Why Am I Tired in the Morning?

Why Am I Tired in the Morning?

Are you one of those people who wakes up tired in the morning? I used to be one. It was so frustrating to open my eyes and feel like I just came back from a 12-hour shift. I started thinking that it was part of aging. And most of the people who surrounded me were doing even worse than me. So I thought it was a part of the process that is called life.

It wasn’t until I started meeting people who were energized and happy at any time of the day or night, that I started questioning if it could be different for me as well. And I started binge learning: reading, listening to programs, attending conferences, getting certified; to find out if it can be different.

And it absolutely can be! I found my answers. 🙂

And one of the main reasons why we feel tired in the morning is because of the food that we eat the day or even a few days before. (Of course, assuming that you have slept a decent amount of hours that night.) Food that we eat directly impacts our energy level. Some of the foods give us energy and other foods drain the energy out of us. When you eat unhealthy food, your energy level depletes. It’s that simple.

Another major reason why some people are constantly tired is that they are dehydrated. You need to drink a substantial amount of water every day. And I am not referring to coffee, tea, pop, or juices. I am talking about regular water.

Additionally, when on top of your poor diet, you eat late at night, you make your body work overnight to digest this food instead of resting. Give yourself at least 3 hours between your supper and the time when you go to sleep.

Of course, there is more to becoming healthy and feeling great, both physically and emotionally, than what I have listed above. But if you were to just change a few things in your daily routine, you can make a tremendous difference and impact on your life.

Try it out for 2 to 3 weeks and see what kind of difference it will make. You can always go back to your old habits.  What have you got to lose…besides the weight and fatigue?

Give it a try! Experience the difference!

Till next time,

Love and Take Care of Yourself! Because You are Absolutely Worth It!

Have a Beautiful Day!!!


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