You are Not Your Productivity!

You are not Your productivity

Today, women feel overwhelmed by their packed schedules. As a busy professional, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and grind of your daily routine. You may feel like you have to constantly push yourself to be more productive, always striving for that next promotion or major accomplishment. But this can […]

Understanding the Difference: Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis vs Traditional Tests

After recently announcing that I became certified in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, I have received many questions about the difference between functional and traditional blood tests. In this article, I will explain the difference and the benefits of functional blood chemistry analysis and how it can prevent dysfunction from evolving into disease. Functional blood chemistry […]

Functional Blood Analysis: Uncovering Hidden Health Imbalances

Functional Blood Analysis Uncovering Hidden Health Imbalances

This year, make your health a priority! You deserve to feel your best and understand the inner workings of your body. Our Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis service is here to help you do just that. Our comprehensive and in-depth analysis provides a unique perspective on your current state of health and includes a detailed report […]

I Can’t Fall Asleep: 10 Tips for Better Sleep

I cant fall asleep

“I toss and turn for what seems like hours, but it’s really only been a few minutes. I check the clock again: 2:37 a.m. I close my eyes and try to clear my mind, but it’s impossible. My mind is racing with thoughts of everything that needs to be done tomorrow. And the day after […]

Exhausted? Here is Why You are Feeling Depleted

Exhausted? Here is Why You are Feeling Depleted

If you feel exhausted, if the pressure to be perfect is stressing you out, or if you feel like you have to do and be everything all the time, then keep reading. It’s safe to say that if you’re a professional woman today, you likely feel one or more of the following: overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, […]

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis: What are the differences?

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis What are the differences

We often experience sinus problems especially when it is cold. And sometimes we just disregard the signs and symptoms we experience knowing it is only a simple cold symptom, however from a simple cold it’s possible for it to develop into a sinus infection. How hard is it to tell the difference between something acute […]

“I’m 39 and Absolutely Exhausted by 4 pm. Is This Normal?”


If you’re a professional woman in your 30s or 40s, chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded 4 pm energy crash. You know – that feeling when all of a sudden, you can’t keep your eyes open and everything feels like it’s happening in slow motion? Yeah, that one. Well, it turns out that this isn’t […]

Acupressure’s Sweet Spot – How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar

Acupressure's Sweet Spot - How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar

Are you a sugar user? More and more people are resorting to high-sugar drinks and snacks for a quick jolt of energy. But the trouble with using sugar for an energy boost is that it sets up a roller-coaster effect that can soon become addictive and lead to health problems down the line. Recent research […]

Alternative Holistic Medicine vs. Western Medicine

Alternative Holistic Medicine vs Western Medicine

The major difference between alternative and western medicine is in the approach. A Western doctor, or MD, sees his/her duty as searching out disease, diagnosing it, and treating it. If he does that correctly and effectively, he’s done his job. Most often, this means the doctor prescribing a pharmaceutical drug or a surgical procedure to […]

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet

Acidic vs alkaline diet

Our body’s internal system needs a PH of just above 7.0; our immunologic, enzymatic and repair mechanisms all function at their best in this alkaline range.  If our body becomes over-acidic, i.e. under a PH of 6.4, you may start to experience a combination of these symptoms;        Low energy       […]

8 Ways to Boost Your Energy

8 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Everyone would like to feel more energetic during the day.  You naturally go through periods of higher activity which contrasts with times of relaxation.  The problem occurs when more energy and concentration is required than we can give. Or when we try to sleep and can’t. Follow these 8 invaluable tips to boost your energy!  […]

House Clearing with Quantum Biofeedback Frequencies

Did you know that the energy in your home might have an impact on your everyday mood, mental and physical state? When people are feeling intense negative emotions like anger or confusion, that energy can become imprinted onto the consciousness of space. However, this does not have to be permanent. Did you know that a […]

Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

You can lower cholesterol without drugs by following some basic steps that will not only change your cholesterol readings but also improve your overall health today and in the future. So often we use a prescription drug and hope it will magically cure whatever ails us. But it’s not always the case. And the problem […]

The Power of Aloe Vera

The Power of Aloe Vera

I am sure that many of you are familiar with Aloe vera.  And I guess many of you have seen its actual form or structure.  But, did you know that Aloe vera has a particular role played in the field of science and medicine?  Are you aware that Aloe vera is one of those well-known […]

Liver Detox: The Basics

Liver Detox The Basics

Known as the Chief of Staff by the Taoist literature, the liver is a powerful bodily organ that performs numerous functions for the body to stay healthy.  In the first place, it takes the role of being the factory or warehouse for the metabolic elements, nutrients and wastes.  It stores and manages all metabolic actions, […]

Experiencing Brain Fog? Adrenal Issues? Start with the Kidney Meridian

Experiencing Brain Fog Adrenal Issues Start with the Kidney Meridian

The Meridians Panel is one of the most fascinating aspects of Quantum Biofeedback technology. Working on the energetic pathways called meridians are a great way to speed up healing progress and produce excellent results. This is because they access the three essential parts of a person: mind, body, and spirit. Today we will talk about […]

Acupressure Fast Facts – Get Pain Relief at Home

Acupressure Fast Facts - Get Pain Relief at Home

Acupressure originated in China thousands of years ago, and evidence has been found that acupressure was practiced in the stone age! Acupressure has been used to reduce post-operative nausea and vomiting in children. Acupressure also reduces nausea in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Acupressure can be done anywhere without special equipment. You can treat yourself safely […]

Let’s talk Antioxidants Part 1


According to medical professionals, antioxidants are one of the best supplements to help the body combat the damaging effects of free radicals. The antioxidant content in most fresh fruit and vegetables varies, but rainforest fruits are often more beneficial than those from other regions.  For example, acai berries are loaded with antioxidants, which makes them […]

A Natural Herbal Remedy Could Be Your Answer

A Natural Herbal Remedy Could Be Your Answer

The popularity of herbal remedies is rapidly causing traditional medical practitioners to recognize the useful properties of the hundreds of thousands of known herbs that are able to heal and prevent many human and animal illnesses, as well as enhance mental attitude, appearance, and performance.   Many centuries of experimentation by many cultures, including Indian herbal […]

Do I Need Mental Health Help?

Do I Need Mental Health Help

It’s easy to decide whether we should see a therapist or coach with extreme emotional problems; however, when we’re slightly uncomfortable, or having a few rough days, it’s harder to make that decision. Don’t wait until you truly can’t deal with it if you believe you have that problem and are getting overwhelmed. Being proactive […]

9 Ways To Sneak Some Extra Fruits And Vegetables In Your Family’s Diet

9 Ways To Sneak Some Extra Fruits And Vegetables In Your Family’s Diet

We all know by now that we should be eating at least five, (preferably closer to 10) servings of fruits and vegetables each day. But knowing and doing are two different things, aren’t they? Sometimes it is just not easy to get them all in there.  We are constantly tempted to fill up on convenience […]

Supplements That Can Help Boost Brain Power

Supplements That Can Help Boost Brain Power

Would it not be great if you could just pop a pill and remember everything for an exam? Realistically, there are no supplements that can boost your brain power to such astounding levels. But, studies have shown that regular intake of certain supplements increases the ability to memorize.  There are many herbs, supplements and foods […]

12 Natural Ways to combat PMS

12 Natural Ways to combat PMS

PMS can be debilitating for some women, making it hard to focus on anything else. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ve put together a list of natural ways to combat the symptoms of PMS so you can feel like yourself again in no time.    Keep Track:   Writing a symptoms diary can […]

5 Low Cost Ways to Soothe the Sting of Sunburn


Each of us most likely has at least one memory of nasty sunburn. Whether experienced personally or by a close family member or friend, the symptoms are likely to include anything from red hot skin, either tender or painful to touch, to nausea, dehydration, blistering, and flaking or peeling of the skin. Sunburn can also […]

10 Small Steps to Improve Your Health

10 Small Steps to Improve Your Health

Many of us make health-related resolutions, such as losing weight, stopping smoking or joining the neighborhood health club. While it is common to set high goals, experts say that setting smaller goals could do more for our health and wellness.  “Small steps are achievable and are easier to fit into your daily routine,” says James […]

Quick Fix 3 Day Detox

Quick Fix Detox 3 Days

In today’s environment and the majority of lifestyles, it’s hard to avoid coming across substances and chemicals that are foreign to our system. In defense, the body reacts in remarkable ways to protect itself from intruders.  Normally, it’s the excretory organs like the liver, kidneys, skin, including the lungs that need to work extra hard […]

Some common Summer Plants that Heal

Summer Plants that Heal

An herb is any component of a plant that may be utilized for flavoring or medicinal purposes. Herbs for relaxation, so you can sleep, and herbs for pain relief or water retention have the added benefit of not having the adverse effects of pharmaceutical treatments. Herbs and Biofeedback may help you achieve your ideal state […]

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight after 40?

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight after 40

Many of us want to look and feel better as we age, but it can be more difficult as we get older. There are a lot of changes that happen after the age of 40, from hormonal fluctuations to decreased bone density, which makes it more challenging for those who are trying to lose weight […]

How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss: 4 Tips

How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Have you found that your skin is looser after losing weight? It’s a common problem for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Skin elasticity isn’t the same as it used to be, and this can lead to loose skin on the belly, arms, thighs and face. I have personally gone through this […]

The Six Vitamins and Minerals That Help You Lose Weight

The Six Vitamins and Minerals That Help You Lose Weight

It is a commonly-known fact that you need to take vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. However, did you know that there are certain vitamins and minerals that also help improve your metabolism? This blog post will discuss six of the most important ones for weight loss and the main food and herbs […]

What is Homeopathy and Why Use It?

I am happy to announce that I have recently become a Board Certified Homeopathic Practitioner. I have been working and studying holistic health, and when I discovered homeopathy – it just seemed like a perfect fit for me. I did a lot of research on it before becoming certified and found that it really is […]

“I’m always tired” – How to Overcome Fatigue and Exhaustion

How to Overcome Fatigue and Exhaustion

You’ve tried everything. You’re drinking more water, sleeping better, and even exercising – but you still feel exhausted all day long. What’s going on? It may be time to start digging deeper into the root cause of your fatigue. In this post, we’ll discuss one of the common reasons that could be causing your feelings […]

How To Release Stress and Anxiety With Energy Medicine

How to Release Stress & Anxiety with Energy Medicine

  Stress and anxiety are a part of daily life for most people, but how you manage it can make all the difference in your health and well-being. Western medical practices often use prescription medications like Prozac or Zoloft as treatment methods. There is some evidence that these drugs can be effective for patients with chronic stress or anxiety, […]

How to Overcome Anxiety

  When you’re held hostage by anxiety, it’s like being bound and gagged with invisible rope. It prevents you from moving forward with life because it’s an irrational fear of the unknown that keeps people stuck in a standstill. When you’re stuck in a pattern of fearing the worst-case scenario, it can make pursuing your […]

Quantum Biofeedback for Pets: Stress Relief and Pain Management

Quantum Biofeedback for Pets- Stress Relief and Pain Management

It is a common misconception that pets do not experience stress or pain. Animals can feel just as much of these things as humans, and sometimes even more so. If you have ever seen your cat hiding under the bed for days on end because he has been spooked by something in the house, then […]

How Much Time do I Need to Sleep?

Did you know that there are a lot of people who sleep for just six hours and feel more rested than those with eight? I have noticed this before, but I always heard how many experts say healthy sleep is supposed to be at least 8 hours. I want to mention here that the length […]

The 10 Most Common Sleep Mistakes

  Many people, nowadays, have become much more health conscious, which is an amazing thing. They are aware of what and how they are eating and their level of physical activity. But what is still often overlooked is sleep. Without proper sleep good health is not possible. Which is why it’s very important to get […]

What Is Energy Healing And How Does It Work?

Energy healing is one type of alternative medicine that is proving to be incredibly popular. As the name suggests, this type of therapy is when there is an interaction of the human energy field with other energy fields, which can also be human or otherwise. Everything is energy, and humans emit different types of energies, […]

What are the Effects of Sleep Deprivation On The Body?

Our body is created to support us. However, we should provide it with enough support too for it to function optimally. We have all had sleepless nights tossing and turning, which impacts the quality of our next day. That is why sleep is essential to ensure your mental and physical health. Science has proven that […]