Dealing With Anxiety And Depression

Dealing With Anxiety And Depression

Dealing With Anxiety And Depression


Anxiety and depression are tough conditions to deal with and can have a tremendous impact on your relationships, friendships, and lifestyle.

Dealing with it can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to overcome. Remember that you are not alone and you should know that, for the most part, no condition is irresolvable!

You just have to keep going, when you are dealing with anxiety. Working towards a fulfilled lifestyle with the obstacles of anxiety is hard, but it is still possible.

Fear is a force which keeps us imprisoned within our comfort zones! And depression is preventing us from developing any sense of motivation to actively attempt an escape from those spaces. We often feel like our situation is irresolvable, perceiving it as such.

We often slip into believing that this is all we can ever be and that we are powerless to do anything different. Remember that anxiety is something you do, and not who you are. Healing from your condition is tough but possible!

Keep in mind that your perception is your reality. What you believe about the world is what your reality will shape to become. If you believe anxiety is a part of who you are, then it will be. If your current reality was that this condition has no way out and there isn’t any hope for healing from the pain, then it would seem to be so.

But if instead we believe in ourselves enough to know that our perceptions can change and heal us as we change them, then we can escape the prison of fear and depression.

And remember it’s not just about overcoming this condition; it is also tackling that inner voice always telling us to “give up.” Dealing with anxiety and depression might be tough at times but don’t ever give up on yourself! You are worth so much more than you think.

Don’t let anxiety control your life. And don’t resist it. Remember, what we resist – persists .

To overcome both anxiety and depression, you need to find the courage inside yourself. And even if it’s small at first, take that step towards healing!

Start by changing your perspectives about what is possible. You are worth so much more than you think. Dealing with this condition does not make you less of a person; in fact, it makes you strong.

It is possible to heal from the pain of anxiety and depression! Dealing with these conditions might be tough at times but remember that you are not alone in this struggle.

You’re never alone when dealing with hardships – there is always someone out there who can relate. Just keep going – you’re worth so much more than you think.

What really helps when you’re dealing with anxiety is to have a plan. The most common reason for anxiety is because we feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start solving the problem. Other times, it’s because what needs to be taken care of seems too large and daunting, so we can’t figure out where to begin. The best thing to do is take one small step at a time, and this may help reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious!

You can also think about all the places where you’re making progress in your life – it might be hard to see them when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but they are there! Sometimes remembering what we’ve accomplished can help us overcome the negative feelings of anxiety and depression.

Take a moment to be grateful. Write down three things that have been good for your life lately – as small or insignificant as it may seem. The more grateful thoughts you focus on, the more you’ll see good things in your life.

Finding your life purpose is a step towards being fulfilled, as well as overcoming anxiety. When you know who you are and what your life purpose is, then the whole world becomes an opportunity for fulfillment because it’s all about how we choose to see things. Searching for and living your true purpose can be beneficial in addressing anxiety and depression.

Additionally, these are all great natural remedies for anxiety and depression 

– Exercise is great for both mental health and physical health, but make sure the exercise you do is moderate to intense. If you don’t have much time, just 10 to 20 minutes of moderately difficult activity can be enough. Yoga also has a number of benefits.

– Meditation – having even 5 minutes of meditation a day can have very powerful effects on one’s mood 

-Hydrotherapy (saunas) and massage

– Supporting yourself with vitamins and minerals such as omega 3s, dopamine, serotonin, magnesium 

– Learning to recognize your body language which can affect your mood in that moment 

– Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning 

-Herbal remedies: Bach’s “Rock Rose”, St. John’s Wort, Tulsi, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha and Kava Kava

If you are struggling with anxiety and looking for help, or if you need guidance in finding your purpose, don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary session. I am more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.

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