to Your Phone
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Report by email or text
  • Specialized programs
  • Integration Coaching
  • Receive a FREE new member session (when you prepay for 3 month)

Wellness Subscription

$ 437 Monthly
  • Reducing overall stress, zoom in specific parts and getting energy back while getting insights to improve day to day life by yourself
  • 1 x Private Session
  • 4 x Virtual Sessions
  • 4 x Biofeedback Frequency Exports to Your Phone
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Report by email or text
  • Specialized programs
  • Integration Coaching

Premium Subscription

$ 527 Monthly
  • Committing to a process of improving health, well-being, confidence and gain self-awareness to take care of yourself physically and energetically
  • 2 x Private Sessions
  • 4 x Virtual Sessions
  • 4 x Biofeedback Frequency Exports to Your Phone
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Report by email or text
  • Specialized programs
  • Integration Coaching

Emotional Reset Program

$ 797 6 Week Program
  • Break down emotional barriers that are stifling your flow and blocking a path to optimal health.
  • Anxiety Relief: Calm and Comforted
  • Feelings of Fatigue and Depression: Lift Exhaustion & Embrace Joy
  • Trauma Clearing/Grounding in the Present Moment
  • Connect and clear emotions that may be linked to physical issues


No claims are made of the Quantum Biofeedback system or its results and nothing that the quantum biofeedback practitioner does, diagnoses or treats any illness or disease nor replaces any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of a disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.



Addiction Brain Clearing Series – 8 weeks

Innovative frequency libraries to heal addiction. Work on the brain, neurotransmitters, emotional patterns and use powerful natural remedy frequencies!

  • Addiction Brain Clearing 1 – Healthy Neurotransmitters
  • Addiction Brain Clearing 2 – Optimize Brain Function
  • Addiction Brain Clearing 3 – Emotional Pattern Transformation
  • Addiction Brain Clearing 4 – Homeopathics and Remedies

Adrenal Rejuvenation – 4 weeks

Rejuvenate your system and have the energy you crave!

  • Adrenal Anatomy – Find the blockages or issues within the adrenal glands themselves. Includes adrenal cortex (where cortisol is produced), Celiac plexus, renal plexus, superior renal artery, zona fasciculata, zona reticularis and more.
  • Adrenal Assessment – What is the root cause of your adrenal issues? Is it EMF Exposure? Excessive stimulant intake? Food Allergies? B-Vitamin Deficiency? Find out.
  • Adrenal Solutions – Herbs and remedies that help to calm the system and uplift the energy! Includes Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Vitamin B12, Ho Shou Wu, Maca, Max BND, Panax Ginseng, Panthenic Acid, Rehmannia, Rhodiola, Schisandra and more.
  • Adrenal Stress Index – How serious is your adrenal fatigue? Is it Stage 1? Or as severe as Stage 5? Find out!
  • Adrenals Young Living Oils – What are the best Young Living Oils to tonify the adrenal glands.
  • Cortisol Rhythm – How disrupted is your cortisol rhythm? Is your cortisol too low or too high?

Affirmations Supercharged – 2 weeks

This library is filled with beautiful and powerful affirmation frequencies sure to lift and inspire you. These frequencies will empower you to live your best life ever.

Amazonian Herbs – 2 weeks

The Amazon Rainforest is full of yet-to-be-discovered medicines and chemicals coveted by scientists worldwide. But indigenous people in the Amazon, of course, have known the power of rainforest plants for thousands of years!

Includes some of the most powerful Amazonian Herbs such as Chanca Piedra for Kidney and Gallbladder Cleansing, Canelilia for hormonal balancing and clearing cysts and Tawari Tree Bark for cellular healing and reduction of inflammation.

Ancestral Pattern and Emotional Clearing – 3 weeks

Powerfully clear ancestral patterns. These patterns may be passed down through the DNA. Clear up the ancestral line 7 generations or more as you free yourself. Experience freedom as you clear these energies!

This library includes Ancestral Pattern Clearing and Ancestral Emotions Clearing.

Body Repair Codes – Total Body Regeneration – 4 weeks

This is a powerful series of frequencies to experience complete regeneration on every level.

Bone Health – Bone Anatomy – 6 weeks

Would you like to be able to test any bone in the body, including the hands, feet, chest, cranial bones and more? Test all 206 bones in the body with these special bone anatomy testing panels!

  • Bone Anatomy Shoulder/Arm/Hand – Includes all the bones of the arm, the wrist and the hand. Includes humerus, ulna, scapula, all carpal bones, metacarpals and phalanges.
  • Bone Anatomy Chest – Includes sternum, xiphoid process and ribs.
  • Bone Anatomy Foot – Includes calcaneus, cuboid, tarsals, phalanges and metatarsals.
  • Bone Anatomy Head – Includes cranial bones like the parietal, sphenoid, ethmoid and more. Includes the bones of the ear and more!
  • Bone Anatomy Leg – Includes the femur, fibula, tibia, patella, bones of the hip including the ischium and ilium.
  • Bone Anatomy Spine – Includes all the vertebrae of the spine.

Andropause: Restore Youthful Vitality and Peak Performance – 8 weeks

Testosterone Decline at Middle Age in Men Andropause, the male menopause, low T regardless of name, the condition is characterized by a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes in men, erectile dysfunction, low libido, irritability, muscle loss, and fatigue that are the result of low levels of testosterone. For men, testosterone production gradually decreases across the lifespan.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, nearly 40 percent of men over the age of 45 are affected by low testosterone. Declines in testosterone begin in a man’s late 20s and continue to recede, reaching noticeably low levels around middle age, when men begin to experience symptoms of andropause or low testosterone.

Symptoms of Andropause
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle loss
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Low energy

Animal Healing with Biofeedback – 8 weeks

Animals and children are the most receptive to energy medicine. You have an opportunity to make a profound difference with your four-legged friend. Discover the hidden issues with your companion animals!

Feline Panels – Includes a host of common issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.

  • Feline Assessment 1 – Exposures
  • Feline Assessment 2 – Food Allergies
  • Feline Assessment 3 – Digestion
  • Feline Assessment 4 – Conditions
  • Feline Solutions 1 – Nourishing Foods
  • Feline Solutions 2 – Standard Process
  • Feline Solutions 3 – Vetri-Science Laboratories
  • Canine Panels – Includes a host of common issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.
  • Canine Assessment 1 – Exposures
  • Canine Assessment 2 – Food Allergies
  • Canine Assessment 3 – Digestion
  • Canine Assessment 4 – Conditions
  • Canine Solutions 1 – Nourishing Foods
  • Canine Solutions 2 – Standard Process
  • Canine Solutions 3 – Vetri-Science Laboratories
  Includes natural remedies for dogs that includes vitamins and minerals and other supplements. Equine Panels – Work with horses! issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.

Anti-Aging Pack: Work on DNA and Telomeres – 8 weeks

Have you ever thought that working at the level of the DNA would be powerful? If you could completely repair and revitalize the DNA, it is possible that the effects of aging would be significantly slowed or even reversed. But how would it be possible? In the Quantum world, it is entirely possible. Everything is consciousness; everything is frequency. Through entraining specific frequencies, it is possible to transform anything. Would you enjoy working on each chromosome or at the level of each strand of DNA?

  • DNA Repair 1 Chromosomes – Work at the level of the chromosomes
  • DNA Repair 2 Genetic Code – Work on the components of DNA – Codons, nucleotides, histones and more.
  • Telomere Activation 1 – What are some remedies that will assist in activating Telomerase, which helps to slow the shortening of telomeres.
  • Telomere Activation 2 – Affirmations to transform the Telomeres – My longevity software is functioning perfectly, my telomerase shortening now ceases, my telomeres function perfectly, My endocrine system is creating all the hormones I now need in order to lengthen life.
  • Anti-aging assessment – What are the elements that are currently causing you to experience the effects of aging? Cell membrane permeability, cortisol deficiency, Insulin resistance, oxidative damage, progesterone deficiency, telomere shortening, past traumas affecting aging, pineal gland activity, low oxygen saturation, melatonin and more.
  • Anti-aging solutions – Alpha lipoic acid, Green Coffee Bean, Melatonin, Huperzine A, Carnosine, Progesterone Cream, DHEA and more!

Anxiety Quick Relief & Transformation to Courage – 8 weeks

This library includes powerful frequencies to help with your anxiety and transformation.

Aplastic Anemia: Assessment and Solution – 8 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Benzene exposure
  • Bone marrow
  • EMF Exposure root cause
  • Glyphosate exposure
  • Herbicide exposure root cause
  • Immune system
  • Insecticides
  • Pesticide exposure
  • Platelets
  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • All subconscious resistance to healing now
  • Effects of insecticides now clear
  • Miraculous remission

Asthma Healing Libraries – 8 weeks

Do you suffer from asthma? This series of libraries allows you to work in the specific causes of asthma as well as run frequencies for the most cutting-edge natural health solutions.

Asthma Disturbance Assessment – Airway remodeling optimized, Alveoli, Clear mucus, Clear vagus nerve imbalance, Balance Histamine, Harmonize cytokines, Gluten allergy cause, Refined sugar cause, Lung surfactant optimized and more!

Asthma Disturbance Solutions – Althea, Boswelia, Elecampane, Flax Oil, Ginger, Honey, Present Time Young Living Oil, Vitamin B-6, Yerba Santa, Pancreatic enzymes, Quercitin, Slippery Elm and more!

Australian Bush Flower Essences – 2 week

Here is a sample of some of the libraries in this series:

  • Alpine Mint Bush – Healers who are in danger of being burned out. Brings renewed joy
  • Black-eyed Susan – Slow down and enjoy life. Experience inner peace
  • Christmas Bell – Excellent to use when trying to manifest a particular outcome
  • Dog Rose – Gain confidence and courage
  • Gymea Lily – Experience humility and increased understanding of others
  • Mint Bush – for more clarity and calmness
  • Paw Paw – Improved access to Higher Self for problem solving
  • Peach-flowered Tea-tree – Ability to complete projects

Autoimmunity Harmonization Program – 8 weeks

1 Immunity Reset – This series includes frequencies that are related to modulating and calming down the system. Included here are Rife frequencies for allergies, immune system balance, autoimmune healing and more. Others included here are sarsaparilla, thymus gland, villi heals, vitamin A, vitamin D, white blood cells, cytokine reaction normalized, gut mucosa heals.

Nervous System Tune-Up – Address the nervous system as a very important part of healing autoimmunity. Includes acetylcholine, axons, better nerve conduction, dorsal root ganglia, glial cells communicating, kava kava, nervous system signaling, neurons normalized, thalamus, white matter, visceral motor response communication and more!

Digestive Cleanse and Detox – So often, chemicals and toxicity seriously trigger the immune system to respond in such a way that the body’s own cells are attacked. A powerful digestive cleanse and detox may help to remedy this. Includes frequencies for acidophilus, bifidus, black walnut, gentian bitters, ginger root, glutamine, histamine release, rescue remedy, wormwood, zeolite and more.

Solutions – Includes frequencies for powerful herbal solutions for autoimmunity. Includes artichoke, ashwagandha, chaga, fennel, hyssop, lavender, Lion’s mane, milk thistle, Oil of Oregano, paracress, marshmallow, reishi, Sacred Frankincense, Schisandra and Thuja

Autoimmunity Pack – 6 weeks

Autoimmune Libraries – includes:

  • Autoimmune Assessment
  • Antibodies Disturbance
  • Autoimmune Disturbance
  • Assessment
  • Autoimmune Energetic Solutions

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine. It aims to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance and preventing disease rather than treating it. To do so, it employs a holistic approach that combines diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Ayurvedic herbs and spices are also an important component of this approach. They’re thought to protect your body from disease and offer a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion and mental health.

Here are some, but not all, of the frequencies included in this series:

  • Ayurvedic Herb Bhingaraj
  • Ayurvedic Herb Hawthorne Berry
  • Ayurvedic Herb Turmeric
  • Ayurvedic Herb Vidari Kanda
  • Ayurvedic Herb Haritaki
  • Ayurvedic Herb Hingvastak
  • Ayurvedic Herb Neem
  • Ayurvedic Herb Shankhapushpi
  • Ayurvedic Herb Coriander
  • Ayurvedic Herb Kalmegh

Brain Health Series – 8 weeks

Includes the following panels:

  • Alzheimer’s Assessment and Solutions
  • Brain Assessment and Solutions; Brain Waves
  • Brain Hemispheres
  • Brain Balancing
  • Parkinson’s Assessment and Solutions
  • Autism Assessment & Solutions
  • ADD and ADHD Assessment and Solutions

Bija Mantra – 1 week

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Gam
  • Hreem
  • Kleem
  • Om
  • Sreem
  • Krowm
  • Hleem

Biochemical Cell Salt and Astrology – 2 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Aquarius Natrum
  • Capricorn Calcium Phosphoricum
  • Aries Kali Phosphricum
  • Cancer Calcium Fluorite
  • Taurus Natrum Sulphuricum
  • Virgo Kali Sulphuricum
  • Scorpio Calcium Sulfate

Biofilm Breakthrough – 2 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Andrographis
  • Black cumin oil
  • Moringa
  • Quercitin
  • Serrapeptidase
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • RNA Integrity
  • Stevia
  • DNA Repair 528 Hz
  • Kidney location biofilm clear

Biogenic Amines – 4 weeks

There is increasing interest in the interactions among the gut microbiota, gut, and brain, which is often referred to as the “microbiota-gut-brain” axis. Biogenic amines including dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamines are all generated by commensal gut microorganisms and are suggested to play roles as signaling molecules mediating the function of the “microbiota-gut-brain” axis. In addition, such amines generated in the gut have attracted attention in terms of possible clues into the etiologies of depression, anxiety, and even psychosis.

Humans coexist with a vast number of microorganisms and there has been increased research interest in uncovering the role of gut bacteria in maintaining health of the host. Accumulating evidence points to a major role of the gut microbiota in not only normal gut function but also in brain development and function. The recognition of such interactions between gut microorganisms and the brain has led to a new research field commonly referred to as the “microbiota-gut-brain” axis.

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Adrenaline
  • 5-HIAA 5 Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid
  • Agmatine
  • Histamine
  • Epinephrine
  • Dopamine
  • Amphetamine

Biological Dentistry – Organs Related to Teeth Issues – 2 weeks

Which organs are related to various teeth? It turns out the all the teeth are deeply connected to other parts of the body, including organs, glands, joints and more.

Here are some of the included elements in this library series. Clear the energy in the tooth to clear the organ. Clear the energy in the organ to clear the tooth.

  • Tooth 1 Right Shoulder
  • Tooth 1 Wisdom Tooth Right Duodenum
  • Tooth 1 Wisdom Tooth Anterior Pituitary
  • Tooth 11 Left Upper Canine (Cuspid) Left Kidney
  • Tooth 11 Left Upper Canine (Cuspid) Left Posterior Knee

Biological Dentistry Libraries – 2 weeks

  • Dental Assessment 1 Teeth
  • Dental Assessment 2 Interference Fields
  • Dental Assessment 3 Health Issues
  • Dental Assessment Dental Materials Reactivity
  • Dental Solutions

Bladder Rife Frequencies – 4 weeks

Blood Cell Series – 6 weeks

This set of frequencies includes the following:

  • Cell Membrane – work on the health of the cell membrane
  • Chemistry Panel Energetic Disturbance – includes albumin, ALT, AST, BUN, Chloride, LDH enzyme, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Uric Acid
  • CBC Energetic Disturbance Assessment – Eosinophils, HCT, HGB, Lymphocytes, MCV, Neutrophils, Platelets, RBC, WBC
  • Cholesterol Markers Energetic Disturbance – Apolipoprotein A, Apolipoprotein B, C Reactive Protein, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides
  • Microcirculation – Deliver oxygen to all cells with ease, Hawthorne Berry, Maximize blood flow through capillaries, stimulate normalized blood circulation, vasomotion is at optimal function.

Blood Pressure Sessions – 8 weeks

  • Blood Pressure Session 1- Nutrition Focus
  • Blood Pressure Session 2- Vessels Open
  • Blood Pressure Session 3- Kidney Wellness and Fluid Optimization
  • Blood Pressure Session 4- Detox Heavy Metals and Other Toxins
  • Blood Pressure Session 5- Emotions
  • Blood Pressure Session 6- Heart Wellness

Blood Pressure Sessions – 8 weeks

  • Blood Pressure Session 1- Nutrition Focus
  • Blood Pressure Session 2- Vessels Open
  • Blood Pressure Session 3- Kidney Wellness and Fluid Optimization
  • Blood Pressure Session 4- Detox Heavy Metals and Other Toxins
  • Blood Pressure Session 5- Emotions
  • Blood Pressure Session 6- Heart Wellness

Body Repair Codes – Total Body Regeneration – 4 weeks

This is a powerful series of frequencies to experience complete regeneration on every level.

Bone Anatomy – 6 weeks

Would you like to be able to test any bone in the body, including the hands, feet, chest, cranial bones and more? Test all 206 bones in the body with these special bone anatomy testing panels!

  • Bone Anatomy Shoulder/Arm/Hand – Includes all the bones of the arm, the wrist and the hand. Includes humerus, ulna, scapula, all carpal bones, metacarpals and phalanges.
  • Bone Anatomy Chest – Includes sternum, xiphoid process and ribs.
  • Bone Anatomy Foot – Includes calcaneus, cuboid, tarsals, phalanges and metatarsals.
  • Bone Anatomy Head – Includes cranial bones like the parietal, sphenoid, ethmoid and more. Includes the bones of the ear and more!
  • Bone Anatomy Leg – Includes the femur, fibula, tibia, patella, bones of the hip including the ischium and ilium.
  • Bone Anatomy Spine – Includes all the vertebrae of the spine.

Bone Miraculous Healing Frequency Program – 8 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included:

  • Decorin
  • Fibronectin
  • Magnesium glycinate
  • Proline
  • Zinc
  • Lysine
  • Glycoproteins
  • Cortical bone
  • Bone growth 25 Hz 50Hz
  • Comfrey (Bone Knit)

Brain Health Series – 8 weeks

Includes the following panels:

  • Alzheimer’s Assessment
  • Alzheimer’s Solution
  • Brain Assessment
  • Brain Solutions
  • Brain Waves
  • Brain Hemispheres
  • Brain Balancing
  • Parkinson’s Assessment
  • Parkinson’s Solutions
  • Autism Assessment
  • Autism Solutions
  • ADD and ADHD Assessment
  • ADD and ADHD Solutions

Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program – 8 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Blood brain barrier integrity optimal function
  • Improve Cognition 20.8 Hz
  • Limbic system
  • Stress Resilience Increase
  • Calm and focus
  • Normalize Nervous System 764 Hz
  • Radiation Detox 250 Hz 500 Hz 2750 Hz
  • Serotonin Uplift
  • Brain Optimize 315.80 Hz

Break a Habit – Create a reset, restart and refresh – 8 weeks

Are you interested in breaking a habit and creating a new reset, restart and refresh?

This exciting library series includes frequencies that help you to break out of your stuck pattern and begin with a new and fresh vibration. This is such an innovative series of frequencies! Begin any new project with exceptional energy sweeping into the project.

All the reasons that I create to fail, fall away now

Breakthrough to Success – 6 weeks

Clear limiting beliefs; Clearing ancestral patterns; Supercharged Affirmations

Breast Energetic Disturbance Assessment – 6 weeks

Breast Implant Assessment and Solution – 6 weeks

Breast Implant Assessment

Breast Implant Solutions

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Autoimmune disease connected
  • Connective tissue
  • Inflammation
  • Interference fields
  • Lacking self love
  • Muscle stress
  • Parasites
  • Plantinum toxicity
  • Spinal stress
  • First chakra
  • Glutathione
  • Heart chakra
  • Heavy metal detox
  • Lung support
  • Magnesium
  • Mud pack breasts
  • Parasite Cleanse
  • Zeolite

Broken Heart Healing Program – 8 weeks

Have you experienced a painful loss in your life? Is there a heartbreak that you would like to heal? In this program you will receive powerful Rife frequencies that will help you experience joy again.

Cannabinoids – 2 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • CBCA Cannabichromenic acid
  • THC Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • CBCVA Cannabichromevarinic acid
  • CBN Cannabinol
  • THCA Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid
  • CBC Cannabichromene
  • CBCV Cannabichromevarin
  • THCV Tetrahydrocannabivarin
  • CBDA Cannabidiolic acid
  • CBG Cannabigerol
Core Power Enhancer – 4 weeks

Cancer Prevention Program – 10 Weeks

This library will boost your immune system, balance your hormones as well as your digestion. Includes harmonizing affirmations for cutting edge therapy.

Cellular Freedom Technique – 6 weeks

Release the Pain of the Past FOR GOOD!

Is the pain of the past holding you back? Do you want to move ahead in life, but find the deeply embedded cellular memories of past traumas just too powerful to overcome? Are you ready to move ahead in your life at light speed when you let these past wounds go?

Releasing past pain means releasing it from the cellular memory. When this happens, you are no longer bound by your painful re-experiencing (remembering, re-living, re-imprinting) the past events.

This means physical pain may leave your body along with physical ailments and other limitations. You may find it much easier to be happy, to feel free, to release weight and to pursue your dreams. You may find that your physical body feels lighter and that it just feels more joyful to be alive. As Nassim Haramein has stated, “In the present moment, all times are available because it is shared across the network. The present exists in ‘no-time.’ The concept of time is secondary to memory. Space time should be called space memory. It’s the memory in the structure of space that makes it possible to have time.”

  • Blasting Through Limiting Beliefs
  • Time Traveling
  • Transmuting Memory for Cellular Renewal
  • Quantum Leap

Cellulite Assessment and Solutions – 6 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Age stress
  • Collagen loss
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lymphatic stagnation
  • Dehydration
  • Excess intake sugar
  • Oxidative Damage
  • Poor circulation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Poor digestion

Chem Trail Clearing and Detoxification – 4 weeks

Chem Trail 1 Assessment – Adenovirus, Aluminum, Attenuated virus, nanofibers, mycoplasma, serretia, sulfur dioxide, vaccinations, virus.

Chem Trail 2 Harmonizing Skies – Clear aluminum in the local atmosphere, clear barium in the local atmosphere, clear the skies, clear excessive fear, clear global warming and harmonize, heal weather patterns, reclaim the skies.

Chem Trail 3 Chem Trail 3 Detox – Bentonite clay, pyrophyllite clay, garlic, geranium, molybdenum, pyrophyllite, serrapeptase, zinc, N-Acetyl Cysteine.


  • Wildfire Harmonizing
  • Hurricane Harmonizing

Children’s Series 1-3 (Includes PANDAS) – 8 weeks

Here are some of the frequencies included in the Children’s Series

Children Series 1 – Helpful Remedies

  • Aloe Vera (digestion)
  • Chickweed
  • Gluten free diet
  • Raspberry leaf (canker sores)
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Ginger (digestion)

Children Series 2 – Improving Attention and Calming Mood

  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Splenium 4CH
  • Optic Nerve
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Temporal bone adjust and align

Children Series 3 – Improving PANDAS

  • Clear effects of past viral infection
  • Improve memory
  • Trigeminal Nerve
  • Hypoglossal Nerve
  • Reduce Brain Inflammation
  • Optic Nerve

Chinese Herbs for Clearing Qi Deficiency and more – 4 weeks

Here are some of the frequencies included:

  • Chinese Herbs for Clearing Qi Deficiency and more (Kan Herbs)
  • Arouse Vigor – Original Qi Exhausted, Spleen and Stomach Qi Exhausted
  • Compassionate Sage-Heart – Unable to store spirit (shen), Heart Blood Deficiency
  • Prosperous Farmer – Stagnant Spleen Qi. Hindered Spleen patterns with underlying deficient Qi.

Chronic Cases Frequencies – 10 weeks

The incidence of cancer has been growing exponentially for the last 3 decades. What does it mean to have cancer? Are cancers a normal part of life and also a touchstone guiding us to make important changes? Biofeedback holds a special place in the world. We can check energetic status and see things in the energy field before they manifest in the physical body. We can also send frequencies for positive and powerful change. Learn how to use this in practical terms during this special series in cancer. Prevent through increased awareness and regular energetic harmonizing. Get to the root cause!

Healing Chronic Cases 0 – Global Causative Factors – Comprehensive List of root causes to help you understand your cases better.

Includes addiction pattern causative, air quality, ancestral issue, autoimmune response, EMF exposure affecting, food allergies, food quality, geopathic stress, heavy metal toxicity, relationship stress, skin issue, sleep issue causative, thyroid issue causative, toxic exposure food, kidney infection causative, past life issue causative and more!

Healing Chronic Cases 1 – Digestive Assessment -Understand the importance of digestion with regard to your chronic case.

Casein intolerant, digestive fire low, microbiome disruption, mycotoxin exposure in food, pancreatic insufficiency, proteolytic enzyme support needed, undigested food in system.

Healing Chronic Cases 2 – GI Hormones and Nervous System – The nervous system is key to healing digestion!

Healing Chronic Cases 3 – Helpful Probiotics – Create a custom probiotic with the correct strains for you!

Healing Chronic Cases 4 – Embracing positive beliefs -Bringing in positive beliefs that your client is wanting to entrain is of great importance!

Healing Chronic Cases 5 – Methylation

Healing Chronic Cases 6 – Geopathic Stress

Healing Chronic Cases 7 – Toxic Exposures and EMF Assessment

Healing Chronic Cases 8 – Common Infections

Healing Chronic Cases 9 – Hormonal Balance

Healing Chronic Cases 10 – Immune Assessment

Healing Chronic Cases 11 – Cancer Specific frequencies Including P53

Healing Chronic Cases 12 – Healing Affirmations

Chronic Illness Stress Disturbance Panels – 8 weeks

Includes these libraries for harmonizing cancer frequency.

  • Chronic Illness 1 Affirmations
  • Chronic Illness 2 Cutting Edge Therapies
  • Chronic Illness 1 Digestive Panel
  • Chronic Illness 2 Liver Practices
  • Chronic Illness 3 Immune System
  • Chronic Illness 4 Immune Support
  • Chronic Illness Optimal Nutrition
  • Chronic Illness 7 Free of Chronic Illness Frequencies

Colds/Flu Pack Frequencies – 4 weeks

Colds/Flu Pack 1 Cold Assessment – What is the root cause of the cold (Excess sugar? Indoor air quality?) and what can we know about the infection (Rhinovirus? Coronavirus?)

Colds/Flu Pack 2 Cold Solutions – Includes the top herbal medicines, essential oils and natural medicine solutions (like warming socks hydrotherapy! Instructions included). For example, Ligusticum, Myrrh, Mullein, Wild Cherry, Yerba Santa and much more!

Colds/Flu Pack 3 Influenza Assessment – What is the root cause of the flu? What can we know about the infection?

Colds/Flu Pack 3 Influenza Assessment – Includes the top herbal medicines, essential oils and natural medicine solutions. For example, Eupatorium, Baptisia, Oscillococcinum and more!

Courageous Transitions – 8 weeks

Are you experiencing some transition in your world? During the times we are living through, you may be experiencing some kind of transition in your life. Use the Courageous Transitions series in order to navigate this change with Grace!

Here are the frequencies in this series:

Courageous Transitions 1 – Relationship Grief Release

Release the painful grief of a relationship break-up.

Courageous Transitions 2 – Relationship Grief Affirmations

Get the healing you really need during your relationship break-up.

Courageous Transitions 3 – Grief from Loss Release

Frequencies that can help you when you are experiencing grief from any loss in your life!

Courageous Transitions 4 – Grief from Loss Affirmations

Get powerful affirmation frequencies to assist you as you move through loss in your life.

Courageous Transitions 5 – Transformation to Heal Energetics

Experience the wisdom that comes from the transitions we experience in life! Become more in touch with the lessons and the gifts that come with difficult times we may have in our lives! Greater and more wonderful times are surely ahead!

Depression/Anxiety – Anxiety & Depression – 8 Weeks

This healing library contains frequencies to harmonize and balance emotions and neurotransmitters detoxbringing quick relief. These frequencies will lift your spirits and settle the mind.

Dermatomes: Harmonizing Viruses Program – 8 weeks

Dermatomes are areas of the skin where sensory nerves (that detect touch and temperature) from a single spinal nerve root.

Use the dermatomes for the following:

Chronic viruses, because they often lie dormant within the spinal nerves. This is why a shingles rash often appears in a dermatomal pattern. It is because it is active within that spinal nerve.

  • For shingles outbreak.
  • For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • For back issues, including pain and stiffness.
  • For any musculoskeletal issues in order to tonify the spinal nerves.
  • For digestive issues, as even the digestive organs are innervated by the spinal nerves.
  • For any nervous system conditions.
  • For an overall tonification of the body.
  • Use in all chronic cases to optimize the spinal nerves.
  • Use in all skin conditions

Panels included:

  • Dermatomes 1 – Dermatomes
  • Dermatomes 2 – Viruses (viruses that commonly lie dormant in the spinal nerves).
  • Dermatomes 3 – Virus Solutions

Detoxification Frequencies – Detoxify all the systems – 10 weeks

  • Digestive Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program
  • Kidney and Bladder Tune-Up
  • Liver and Gallbladder Uplift
  • Lung and Lymph Cleanse Program
  • Microbiome Reset and Nervous System Harmony
  • Parasite Cleanse and Clear

Detoxification – Juice Fasting Sidekick – 8 weeks

This library includes the following frequencies (This is a sample of the frequencies included):

  • Digestive detoxification
  • Gallbladder detoxification
  • Plastic detox
  • Skin detox
  • Call regeneration 111 Hz 800Hz
  • Enterocytes detoxification
  • Lungs detoxification
  • Radiation Detox 4423.78
  • Blood purify
  • Glutathione for liver detoxification

Diabetes Stress Disturbance Package – 8 weeks

Includes these libraries:

Blood Sugar Disturbance Assessment – Find the root cause of blood sugar issues energetically. Includes insulin resistance, leptin resistance, metabolic syndrome, chromium deficiency, glycosylation, homocysteine and inflammation.

Blood Sugar Energetic Solutions – American Ginseng, B-Vitamin Complex, Chromium, Cinnamon Bark, Dairy Free food plan, Gentian Bitters, Holy Basil, Magnesium, Red Sage Root, Pancreatic Enzymes, Resveratrol and Vanadium.

Blood Sugar Frequency Energetic Disturbance – Includes Optimal Glucose Regulation, Optimal Pancreatic Function, Relaxed Pancreas, Harmonious Digestion, Happy Metabolism, Healthy Lipid Levels, I derive sweetness from life, Optimal Hypothalamic Function, The metabolic functions of my body are harmonious

Diabetes Type 2 Lab Markers and Lifestyle Factors – Fasting Glucose too high, HDL too low, Lower triglyceride levels for health, reduce fat intake in the diet, reduce caloric intake, waist to hip ratio too high, reduce dairy fat to balance blood sugar levels, intramyocellular lipid presence affecting insulin signaling.

Diabetes Type 2 Pancreatic Regeneration and Blood Sugar Harmonizing – Blood sugar normalizing, Boron, Cinnamon Bark, Alpha Cell, Clear Biofilms, Insulin, L-Carnitine, Bitter Melon, Optimize glycogen, optimize leptin response, L-Carnitine, Tyrosine, Vagus nerve, Thoracic splanchnic nerve, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Zin.

Digestive Health Pack – 8 weeks

It has been said that all disease begins in the gut. Get this set of testing panels in order to harmonize all aspects of the digestive system, including leaky gut, infections and much more!

The digestive system includes the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. It also includes the pancreas, gallbladder and liver.

Digestion 1 Digestive Organs – Esophagus, Gallbladder, Large Intestine, Pancreas, Small Intestine, Stomach.

Digestion 2 Assessment – Alkalize, Bile sluggish, Emotional root cause, enzyme deficiency, fungus, glyphosate residue, GMO exposure, Reflux, sympathetic dominance, yeast and more.

Digestion 3 Solutions – Includes the best herbal and supplemental solutions for the digestive system. Includes acidophilus, apple cider, vinegar, black walnut, clove powder, coral calcium, garlic, gentian bitters, lecithin, wormwood, zeolite and much more.

Digestion 4 Food Plan – Includes Low Fodmap, Paleo diet, vegan diet , casein free and more to help to point you in the right direction for the optimal food plan for good digestion.

Digestion 5 Food Plans – Naturopathic practices to heal the digestive system. Gallbladder flush, rebounding, skin brushing and more.

Digestive 6 Gall Bladder Disturbance Assessment – Gallstones.

Digestive 7 Diverticulitis Assessment – Diverticulosis and diverticulitis.

Digestive Tonifier – 8 weeks

  • Digestive Tonifier 1: Digestive Cells and Organs
  • Digestive Tonifier 2: Musculature and Nervous system
  • Digestive Tonifier 3: Hormones
  • Digestive Tonifier 4: Stomach Wellness
  • Digestive Tonifier 5: Small Intestine Wellness
  • Digestive Tonifier 6: Large Intestine (colon) Wellness

Digestive Remedies – Homeopathic – 4 weeks

Homeopathic Remedies for the Digestive System – Includes:

  • Aesculus hippocastanum 30C
  • Antimonium Crudum 30C
  • Arsenicum Album 100C
  • Arsenicum Album 100C
  • Arsenicum Album 1M
  • Carbo Vegetabilis 30C
  • Chelidonium Majus 30C
  • Cinchona Officinalis 100C
  • Cocculus Indicus 30C
  • Hamamelis virginiana 30C
  • Ipecacuanha 1M
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 100C
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 1M
  • Nux Vomica 30C
  • Tabacum 100C Relieve Motion Sickness
  • Podophyllum Peltatum Diarrhea with intestinal growling and pain

Digestive Wellness Pack – Reflux, Leaky Gut and More – 10 weeks

Need some assistance for your digestion? Genius Frequencies to the rescue!

Leaky Gut Assessment – Includes frequencies like gut microbiome affected, gut permeability, lymphatic system, past antibiotic use causative, inflammation, proteins causing immune response, GMO exposure causative.

Leaky Gut Solutions – Aloe vera, betaine HCl, Glutamine, Quercetin, Rice brain, Slippery Elm, Zinc carnosine, Marshmallow, Caprylic acid, Pancreatic enzymes, Turmeric.

Reflux Disturbance Assessment (Heartburn) – H. Pylori (including Rife frequencies), Reflux Chronic, Gastric Ulcer, Low Stomach Acid, Indigestion, Parietal cells, Ureases active, Hyperacidity

Reflux Disturbance Solutions (Heartburn) – Apple Cider Vinegar, Beet powder, bismuth citrate, Glutamine, Ginger root powder, Berberine, Distended stomach, Gentian, Lactobacillus reuteri, Licorice Root, Manuka Root, Mastic Gum, Oil of Oregano, US Enzymes Digestxym, Oregon Grape Root, Premier Research HCl

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Assessment – Bifidobacterium deficiency, Butyric acid reduce inflammation, Emotions as root cause, food reactions causing inflammation, food sensitivities causing reaction, gluten intolerance, iron deficiency, lactose intolerance, mucus, myenteric plexus, Vagus Nerve dysfunction

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solutions – Activated charcoal, Aloe Vera, Berberine, Chamomile, Colloidal Silver, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Glutamine, Kava Kava, Neem, Peppermint, Plantain, St John’s Wort, Stress Management

DNA Revitalization – 10 Weeks

This library repairs chromosomes, upgrades and replenishes our stem cells, microbiome and telomerase. DNA revitalization turns back the clock on again and helps us to heal at our very core. Our most popular library.

DNA Revitalization:

  1. Repair
  2. Upgrade
  3. Replenish
  4. Regeneration
  5. Ascension

Eczema Disturbance Assessment/Solutions – 8 weeks

Work on Eczema Disturbance with these assessment and solutions libraries.

Eczema Assessment frequencies for: Bacterial infection, candida infection contributing, casein allergy, clothing allergy, dermis repair, essential fatty acid deficiency, fungal infection root cause, gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalance, liver toxicity, milk allergy, staph gut infection, strep gut infection, vitamin D deficiency, hormonal imbalance and much more!

Eczema Solutions frequencies for: Aloe vera, betaine HCl, biotin, calendula, fish oil, horsetail, juniper berry, MSM, magnesium oxide, natrum muriaticum, neem, neprinol, proteolytic enzymes, thymus, wild indigo, walnuts, yellow dock, nettle and more!

EMF – 4 weeks

Electromagnetic Frequencies Assessment – Bacterial Proliferation to EMF Exposures, BlueTooth Device Radiation, Brain Imbalance Caused by EMF, Cell Phone Radiation, Cell Phone Towers, Compact Fluorescent Bulb EMF Exposure, Cordless Phone Exposure, Digestive Function Suppression by EMF, Dirty Electricity, Electrical Current Sensitivity, Heart health affected by eMF, Microwave radiation, PDA radiation solutions, Smart Meter Exposure, Spirochete proliferation due EMF, Sympathetic dominance due to EMF, thyroid imbalance caused by EMF exposure, Wireless router effects.

Electromagnetic Frequencies Energetic Solutions – DNA is forming a change to be resilient in the face of 5G, DNA makes an instant change to adapt to 5G, My immune system is strong and capable in the face of EMF’s of any kind, Shungite disc, Shungite Tile, Stetzer Filters in home, Smart Meter, Barefoot walking for 5 minutes.

Energy Boost – 6 weeks

Emotional Cleanse and Release Program – 6 weeks

Release pent up emotions that are blocking flow and a pathway to good health.

Emotional Clearing with Essential Oils – 4 weeks

Meridians and Essential Oils!

It turns out that emotional clearing is more powerful and more long lasting if we connect it with the related meridian. This program tests for emotions within meridians and emotions connected to oils.

Here is the listing of the panels:

  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Bladder – Lists all emotions related to Bladder Meridian
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Bladder Oils – Lists all oils that help to clear emotions from Bladder Meridian
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Gallbladder – Lists all emotions related to Gallbladder Meridian
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Gallbladder Oils – Lists all essential oils related to Gallbladder Meridian
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Heart
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Heart Oils
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Kidney
  • Emotional Clearing Meridian Kidney Oils
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Spleen
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Spleen
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Stomach
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Stomach Oils
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Lungs
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Lungs Oils
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Triple Warmer
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Triple Warmer Oils
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Large Intestine
  • Emotional Clearing Meridians Large Intestine Oils

Emotional Reset: Calm and Comfort in Difficult Times – 8 weeks

Emotional Reset 1: Anxiety Relief/Calm and Comforted – Includes Rife frequencies for calming anxiety.

Emotional Reset 2: Depression Life and Embrace Joy – Includes Rife frequencies to lift mood and create joy.

Emotional Reset 3: Trauma Clear/Ground in Present Time – When one is in trauma, it is not easy to stay grounded or in present time. These trauma clearing frequencies help to reset the brain and assist the person in being more grounded.

Emotions Code Testing Library – 6 weeks

These are powerful frequencies to work with the Emotions Code in relationship to your own physical issues. Connect and clear emotions that are connected to physical issues.

Emotions Code 1 Heart/Small Intestine

Abandonment, Betrayal, Forlorn, Lost, Love Unreceived, Effort Unreceived, Heartache, Insecurity, Overjoy, Vulnerability

Emotions Code 2 Spleen Stomach

Anxiety, Despair, Disgust, Nervousness, Worry, Failure, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Lack of Control, Low Self Esteem

Emotions Code 3 Lung Colon

Discouragement, Rejection, Sadness, Sorrow, Confusion, Defensiveness, Grief, Self-Abuse, Stubbornness

Emotions Code 4 Liver Gallbladder

Anger, Bitterness, Guilt, Hatred, Resentment, Depression, Frustration, Indecisiveness, Frustration, Panic

Emotions Code 5 Kidney Bladder

Blaming, Dread, Fear, Horror, Peaved, Conflict, Creative Insecurity, Terror, Unsupported, Wishy Washy

Emotions Code 6 Glands and Sexual Organs

Humiliation, Jealousy, Longing, Lust, Overwhelm, Pride, Shame, Shock, Unworthy

Enzymes Health – 4 weeks

Epstein Barr Stress Disturbance Harmonizing – 10 weeks

Epstein Barr is known to be the cause of Chronic Fatigue. It is now linked to many other conditions, including autoimmune and more. It’s possible to rise above these. Check out these powerful frequencies, which are informed by the work of Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium and deep knowledge of the nature of this Stress Disturbance.

Fat Meltaway Frequency Program – 10 weeks

Fat Meltaway Frequencies are designed to maximize the metabolic functions!

Here are the libraries included in Fat Meltaway:

  1. Leptin Reset
  2. Ghrelin Balance
  3. Hormones and Hormone Disruptors
  4. Emotional Unlock Codes
  5. Digestive Fire and Microbiome
  6. Affirmations

Fibromyalgia Assessment and Fibromyalgia Solutions – 10 weeks

Fibromyalgia Assessment – Adrenal imbalance, blood sugar dysregulation, CoEnzymeQ10, Dopamine, EMF Affecting, Estrogen Dominance, Hydration Issue, Insulin Resistance, L-Methyl Folate, Magnesium, Malic Acid, Unresolved Trauma, Substance P, Mercury Toxicity, Thyroid Function Low, Uric Acid High.

Fibromyalgia Solutions

  • Boswellia
  • Curcumin
  • Macuna
  • Lumbrokinase
  • Menthol
  • SAMe
  • Serrapeptase
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Lumbrokinase
  • Nicotinamide
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Vitamin B6
  • Guaifenisen

Fibroid and Cyst Stress Disturbance Harmonizing – 8 weeks

Food Allergy Testing & Healing Pack – 8 weeks

A constant source of stress on the immune system, consuming foods that you are allergic to can wreak havoc on your health. If you are consuming dairy or gluten products and you are allergic to them, you may develop a leaky gut or as it is also known intestinal permeability. As a result, you may have escalating levels of inflammation and a sensitized immune system. This can even lead to allergies to additional foods!

If you experience bloating or difficulty in losing weight, identifying your food allergies can be immensely helpful. Use the food allergy panel along with the cortisol balancing panel and the nutritional panel to arrive at a well-rounded way to reduce your sensitivities to foods (usually the ones that appear in red) and avoid the ones that are giving you the most problems (usually the ones that appear in blue).

Includes these panels frequencies:

Food Allergy Testing Panel Ultimate – Includes 120 foods you can test for! Includes the most common concerns such as dairy, gluten, wheat, cheese, peanuts, eggs and much more!

Food Allergy Testing Cortisol – Includes adrenal and melatonin testing in order to reduce the effects of stress and cortisol on the gut. If the gut calms down with reduced excessive cortisol, it means that fewer food sensitivities will typically be in play. If a person is under excess stress, they may notice ever increasing levels of foods that they react to.

Food Allergy Testing Nutritional – These nutrients will assist in healing the gut so that the number of sensitivities can generally be reduced. For example, glutamine helps to feed the cells of the intestinal lining and helps to heal leaky gut. If the gut is not inflammed, the sensitivities will be typically reduced. Yes, this can seem like a chicken and egg relationship!

Food Allergy Testing Digestive Assessment – This assessment will help you to see how other imbalances in the digestive system may be affecting food allergies and can help to improve the allergies by harmonizing the digestive system. Included in this panel are digestive solutions such as “harmonize histamine” and “restore parasympathetic activity.”

Food Sensitivity Clearing – 8 weeks

“Fog”/Cloudiness (Brain Fog) – 6 weeks

Gene Keys Activation Series – Includes 1-64 – 4 weeks

The Gene Keys are a living wisdom. These are teachings to imbibe, contemplate and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, one by one your troubles will begin to fall away, and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life. All aspects, including amino acids, are included in each of the libraries for each and every Gene Key activation! Work on one or all of them! Or, see which one is active for you today!

Getting Unstuck Series – 8 weeks

Getting unstuck – Releasing Blocks

Getting unstuck – Gaining Confidence

Getting unstuck – Motivation and clarity

Getting unstuck – Creating Fast Positive Results

Harmonizing Lyme Panels – 10 weeks

Use biofeedback to assess Lyme Energetic Infection Disturbance. This is energetic disturbance only and does not seek to imply any association with the physical body.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These frequencies can be scanned with this program:

  • B. Afzelli
  • B. Burgdorferi
  • Bartonella
  • Biofilm Active
  • Blebs
  • CD57
  • Collagen Loss
  • Escherichia
  • MMP130
  • MMP9
  • Neurological Lyme
  • Parasites in brain
  • And much more…

Lyme Solutions

There are many potential natural solutions for Lyme. Which one is best for you? Use biofeedback to see which one is resonating for you. This is energetic information only. Run the frequencies of these items and save money on supplements. And, maximize and prioritize your use of natural remedies.

  • Andrographis
  • Astragalus
  • CBD Oil
  • Cowden Protocol
  • Cumunda
  • Essiac Formula
  • Hawthorne
  • Huperzine A
  • Hyssop
  • Interfase Klaire Labs
  • Samento
  • Serrapeptase
  • Zeolite

Hashimoto’s Healing Series – 10 weeks

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. With this disease, your immune system attacks your thyroid. The thyroid becomes damaged because you can’t make enough thyroid hormone.

This series of libraries goes through a program to harmonize the stress disturbances which could contribute to Hashimoto’s.

They include:

Hashimoto’s Session 1: Reduce Inflammation and Heal Digestion – The first step to healing an autoimmune condition is to heal the digestive system and any inflammation that could be created as a result of poor digestion. This library can be run stand-alone on Quick Balance as part of an initial session. It includes frequencies for herbs such as althea, boswelia, bromelain, sangro de grado, turmeric, lycium and more. Includes Rife frequencies for healing the digestive system (727 Hz and more) and for reducing intestinal inflammation (105 Hz and 880 Hz).

Hashimoto’s Session 2: Detoxification Heavy Metal Hormones Allergens – Heavy metals such as mercury can create an autoimmune response. Includes frequencies to maximize the energetics of the liver including glutathione, dandelion, cilantro, milk thistle, activated charcoal and bentonite clay.

Hashimoto’s Session 3: Natural Remedies and Frequencies – Frequencies of natural remedies to balance and clear autoimmunity. Includes andrographis, bilberry, cumanda, glutamine, glutathione, licorice, mangosteen, samento, turmeric, noni, phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidylserine, trimethylglycine and more.

Hashimoto’s Session 4: Tonify Immune System and Clear Infection Stress Disturbance – Frequencies including “cytokines optimized”, “immune system balanced”, “immune system stabilization 10,000 Hz”, Mycoplasma completely clear effects and cellular memory, white blood cells energetic, Inosine production stimulate (2642 Hz), lymphatic vessels, optimize ATP 9.6 Hz.

Heal the Gut Microbiome – 10 weeks

Though we have a trillion cells in our body, there is one thing that outnumbers this incredible number. It is the amount of gut microbes we have! We seem to exist in order to feed them. When you properly support your gut flora (the gut microbiome), they in turn help us to produce the proper hormones, neurotransmitters and much more. Our gut microbes contribute to our robust immune system.

How we feed out gut bugs and care for them is of the utmost importance. Even one round of antibiotics can affect us in such a profound way that we need 6 months or more of good probiotic regeneration!

This series includes:

Healthy Gut Bacteria – These are the bacteria that are ideal for the gut. Includes bifidobacterium, acidophilus, firmacuties, proteobacteria and more.

Less favorable bacteria – These are the bacteria that would be good to “crowd out” by supplementing the better bacteria!

Replenishment – These are the very best probiotics out there! Test the ones that are right for you!

Healing Hidden Infections – 8 weeks

Harmonize infections in the following areas:

  • Biofilm Disturbance Assessment
  • Biofilms Energetic Solutions Antimicrobials
  • Biofilms Energetic Solutions Enzymes
  • Biofilms Energetics Solutions Clays
  • Candida Disturbance Assessment
  • Candida Panel; Candida Solutions Alkalize
  • Candida Solutions Remedies
  • Immune System Assessment
  • Immune System Solutions
  • Infection Assessment
  • Infection Solutions
  • Parasite Assessment
  • Parasite Solutions

Hearing Frequency Libraries – 8 weeks

Are you seeking an upgrade to your hearing? Want to harmonize the various parts of the inner ear that contribute to good hearing. Your frequency libraries are right here!

Hearing Assessment – Includes the cochlea, cochlear nerve, Eustachian Tube, Incus, Labyrinth, Malleus, Perilymph Fluid, Semicircular Canals, Stapes, Tympanic Membranes, Vestibular Nerve, Vestibulocochlear nerve.

Hearing Assessment Chinese Medicine – Failure of Qi to Ascend, Gallbladder Fire, Hot Phlegm, Hyperactive Liver, Insufficient Kidney Yin.

Hearing Assessment Conditions – Epstein Barr Virus, Hearing loss due to virus, Meniere’s Disease, Tinnitus, Vestibulitis.

Hearing Assessment Solutions – Bupleurum, Cornus, Ginger compress, gingko biloba, low aldosterone, magnetite, marjoram, poria, rehmannia, schizandra, zinc.

Tinnitus Assessment – Antibiotic root cause, brain function root cause, chemical sensitivity, cranial bones, feeling abandoned, feeling not supported, food allergy root cause, head injury root cause, infant fall root cause, not wanting to hear, spinal misalignment and virus root cause

Heavy Metals Assessment and Heavy Metals Solutions – 8 weeks

Hemorrhoid Harmonizing Frequencies – 8 weeks

Hemorrhoid Stress Disturbance Assessment – Discover more about the root cause of this energetic stress disturbance. Includes the various artery and venous supply. Includes frequencies for internal and external hemorrhoids, swollen veins, fissures, rectal prolapse, rectal disease, gallbladder support and more.

Hemorrhoid Stress Disturbance Solutions – Includes herbal remedies and much more! Yarrow, witch hazel, papaya, aloe vera, calendula, ginger, cinnamon, reduce inflammation, create healthy skin healing, calendula, sitz bath, St John’s Wort, create venous stability.

Hemorrhoid Healing Program (Rife frequencies) – Solutions and Rife Frequencies. Run the program on Quick Balance for a convenient way to harmonize this stress disturbance. Includes liver stress, ginger, stone root, swollen veins, yarrow, diverticulitis, gallbladder, create healthy vein structure, liver function balance.

Histamine Harmonization Frequencies – 6 weeks

Bloating? Hot flashes? Skin rashes? Thyroid issues? All of these have 1 thing in common – Histamine Intolerance. Histamine issues are related to enzyme deficiencies, imbalances in the microbiome (gut flora), excessive stress and methylation issues. All of these can be harmonized with cutting edge frequencies.

Hold Your Vibration High – 2 weeks

These powerful frequencies help you to hold your vibration to the highest frequency possible! Enjoy pleasurable times and soar through difficult times!

Home Clearing Panels – 2 weeks

Refresh Your Home Space: Experience greater peace and clarity in your space. This series of frequency testing panels helps to cleanse and uplift your home.

Manifest Your Dream Home: Use the special frequency testing library that assists you in manifesting your perfect space. Energetic check for issues: Is there Geopathic Stress? Poor ley lines or other issues in the home? Discover and harmonize! Home Check and Clear – check reactivity with asbestos, carbon monoxide exposure, dry rot, EMF stress, geopathic stress, radon and much more.

Home Cleansing Vibrational Upgrade – Upgrade the vibrational quality of your home with these frequencies, including peaceful home consciousness, clearing past energetic imprints from the home, clearing negative energies caught in the home, clearing effects of past words spoken and emotional imbalances.

Home Clear & Direct Positive Energy

Manifest My Space

Hormones Optimization Program – 10 weeks

Total Hormonal Optimization program includes the following powerful panels:

  • Hormones Optimized Adrenals
  • Hormones Optimized Thyroid
  • Hormones Optimized Communication & Balance
  • Hormones Optimized Women’s Hormones
  • Hormones Optimized Men’s Hormones

Hormonal Wellness Pack – Balance Frequencies 10 weeks

Healthy hormonal balance is crucial for all. With this set of hormonal balancing frequencies, explore issues such as estrogen dominance and hormonal conditions. Having good hormonal balance is associated with better sleep, fewer mood swings, easier weight loss and feelings of overall wellness.

  • Hormone Disturbance Assessment – Harmonize hormones for total body wellness. Includes Estrogen, Estradiol, Melatonin, Progesterone, Testosterone and more.
  • Hormone Disturbance Solutions – Find solutions to bring more balance.
  • Hormone Disturbance Solutions – Find solutions to bring more balance.
  • Hormone Conditions – Is there a particular condition you are trying to clear?
  • Hormones Women’s Reproductive System – Uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes
  • Sexual Vitality – For men and women’s sexual health. Includes arginine, cistanche, horny goat weed, L-Citrulline, maca, Tonkat Ali and more.

Hydration: Cell Quencher Frequencies – 4 weeks

One of the main causes of aging turns out to be the inability to truly hydrate the body at a cellular level. The buildup of toxins over time and the quality of the water we drink all contribute to this. When the body is not hydrated properly for some time, we don’t have the resilient, vibrant health that we once experienced.

Experience the energy you can get from a properly hydrated cell! See changes that are possible! Feel the smooth changes in your skin! Every part of your body can benefit from a stronger level of hydration.

A selection of the frequencies included in this series is (more are included in the complete library!):

  • Alkalized Water
  • Aging now reversed through hydration
  • Cells now hold more water
  • Ability to detoxify now restored
  • ATP Generated 9.6 Hz
  • Crystal Energy Phi Sciences
  • Hydration is now optimized
  • Hydrogen
  • Lower surface tension
  • Optimizing ability to hydrate all cells
  • Oxygenate cells now
  • Oxygen 5.77 Hz
  • Potassium
  • Structured Water
  • True hydration experienced now

Immune Resilience – 8 weeks

This is the series of libraries to help with our current conditions and build strength from within! Also helps you to feel empowered in being a part of the outcome. reveal hidden infections and build your immune health creating supercharged resistance to bacteria, viruses and so much more. Our Top Seller!

Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Pack – 10 weeks

Are you wanting to reduce your joint pain, muscle aches, arthritis, autoimmune issues by reducing inflammation?

Work energetically on harmonizing inflammation with these testing panels.

This Inflammation Pack includes the following:

Inflammation Assessment – What is the cause of the inflammation? Bacteria? EMF exposure? Parasites? Toxic exposures? Digestive issues? Determine the root cause with this testing panel

Inflammation Solutions (Remedies) – Includes some of the most popular supplements for reducing inflammation such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, curcumin, green tea, camu camu, mangosteen, Vitamin D and more!

Inflammations Solutions (Herbs) – Test for herbs that reduce inflammation – Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Dong Quai, Ho Shou Wu, Licorice, Lycium, Rehmannia

Inflammation Solutions (Spices) – Which spices would be the most beneficial for reducing inflammation? Includes cardamom, cayenne, clove, ginger, turmeric

Immune System Assessment – Look at B Cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, platelets, T Cells, Red Blood Cells and more

Immune System Solutions – Echinacea, Agaricus, Garlic, Maitake, Reishi, Selenium and more!

Injury Urgent Healing – 8 weeks

This series for Injury Urgent Healing includes frequencies, remedies and homeopathics that will help for harmonizing in cases of an acute injury. It uses specific Rife frequencies, homeopathic remedies and more that are used in these cases.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Harmonization – 8 Weeks

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Assessment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solutions

Ketosis Activation Program – 10 weeks

Some of the benefits of getting into ketosis include weight loss, improved mental clarity, prevention of cognitive decline and more! This series includes:

  • Ketosis Activation 1: Achieve Ketosis
  • Ketosis Activation 2: Optimize Blood Sugar Remedies
  • Ketosis Activation 3: Maximize lean muscle mass and fat burning

Kidney Stone Stress Disturbance Clearing Frequencies – 10 weeks

Kidney Stone Stress Disturbance Clearing Frequencies – Help someone with kidney stone stress disturbance with these frequencies. These are a select sample of the frequencies in the library:

  • Abdominal pain immediately decreases and ends now
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Black cherry juice
  • Clear gravel deposits
  • Complete hydration of body as needed now to clear all stones
  • Gravel root
  • High protein diet contributing to stones
  • Horsetail
  • Struvite stones now decrease diminish and release easily and effortlessly
  • Urine flows and clears easily
  • Uric acid stones decrease dissolve and release easily

Leaky Gut Assessment – 8 weeks

Leaky Gut Assessment – Includes frequencies like gut microbiome affected, gut permeability, lymphatic system, past antibiotic use causative, inflammation, proteins causing immune response, GMO exposure causative.

Leaky Gut Solutions – Aloe vera, betaine HCl, Glutamine, Quercetin, Rice brain, Slippery Elm, Zinc carnosine, Marshmallow, Caprylic acid, Pancreatic enzymes, Turmeric.

Lung Boost and Upgrade – 8 weeks

Lymphatic Disturbance Assessment – 8 weeks

There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the human body. They are located deep inside the body, such as around the lungs and heart, or closer to the surface, such as under the arm or groin, according to the American Cancer Society. The lymph nodes are found from the head to around the knee area.

The spleen, which is located on the left side of the body just above the kidney, is the largest lymphatic organ, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM). “The spleen . . . acts as a blood filter; it controls the amount of red blood cells and blood storage in the body, and helps to fight infection,” said Jordan Knowlton, an advanced registered nurse practitioner at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital.

If the spleen detects potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms in the blood, it — along with the lymph nodes — creates white blood cells called lymphocytes, which act as defenders against invaders. The lymphocytes produce antibodies to kill the foreign microorganisms and stop infections from spreading. Humans can live without a spleen, although people who have lost their spleen to disease or injury are more prone to infections.

This set of testing panels includes:

  • Lymphatic Disturbance Assessment
  • Lymphatic Disturbance Solutions
  • Lymphatic System Anatomy
  • Lymph Node Anatomy

Male Sexual Vitality (Harmonize Erectile Dysfunction and Low Hormones) – 10 weeks

This series of frequencies is focused on men’s hormones, sexual vitality and erectile dysfunction.

Manifestational Magic Manifesting At Will – With Ease Program – 4 weeks

Would you like to manifest instantly at will? These incredible Rife frequencies and activation give you an incredible edge with which to do that! Check out this amazing library of frequencies to manifest your dreams!

Medicinal Mushrooms – 4 weeks

In recent years, traditional plant-based medicines are gaining more and more attention with medical practitioners. Mushrooms being at the top of the list for their many amazing health benefits. Many forms of mushrooms have been used throughout the centuries in Ancient Chinese herbal medicine, with well over 200 different species used in therapeutic capacities throughout the years. There is a great deal of recent research surrounding mushrooms and their potential therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions such as cancer, digestive health conditions, liver conditions, and autoimmune issues.

Menopause Symptom Relief and Vitalization Program – 8 weeks

This library includes powerful frequencies for Menopause Symptoms Relief.

Mental Health Pack – 10 weeks

The Mental Health Pack includes libraries for all aspects of improving emotional well-being. It includes the following:

  • Depression Assessment
  • Depression Solutions
  • Anxiety Assessment
  • Anxiety Solutions
  • PTSD Assessment
  • PTSD Solutions
  • Stress Assessment
  • Stress Solutions

Meridians/Spinal Energy – 10 weeks

  • Spinal
  • Meridians
  • Emotions
  • Digestion
  • Stress

Migraine Frequency Libraries – 10 weeks

Do you suffer from Migraines?

These frequencies are specially put together to reflect the root cause and most effective remedies in frequency form to harmonize Migraine Stress Disturbance.

Migraine Assessment – Blood sugar, cheese, chemical exposure, dust, emotional, histamine, inflammation, leaky gut, liver, serotonin, soy sauce, tyramines.

Migraine Solution – 5-HTP, Burdock, CoQ10, Dandelion, Feverfew, Gingko, Kava Kava, Magnesium, Melatonin, Peppermint Oil, Riboflavin

Mineral Power Panel – 4 weeks

Minerals are crucial for the expression of DNA. Use these panels to entrain positive qualities of nutritional minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc and more.

This set of panels contains Rife frequencies for each mineral in Panel #1. Examples include:

  • Panel #1 Minerals – Rife Frequencies – Minerals and Metals
  • Silver, programmed at 86.12 Hz PLUS other Rife frequencies!
  • Magnesium, programmed at 130.27 Hz PLUS other Rife frequencies!
  • Ozone Generate programmed in at 78 Hz.
  • Phosphorous 861.72 Hz
  • Germanium 74.25 Hz
  • Osmium 14800 Hz

Panel #2 Minerals – Periodic Table of the Elements

Panel #2 includes every element in the Periodic Table – Wow! Experience entraining what is needed and clearing what is not. Includes elements such as:

  • Rubidium
  • Platinum
  • Xenon
  • Francium
  • Strontium
  • Lithium
  • Lanthanum
  • Osmium
  • Rhenium
  • Ruthenium
  • Niobium
  • Tantalum
  • Hafnium and more!
  • EVERY Element from the Periodic Table!
  • BONUS Panel is Colloidal Silver ~ Gold ~ Scalar frequencies.
  • Colloidal Silver and Gold
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Argentyn 23 Bio Active Silver Hydrosol
  • DesBio Smart Silver
  • and more….

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation – 8 weeks

The mitochondria is one of the most important organelles in the cell. It’s proper function and health can make a tremendous difference in how you feel on an ongoing basis, how fast you age and how strong your immune system is. The mitochondria is like a refinery, where the crude oil of the body (glucose) is converted to real usable fuel currency (ATP).

This program includes testing libraries for the mitochondria, right down to the DNA level.

Testing libraries included:

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Anatomy – Including the Mitochondrial DNA, RNA, ATP, ADP and more.

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Assessment – Including dysbiosis, leaky gut, malic acid deficiency, pineal imbalance, pituitary imbalance and more.

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Remedies – Including Carnosine, CoQ10, Selenium, Shitake, Siberian Ginseng, Zin, Glutathione, Green Tea and much more (49 remedies)

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Energetic – Energetic direction such as “All 37 mitochondrial DNA are coherent” and “Humanain Gene functioning perfectly” (an important gene of mitochondrial function) and affirmations. Very powerful!

Money Magnetizing Program – 6 weeks

Check out our Money Magnetizing program! It radiates and entrains powerful money generating frequencies.

Muscle Relaxation: Rife Frequencies and More – 6 weeks

The muscle relaxation series is a powerful one! It assists with muscle stress disturbance which could be demonstrated by tight muscles, fascial adhesions, muscle or back pain and much more!

This series includes:

  • Homeopathics – Arnica in different potencies, including 6C, 12C, 1M and 10M.
  • Herbal remedy frequencies – Ashwagandha, Boswellia serrata, curcumin, ginger, green tea, rutin, stinging nettles and more!
  • Nutrition – L-Carnitine, Mag Phos 12X, Mag Phos 30C, Max Phos 6X, Vitamin C and more!
  • Muscle Physiology – Muscle fiber, periosteum, perimysium, tendon and more!

Muscles, Ligaments & Joints – 6 weeks

This series allows you to take a deep dive into the structure of the body. Send deep relaxing energy right where it is needed! Go to the deepest muscles of the body! Ease joints of arthritic pain! Easily test and harmonize muscles, ligaments and joints of the body! Includes all muscles of the human body, ligaments, knee meniscus and joints. This exciting series of panels, which you may want to include in any session for pain or injury. Special offer includes Injuries Assessment and Injuries Solutions bonus!

Muscular Revitalization Program 1-5 (Including Craniosacral) – 8 weeks

Here are some, but not all, of the frequencies included in this series:

Muscular Revitalization Program 1 Craniosacral Energetics:

  • Articular of the mobility of the cranial bones
  • Mobility of cranial bones
  • Occipital
  • Cerebral aqueduct
  • Lateral ventricle left
  • Sphenoid

Muscular Revitalization Program 2 Polarity:

  • Collar Bone Solar Plexus polarity move shoulder neck focus
  • Toe pulls polarity move foot leg and knee focus
  • Brushing off legs knees and leg focus
  • Knuckle rub polarity movement
  • Cuboid ankle rotation heel and toe focus polarity focus
  • Thumb web and forearm stimulation hand arm shoulder focus

Muscular Revitalization Program 3 Trigger Point Energetics:

  • Phasic contraction optimized sufficient movement for muscle to produce movement of attachments
  • Deltoid Anterior Trigger Points Clear
  • Serratus Anterior Left Trigger Point Blockages Cleared
  • Cutaneous trigger points now balanced
  • Pectoralis minor left trigger points cleared
  • Masseter Trigger Points Cleared Foot Yang Ming Stomach Meridians optimized

Muscular Revitalization Program 4 Shiatsu:

  • Bladder Channel Cleared Leg Greater Yang Harmonized
  • Spleen Channel Leg Greater Yin Optimized Hormonal Balance Restored
  • Kidney 1 Optimized release headaches relieve exhaustion
  • Heart Channel Cleared Sleep Pattern Restored
  • Lung Protective Ki Increase as needed
  • Large Intestine Channel Arm Sunlight Yang Cleared Constipation Harmonized

Muscular Revitalization Program 5 Orthobionomy:

  • 5th Lumbar Release for healing of low back pain
  • Wrist reflex point blockage cleared allow coccyx to align
  • Quadratus Lumborum Release
  • Pelvic release successful to boost and harmonize thyroid health
  • Dropped Leg Release
  • Sacroiliac Joint Release

Mycotoxins: Clearing and Reclaiming Health (Exposure to Mold) – 8 weeks

Exposure to mold is a tricky thing to deal with. Many people experience brain fog, fatigue, depression, mood swings and many other symptoms as a result of exposure to mold. The toxins from mold are called mycotoxins. This series includes the many different types of mycotoxins along with remedies including activated charcoal, glutathione, turmeric, magnesium taurate, cholestyramine and much more.

Nerve Tonifying Program – 10 weeks

These represent the areas that are not conducting flow effectively. You will be absolutely amazed to see how many of the nerves are asking for flow and energy to be opened up!

This also includes a separate panel for the cranial nerves. The cranial nerves originate in the brain and have power over some of the most important neurological functions of the body. Cranial nerves relay information between the brain and parts of the body, primarily to and from regions of the head and neck.

Nervous System and Balance: Proprioceptive Optimization – 6 weeks

A healthy nervous system is necessary for good proprioception.

New Beginnings Series – 6 weeks

Are you embarking on a new project? Ready to start a new business? Do you just want to make a brand new start, or reboot, to your life? If so, check out this powerful series for making change and for starting a new venture in a very successful way!

New Beginnings 1 – Clear Negative Beliefs

New Beginnings 2 – Emotions that Activate Success

New Beginnings 3 – Achieve True Success with Your Fresh Start

Nutritional Tonic – 4 weeks

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Healing Flower Essences
  • Emotions

Osteoarthritis Series – 6 weeks

Osteoarthritis Assessment

Osteoarthritis Solutions

Pain Disturbance Harmonization Libraries – 8 weeks

Pain Assessment 1 Causes – Acetylcholine, Globulin, Histamine, Ischemia, Lactic Acid, Leukotrienes, Magnesium Deficiency, Nerve Compression, Prostaglandins

Pain Assessment 2 Location – Back pain, hip pain, knee pain, left heel pain, ligament pain, right arm pain, tendon pain, TMJ

Pain Resolution – Brain perception of signals, nerve balance, reduce foot pain, reduce joint pain

Pain Solutions – Anandamide, cannabinoid, dopamine and much more!

Pain Stress Disturbance Reduction – 8 Weeks

Reduce chronic pain and inflammation by addressing stress factors and harmonizing.

Pain Stress Disturbance libraries for harmonizing issues dealing with pain.

  • Pain Stress Disturbance Reduction Program 1 Pain Chemicals
  • Pain Stress Disturbance Reduction Program 2 Natural Remedies
  • Pain Stress Disturbance Reduction Program 3 Rife Frequencies
  • Pain Stress Disturbance Reduction Program 4 Injury Accelerated Repair

Pancreatic Optimization – 6 weeks

Your pancreas contains important digestive enzymes. These produce light within the body, called bioluminescent light. The key to longevity is a good supply of enzymes and a healthy pancreas.

Pancreatic Optimization Anatomy and Hormones – Accessory pancreatic duct, acetylcholine, celiac ganglia, glucagon, insulin, splenic artery, splenic vein, trypsin, Vagus nerve, secretin, Portal vein.

Pancreatic Optimization Enzyme Deficiency – Acid stable protease, Arthur Andrews Aminolase, Amylase, Carboxypeptidase, Catalase, Cellulase, Nattokinase, Papain, Phytase, Protease, PuraDyme, PuraZyme, Serrapeptidase, Trypsin, US Enzymes DigestXyme.

Pancreatic Optimization Frequency Direction – Pancreatic Rife frequencies, perfect insulin response, perfect glucagon response, RNA Integrity Stimulate, Solar Plexus Optimize, Vagus nerve healing.

Pancreatic Optimization Functional Assessment – Cholecystokinin timing off, Fat digestion suboptimal, Insulin insufficiency, Pancreatic Exhaustion.

Parasite Clearing Program – 10 weeks

Parasite Disturbance Clearing Herbs and Remedies:

Parasite Disturbance Clearing Program (Hz frequencies)

Past Life Trauma Clearing – 4 weeks

Clear ancestral patterns receive positive attributes and erase limiting beliefs by harmonizing stress disturbances held in the body from past experiences creating a new sense of freedom.

Often past life cellular imprints are creating stress in a person’s current life. While working on yourself, your emotions, your addictions your mental habits is very beneficial, discovering and clearing the residue of a past life can be the missing link to healing that you are looking for.

Your Past Life Clearing and Healing Program includes:

  • Past Life Panel 1 – Describes the past life issue
  • Past Life Panel 2 – Time periods. Pinpoint the time of the past life and harmonize the effects.
  • Past Life Panel 3 – Positive Attributes. Bring in the energy of past lives that were good, satisfying and contain the qualities you are seeking in this life.
  • Past Life Panel 4 – Which Lifetime – which lifetime – span of years is this particular one.

Pineal Gland Activation and Upgrade – 4 weeks

Pineal Gland Activation and Upgrade – With the current barrage of EMF’s and blue light on computers, phones and tablet screens the pineal output of melatonin may be suppressed.

Further, it is possible that the pineal gland may even calcify due to poor sleep, lacking nutritional needs and of course the many wireless and electromagnetic frequencies we find that we interact with daily.

The Pineal Gland Activation and Upgrade has frequencies that harmonize the pineal gland in order to create a positive activation and revitalization.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS and Blood Sugar Harmonization – 6 weeks

Prosperity and Abundance – 6 Weeks

Bring wealth and unlimited opportunity into your life with this incredibly powerful manifesting library. Attract success on new levels and become open and ready for abundance to flow into your life. Say Yes to prosperity and money with this top selling library.

Prostate Health/Men’s Health Package – 10 weeks

Interested in optimizing men’s health issues? This set of panels is for you!

Reflux Disturbance Harmonizing (Heartburn) – 8 weeks

Reflux Disturbance Assessment (Heartburn)

Reflux Disturbance Solutions (Heartburn)

Relationship Balancing Panels – For Happiness, Harmony and Attract – 8 weeks

Are you looking for your ideal partner? Or are you looking to optimize the relationship that you are in? These frequency libraries will assist!

Relationship Happiness 1 Frequencies – Entrain frequencies that assist in experiencing a positive and supportive relationship.

Relationship Happiness 2 Affirmations – Find the affirmations you are connecting with most in order to optimize your ability to thrive and enjoy positive and fulfilling partnerships/friendships/connections.

Relationship Happiness 3 Relationship Attraction – Are you wanting to attract that perfect partner? Find the best energetics for attracting your authentic partner!

Relationship Healing: Bliss of Union – 8 weeks

Are you seeking more harmony in your relationships? The Bliss of Union Series can help!

Get ready to be more empowered in your relationships and even in a clearer space for communication.

These libraries are based on the concept of “getting the love you really want” and using those skills successfully:

  • Bliss of Union Activation Program 1 Personal Clearing
  • Bliss of Union Activation Program 2 Clear Childhood Wounds
  • Bliss of Union Activation Program 3 Manifestation
  • Bliss of Union Activation Program 4 Union and Harmony

Respiratory Series – Harmonizing Lungs – 8 weeks

  • Harmonizing the lungs in order to open up the energies.
  • Respiratory Miasms – Clear the inherited susceptibility in the lungs.
  • Respiratory 1 Anatomy – Work at the level of the anatomy including lungs, middle lobe, bronchi, larynx, diaphragm and more.
  • Respiratory 2 Breathing Practices – Learn the breathing practices that will assist you such as Kapalbhati breathing
  • Respiratory 3 Herbal Solutions – Run the frequencies of the best remedies for healing the lungs.
  • Respiratory Infection – Chronic virus, rotavirus, strep biofilm and more

Root Cause – System Inquiry: Learn About Root Cause – 6 weeks

  • Systems Check (Systems of the body)
  • Core Source Issue (Toxicities and Exposures) – Bacteria, Chem Trails, Chemical exposure causative
  • Grading
  • Lifestyle Support (Create Lifestyle Support)
  • Under The Hood (Organs/Glands)

Scar Healing – 8 weeks

This library includes very powerful frequencies for scar healing.

Seasonal Allergies Assessment and Seasonal Allergies Solutions – 6 weeks

Seizure Disturbance Assessment/Solutions – 8 weeks

Discover the stress disturbance contributing to seizures. Test for frequencies to clear the energetic disturbance.

Includes Seizure Disturbance Assessment: examples include Inhibitory interneurons, large pyramidal cells, limbic system, liver function root cause, toxicity cause, temporal lobe, vaccination causative, need greater communication between cells, stress triggers electrical disruption, synapses, thalamus and much more.

Seizure Energetic Solutions: includes remedies, herbs, energetic commands such as CBD Oil, create balance between excitation and inhibition, deep brain stimulation, healthy electrical flow, magnesium, mistletoe, mugwort and more.

Sinus Assessment and Sinus Solutions – 6 weeks

This library includes powerful frequencies for:

  • Sinus Assessment
  • Sinus Solutions

Skin Healing Series: Comprehensive – 8 weeks

Skin Assessment includes:

  • Antioxidant Need
  • Collagen Loss
  • Dysbiosis
  • Glycation Damage
  • Hydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Liver Stress
  • Need to Alkalize
  • Oxidative Damage
  • Relaxation Time Needed
  • Rosacea
  • and more!

Skin Assessment Panel Physiology

  • Dermis
  • Epidermis
  • Hair follicle
  • Hypodermis
  • Keratinocytes
  • Melanocytes
  • Sweat Gland
  • Stratum spinosum

Also includes Skin Cancer Assessment Panel:

  • Melanocytes
  • Skin cell Telomeres
  • Vitamin D deficiency affecting cells
  • Basal Cell DNA
  • Dermis DNA
  • UV A Excessive Exposure

Skin Cancer Solutions Panel

  • Black Salve
  • Lutein
  • Protocel
  • Xenostat
  • Iodine
  • Niacin

Skin Healing Assessment

  • Mystery Virus
  • Biofilm
  • Intentional manifestation
  • Escharotic Chemical
  • SARS
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Charcoal
  • Peat
  • Zeolite

Skin Healing Solutions

  • SARS
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Charcoal
  • Peat
  • Zeolite
  • Helichrysum

Skin Solutions

  • Lipoic Acid
  • Green Smoothies
  • MSM
  • Silica
  • Geranium Oil
  • Collagen

Skin Regeneration & Youth Restoration Series – 10 weeks

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 1: Repair Oxidative Damage – Advanced glycation end products melt away, restoration of glycolipids, Reverse the effects of sun exposure, UV damage harmonize and clear.

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 2: DNA Optimization – Heal with astragalus extract, telomeres restored to optimized frequency 285 Hz, Neuroendocrine system optimized, increased telomerase production, DNA repair 528 Hz, Lengthening of telomeres

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 3: Immune System

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 4: Mitochondria Energy

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 5: Skin Repair System

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series 6: Adrenal and Hormone Upgrade

Use this series in order to powerfully transform energies of oxidative damage. Rejuvenate the skin and experience the wonderful benefits!

Sleep Deeply – 8 weeks

This library will help create the deepest and most restorative sleep possible.

Includes a system of libraries including:

  • Brain Harmony
  • Hormonal Reboot
  • Nervous System Reboot
  • Fall Asleep Easily
  • Sleep Through the night
  • Wake Up Refreshed
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Spinal Optimization – 8 weeks

Stem Cell Activation – 8 weeks

All stem cells have the ability to divide and create an identical copy of themselves by a process of self-renewal. They can also divide and form cells that mature into cells that make up every tissue and organ.

This suggests an underlying vibrational root cause to this effect. When the stem cells hear the right “song” or frequency, they are then encoded or directed to create the proper cell that is needed. If this theory is correct, it means that in finding the right vibration or frequency, our bodies have all that we need in order to regenerate on every level, from the organ, tissue and cellular level. The question is, how do we tap into this? Resonance biofeedback makes this all possible, it is just about finding the right method. We don’t know all about the potential of this at this time. However, use the Stem Cell Activation as a way for you to research and reach into the possibilities.

This frequency library has 3 parts:

  • Stem Cell 1 Stem Cells in areas of the body – liver, neuronal, pancreatic, pineal
  • Stem Cell 2 Genetic Expression – frequencies for activating expression of anti-aging genes
  • Stem Cell 3 Remedies – remedies for expression of stem cells and anti-aging.

Stomach Acid Balance Activation Program – 10 weeks

The key to a truly healthy body is healthy digestion. In the stomach, hydrochloric acid plays an important role in helping this digestive process. Stomach acid helps to prime the pump for all of our protein digestion in the stomach via the activation of pepsin. Stomach acid also helps to neutralize any pathogens that could get into the body through our food supply. Healthy stomach acid is an absolutely crucial part of a healthy body. It turns out the stress can suppress the proper production of stomach acid. Additionally, drinking coffee can also decrease our proper production of stomach acid. Even being deficient in the mineral zinc can hinder the proper production of acid in the stomach!

Use the Stomach Acid Balance Activation Program to experience more complete digestion. Do you experience reflux or heartburn? These could actually be signs that your stomach acid is too low!

The program includes these frequencies (these are a select sample of those that are included):

  • Apple cider vinegar to prime the pump of hydrochloric acid
  • Clear reflux as a result of low stomach acid
  • Gastritis clear 150 Hz
  • Low stomach acid contributing to infections
  • Marshmallow
  • Wormwood
  • Yellow Dock
  • Zinc
  • Balance stomach acid to reduce bloating

Stop Smoking Success Frequency Program – 10 weeks

Are you struggling to end your smoking habit? Get support toward your success with these very special frequencies!

They include homeopathics, herbs and Rife frequencies to assist.

These are all frequency programs that go along with your Genius Biofeedback system:

  • Coffea Tosta 100X – A Remedy used to decrease tobacco cravings
  • Ease Nicotine Withdrawal 10Hz – Rife frequency to ease the tough spots of nicotine withdrawal
  • Kidney 6X – Support detox from nicotine
  • Lobelia cardinalis 6X – Traditional herbal medicine that helps to ease nicotine cravings
  • Nux Vomica 12X – Helps with any type of liver detoxification
  • Tabacum 12X – Relieve cravings and help with detox

More frequencies:

  • Saccharum 16X
  • Synapse
  • Temporal lobe
  • Tryptophan
  • Energize Brain Cells
  • Anti-Smoking Drops Professional Formulas
  • Avena Sativa
  • Clear flu-like symptoms quickly and easily
  • Limbic System
  • Nutmeg seed
  • Oxygenate Cells 16 Hz

Stroke Disturbance Assessment and Stroke Solutions – 10 weeks

These libraries include powerful frequencies for:

  • Stroke Assessment
  • Stroke Solutions

Success System Prosperity Panels – 8 weeks

Biofeedback frequencies are not just for harmonizing health issues. It is a powerful tool that acts like an oracle. You can manifest that which you want in the area of health, wealth, relationships and more.

Use these special Success panels each day to magnetize opportunity, right timing, abundance, financial flow and much more! Find the energies and affirmations that resonate the highest for you today!

Root Cause – Learn about Root Cause of the Issue – 6 weeks

Would you like to know about the root cause of a particular issue? Use this series, Systems Inquiry in order to learn more about the root cause in any case!

Systems Inquiry 1 Systems Check (Systems of the body) – Adrenals, Bladder Urinary System, Cardiovascular, Dental Stressor, Emotional Stressor, Hormonal root cause, Immune root cause, Kidney root cause, liver root cause, metabolic – blood sugar, neurotransmitter, poor food choices, Respiratory root cause, Structural issues root cause, Thyroid stressor root cause.

Systems Inquiry 2 Core Source Issue (Toxicities and Exposures) – Bacteria, Chem Trails, Chemical exposure causative

Systems Inquiry 3 Grading

Systems Inquiry 4 Lifestyle Support (Create Lifestyle Support)

Systems Inquiry 5 Under The Hood (Organs/Glands)

Thyroid Health Frequency Series – 8 weeks

Thyroid Health Frequencies Series:

Thyroid Assessment – Includes testing for the root cause of thyroid issues: adrenal imbalance, autoimmune thyroid, cortisol excess, dental infection, dental toxicity, emotional issue, estrogen suppressing thyroid, Hashimoto’s, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, iodine deficiency, mercury toxicity, mild goiter, neck injury root cause, nodules grow from mercury toxicity, reverse T3 high, selenium, thyroid cyst, TPO antibodies, TSH, underlying infection.

Thyroid Markers – Free T4, Free T3, Thyroglobulin antibodies, TPO antibodies, TSH.

Thyroid Solutions – Herbs and remedies for the thyroid, CBD Oil from cannabis, green tea, Guggul, kelp, nascent iodine, selenium, thyrotropin, tyrosine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Resvero, Turmero and more.

Thyroid Young Living Oils – Basil, Endoflex, Myrrh, Myrtle, Spearmint, Thyromin.

Thyroid Premier Research – ErythroPro, Hyssinol, MaxBND, Noni, ThyroVen, Xenostat

Total Hormonal Optimization (THO) – 10 weeks

Total Hormonal Optimization library includes these powerful frequencies:

THO 1 Estrogen Balancing:

  • Cyst clear
  • Melatonin
  • Ovarinum 30C
  • Pineal Gland Stimulate 20 Hz
  • Flax seeds
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone

THO 2 Progesterone Balancing:

  • Bifidus
  • Progesterone Cream
  • Red root – Clearing lymphatic splenic and liver congestion
  • Calcium D Glucarate
  • Black currant seed oil
  • Yin Deficiency harmonizing

THO 3 Cortisol Balancing:

  • Adrenal Gland 200C
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Schizandra
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zona fasciculata
  • Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis

THO 4 Testosterone Balancing (Men):

  • Adrenal gland
  • Free Testosterone
  • Thyroid
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS)
  • Muira Puama
  • Prostatitis clear

THO 5 Testosterone Balancing (Women):

  • Estriol
  • Oxytocin
  • Holy Basil
  • Pregnenolone
  • TA-65 for Astragalus Telomerase Activation
  • 14 Alpha Hydroxypregnenelone

THO 6 DHEA Balancing:

  • Release water being retained
  • Insulin resistance clear
  • Melatonin 10mg
  • DHEA balance increases as needed and assists in lowering platelet aggregation
  • Adrenal cortex
  • EMF Clear effects of for proper DHEA production

THO 7 Melatonin Balancing:

  • Melatonin 10mg
  • Interleukin-2
  • Timed release of melatonin now optimized for deep restorative sleep
  • Suprachiasmatic nucleus
  • Insulin resistance now balanced by optimized melatonin
  • Optimized transcription-translation loop in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)

Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment and Solutions – 10 weeks

Analyze the various ways that you have been affected energetically with frequencies for “diffuse axonal injury”, “brain plasticity”, “shearing”, “intracranial pressure” and more. This series includes TBI Solutions as well as the TBI Assessment.

Solutions include CBD Oil, black currant bud, crab apple bud, hypericum, myrrh, vinpocetine, black currant bud and more.

Includes BONUS frequency panel: Concussion Assessment.

Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment includes the harmonizing frequencies for: amnesia, aneurysm, brain derived neurotrophic factor, brain plasticity, cerebellum, cerebrospinal fluid, compressive cranial neuropathies, concrete thinking, post-concussive syndrome, post-traumatic amnesia, post-traumatic epilepsy, retrograde amnesia, shearing, subarachnoid hematoma, subdural hematoma, temporal lobes, trochlear, vagus nerve, verbal apraxia, vestibular, vestibulocochlear.

Traumatic Brain Injury Solutions includes black currant bud, bromelain, hawthorn berry, resveratrol, turmeric, vinpocetine. hypericum, green tea, Phytogen Gingko-Gen, CoQ10 and much more.

Unleash Infinite Flow and Creativity – 6 weeks

This library includes powerful frequencies to unleash infinite flow and creativity.

Urinary Tract Infection Disturbance Assessment and Energetic Solutions – 10 weeks

Urinary Tract Infection And Solutions

Discover the root cause and solutions for common urinary tract infections. Common causes include E.Coli, streptococcus, intestinal permeability and more. Solutions include cranberry, juniper, D-Mannose and Oregon Grape Root. UTI Assessment and Solutions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

V Clear – 10 weeks

Clear negative effects of inoculations when necessary with this comprehensive, step by step system.

Here are some, but not all, of the frequencies included in this series:

V Clear 1 Interference Fields Harmonized:

  • Clintoptioloite clay
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Medi-Clay FX ( Premier Research)
  • Skin puncture site clear all effects
  • Peat clay
  • Calcium bentonite

V Clear 2 Deactivate Elements and Chemicals:

  • Tromethamine negative effects neutralize and clear
  • 2 (polyethylene glycol-2000-N, N-tetradecyl acetamide neutralize
  • SM-102 effects cleared and neutralized deactivate detoxify
  • Yeast protein sensitivity cleared neutralized and detoxified
  • Recombinant replication incompetent adenovirus type 26 expressing the SARS cov-2 spike protein neutralized and cleared
  • Complete adaptation to any effects of the vaccination

V Clear 3 DNA Repair:

  • DNA is vibrating at the most positive frequency available at this time
  • All foreign or synthesized mRNA effects are now neutralized and eliminated normal function is now restored
  • Deoxythymidine healed and optimized
  • All codons are restored to normal function all effects of foreign mRNA are now cleared
  • All chromosomes now restored to normal frequency and function
  • Any synthetic messenger RNA effects are now completely cleared and eliminated

V Clear 4 Mitochondrial Repair:

  • All mitochondrial DNA are now repaired
  • Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid
  • Enhance liposomal glutathione in the mitochondria
  • All inoculation effects are now completely clearing the mitochondria
  • Vitamin B2
  • Mitochondria Rife Frequency 160 Hz

V Clear 5 Reprogram DNA:

  • My DNA are restored to their natural home frequency and are functioning perfectly
  • The proper messaging for my DNA is now restored
  • My DNA is completely repaired
  • Any environmental damage to my DNA is now repaired
  • All DNA is now transforming into a new higher vibration which slows the aging process
  • My total DNA is activated and now rising to the highest vibrational frequency possible for optimal health

V Clear 6 Balance & Strengthen System:

  • Shitake
  • Cordyceps
  • Astragalus
  • Osha Ligusticum
  • Baptisia Wild Indigo
  • Agaricus

Vagus Nerve Regeneration – 10 weeks

Vagus Nerve Revitalization

When the Vagus Nerve is out of balance, it can affect many of the organs of digestion.

The vagus nerve is actually a bundle of nerves leading from the gut through the heart and to the brain. It’s the longest cranial nerve and has communication with every organ.

It’s main function is to power the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic service system known as the “rest and digest” system. It plays a role in heart rate, sexual arousal, digestion, urination, and gastrointestinal activity.

The vagus nerve works tirelessly to control inflammation. It alerts the brain to release neurotransmitters when inflammatory proteins called cytokines are present. These neurotransmitters help the body repair then reduce inflammation.

Another function of the vagus nerve is to trigger the release of acetylcholine which controls muscles, dilates blood vessels, and slows heart rate. It’s safe to say the vagus nerve may be the most important nerve that the majority of people are still unaware of.

This series includes:

Acetylcholine, atrioventricular node, auricular branch, bifidobacterium longum, cardiac branch, cardiac plexus, chant to activate the vagus nerve, cholecystokinin, cold shower to stimulate the vagus nerve, deep breathing to stimulate vagus nerve, dorsal motor nucleus, enteroendocrine cells, gallbladder, gargle to activate vagus nerve, GLP-1, Gut-associated lymph tissue, HCl production, heart, peptide YY, pharyngeal branch, pulmonary plexus, sinus nerve, SA Node, soft palate touch to stimulate gag reflex, spleen, stomach, thymus, trachea and much more in order to balance and optimize the functioning of the Vagus nerve.

Vessel Harmonizing Program – 10 weeks

One of the greatest risks to our health is when the vessels no longer flow well. This program is designed to bring you a new level of awareness about the current state of energetic health of the vessels and the power to do something about it both with biofeedback and with lifestyle changes.

Vessel Assessment: Major Arteries; Head and Neck Arteries; Torso and Chest Arteries; Abdomen and Pelvis; Arm Vessels; Leg Vessels; Capillaries; Emotions; Solutions; Energetic Considerations; Hormones; Vessel Types; Artery Anatomy Assessment

Vision Series – Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and More – 10 weeks

  • Vision Assessment 1
  • Vision Assessment 2 Eye Muscles
  • Vision Assessment 3 Eye Anatomy
  • Vision Photophobia
  • Vision Solutions
  • Cataract Assessment
  • Cataract Solutions
  • Macular Degeneration Assessment
  • Macular Degeneration Solutions

Weight Balancing Frequencies for Maximal Metabolism and Success – 10 weeks

This library addresses food addictions, resets emotions, balances hormones and increases metabolism. Get a break though success in maintaining your healthy weight goals. One of our most requested libraries.

  • Weight Release 1 Core Elements
  • Weight Release 2 Assessment
  • Weight Release 3 Systems
  • Weight Release 4 Affirmations
  • Weight Release 5 Emotions
  • Weight Release 6 Solutions
  • Weight Release 7 Brown Fat
  • Weight Release 8 Vitamins
  • Weight Release 9 Minerals
  • Weight Release 10 Amino Acids
  • Weight Release 11 Essential Oils
  • Weight Release 12 Food Plans
  • Weight Release 13 Practices
  • Weight Release 14 Superfoods
  • Weight Release 15 Fatty Acid Metabolism

Wellness Rife Frequencies – 6 weeks

This exciting panel has specific Hz frequencies for things such as normalizing lymph function, stimulating the healing of nerves, stimulating the healing of muscles, creating the reinforcement of DNA Integrity, stimulating increased lymph system circulation and more!


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