What is My Purpose?

What is My Purpose?

There was a time in my life when I was really negative. I was miserable because I was lost. I did not know what my purpose was, did not have a vision and had an overflowing amount of limiting beliefs about myself.

And looking back now, I realize how exhausting it was worrying what others are thinking of me; living by someone else’s rules, pretending to be someone I am not and ‘numbing’ myself with all kinds of destructive habits. I was not clear what my own values were. I did not think I was enough and doubted my worthiness. I constantly lived in fear of what other people thought of me. I had to be in control, dominating, achieving & impressing others,…but it was never enough….

All of those years of running around, suffering, depressed, unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering what was I doing wrong. What was happening to me?

Realizing that I will not last for too much longer like this, both physically and mentally, I started my self-discovery journey. Attended personal development seminars, read ton of books, went through multiple programs and quests, went through several coaching certifications, became a master NLP practitioner, hired a coach and finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I started removing my emotional blocks, got rid of my limiting beliefs, destroyed all of my toxic habits, started taking care of my health, and all of this heavy sh*t finally melted away. After this transformation, everything in my life clicked and started working like a well oiled machine. 🙂

And I realized that it was my responsibility to help others ‘open their eyes’ and start living. I feel so blessed to be able now to help, support and empower others who are going through this same thing. And help create life the way they want it to be, not the way they think it has to be.

If you would like my support in transforming your negative and limiting beliefs; if you would like to let go of the old habits and thoughts that keep your stock and suffer in guilt and anger and resentment…- I can help you. Send me a private message and let’s connect. I have some space opening up in my program ‘Suffering Into Thriving: How to Find Your Purpose, Get Clarity & Skyrocket Your Confidence’. It’s a free chat to explore and see what working together might look like.

Feel free to read the testimonials on my page: https://yelenat.com/testimonials/

Whatever you do, decide your dreams, however big or small they are, worth it! Decide you are worth it! Reinvent yourself, trust yourself, it’s the best gift you could ever give yourself!


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