Some pursue happiness – others create it

Some pursue happiness – others create it


You probably noticed that I write a lot about happiness. And the reason for this is that I was in pursuit of happiness for many years. I started researching the subject in my early 20’s. I was reading and listening to the experts in the field. I reviewed many studies on happiness. And the more I learned – the more confused I became regarding this subject matter.

I was looking for some kind of clear formula for what I needed to become happy. I knew that it wasn’t something I need to have, as I already had everything to be happy, but rather it was something I needed to do to create happiness.

At some point in time, I think I told myself on a subconscious level (without even realizing it): “It is what it is…”

And just within the last couple of years, I had finally realized that I had to create my own happiness. This was an amazing breakthrough for me. And if you are in pursuit of happiness, as I was, I suggest re-evaluating everything. Yes, it is a process. And it will take some work on your behalf. But I can tell you firsthand, it is absolutely worth it! 🙂

And if you need guidance with this process – I am here for you. Everyone deserves to be happy!


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