Sometimes everything is going wrong for the right reasons

Sometimes everything is going wrong for the right reasons

Most of us had moments in life when everything seemed to go wrong, probably more than once. When this happens – we have a choice. We can feel like a victim and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can find another meaning for this.

The meaning you get heavily depends on the questions you ask yourself. If you ask: “Why does it always happen to me?”, “Why am I so unlucky?”, “Why should I go through this?”, etc… –  I can almost guarantee you will feel miserable.

But if instead, you will ask yourself: “What kind of lesson can I learn from this?”, “How will I become a better person because of this?”, “What is positive about this that I haven’t noticed?” – you will stop feeling like a victim. On the contrary, you might even feel lucky going through this experience.

We often forget that in order for things to change, something needs to get shaken up, and the stuff that no longer serves us needs to leave to make room for the good things. Change is inevitable if you want to grow or change something for the better in your life. And maybe you can take another look at everything that is going wrong and realize that it is happening for the right reasons.

And if you feel “low” or “lost”, contact me and I will help you find a different meaning, so you can enjoy your life!


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