Things I Regret

Things I Regret


Even though my philosophy in life: ‘Do not regret anything’; I have made an exception and started thinking about things that I regret doing and not doing.

And the logic behind it was:

  1. Things that I really regret doing-I need to make sure that my kids will not make the same mistake, or at least try to warn them.
  2. If there is something I regret I have not done-I can still do it, it’s not too late.


So, what are the things that I regret doing/not doing?

  • Definitely Smoking! This has cost me so much. Only after quitting I have realized what kind of disease it is. I was constantly sick. Everything was dependent on smoking. All decisions that I have made were with respect to smoking, as it was my first priority. I was slowly dying in front of my family, without even realizing it. I wish that smoking addiction would be considered as serious as opioid or heroin addiction.
  • I regret not studying and learning enough when I was younger. I have had all the time in the world, as well as all of the resources ever needed. I went to university just to go there and to get a degree. Unfortunately, learning was not a priority then.:)
  • Not exercising for the first half of my life is another thing I regret. I was never an athletic person. I thought back then: “I am who I am. I was made this way. No need to mess with nature.” I was overweight and wasn’t comfortable in my own body. I also wasn’t confident, didn’t feel attractive, was irritated and agitated; which totally made sense when you are carrying five dozens of extra pounds on you. Exercise has completely changed my life. And I have found a way to keep off that weight consistently. You can learn about my weight loss journey here.
  • I regret consuming poison for many many years, which consisted for the most part of food and drinks I have consumed. Only later on in my life I have learned about live and healthy foods. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a perfect diet. I still enjoy my pizza and ice cream once in a while. But I have changed my diet drastically that made me feel so much more healthy and energetic. You can read about it here.
  • But the thing that I regret the most is that I wasted many years living in a miserable state of mind! I was unhappy, sad and anxious (borderline depressed) girl who didn’t know what was wrong, but wanted out of this state so bad. And major components that impacted this constant miserable feeling are described above. Without changing all of the above, I couldn’t change my state of mind.


Additionally, besides physical exercises, I have implemented mind exercises that helped me shift from a miserable state of mind to a beautiful state of mind. And I’m not bragging or exaggerating. Anyone can shift their state of mind and get to a desirable state, a state where you will enjoy living in.

Everything else that happened to me or what I have done, I do not regret, as it has made me who I am. Of course, some of those things, I wish didn’t happen, but I do not regret them. And I couldn’t agree more with the statement: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

As it appears to be I don’t regret too many things.:) And even those things that I do regret, I was able to correct and eventually got on the right track. But it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t acknowledge first the things that were destructive in my life, if I didn’t become aware of which of my issues needed to be resolved.

Have you analyzed your life? What are the things you regret doing/not doing? It’s not too late. You can turn it around. You deserve it. As being happy and fulfilled is your number one priority.


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