Nothing Which Life Has to Offer is Worth the Price of Worry

Nothing Which Life Has to Offer is Worth the Price of Worry


Nothing is worth the worry. Worry is such a useless emotion. It doesn’t benefit you at all. Worry is probably one of the most destructive habits humans have. I used to constantly worry about something. It even kept me up at night, and when I did finally go to sleep, I would have nightmares worrying about something else. I always thought about what could go wrong.

Worry has such a negative impact on us that it’s even destroying our health. I have finally learned how useless this emotion was, and that it didn’t give me anything except the deep wrinkle lines on my face, which was an additional reason to be worried about:). On top of everything, most of the stuff we worry about never happens anyway.

Dale Carnegie wrote an amazing book about this topic: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. Any situation, that you are driving yourself crazy with, can be resolved without worrying. Very simple, yet extremely effective action steps are described in his book:

  • “Analyze the situation honestly and figure out what is the worst possible thing that could happen.”

  • “Prepare yourself mentally to accept the worst, if necessary.”

  • “Then calmly try to improve upon the worst, which you have already agreed mentally to accept.”

So, next time you start worrying, acknowledge that this emotion is useless. Stop worrying and focus on using the steps above to resolve the problem you are dealing with. And next time you will catch yourself worrying about something, ask yourself if you can shift your mind to a more resourceful state and positive use.

“Nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry.” Napoleon Hill


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