What Makes Me Happy?

What Makes Me Happy?

Would you be surprised if I told you that most people don’t know what to answer first when being asked this question: “What Makes You Happy?” And I am not referring to a big philosophical question: ‘What is happiness?” I am referring to “Which activities make you happy?”

We are often so busy in our everyday life that we forget about the purpose of this all. Knowing this gives you clarity, knowledge, and understanding about yourself.

So, today I want to ask you this question: What makes you happy? When do you feel like everything’s amazing and you could hug everyone and everything you encounter on your way? 🙂

Create a list for yourself:

  • Is it listening to specific music?
  • Playing or watching sports?
  • Spending time in nature?
  • Mediating?
  • Yoga?
  • Spending time with your best friend?
  • Watching a show?
  • A cup of latte with a pastry?

What is your recipe for happiness? Become aware of what makes you happy. And get in the habit to schedule these things regularly throughout your week. And anytime you feel ‘low’, look at your happiness list and pick something that will make you feel better at that moment.

I would love it if you would share your top ‘ingredients for happiness’. (publicly or privately 🙂 )


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