Sometimes “Crushing it” means asking for help

Sometimes “Crushing it” means asking for help

Are you one of those people who are trying to do everything on their own, who thinks it’s below them to ask for help? I used to be like this. I used to think that asking for help is the biggest weakness someone can have. I am not thinking this anymore, but to be honest, I am not completely “recovered” yet either… 🙂

I am still catching myself sometimes “stomping in one spot”, slowing down the progress, because I am trying to do everything on my own. But once I become aware of it – I change it. Only fools think they can do it all on their own. (and I used to be one 🙂 )

It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to take help as well. Let other people share your success with you. Don’t be stingy about letting people share in whatever you create. 🙂 Look at anyone who ‘made it big’; they all have a “crew” or someone who has helped them along the way. And it might be a good time to accept that you don’t know everything. That’s just a fact.

I’m not sure who said this, but I love this phrase: “Be strong enough to stand alone. Smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” And if you need help to get from where you are to where you want to be – I am here for you. 🙂

Have a Beautiful Day!!!❤??


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