Nobody Knows That I Am…

Nobody Knows That I Am…

I wanted to share something with you that most people don’t know about me. And that is: Nobody knows that I am a life coach.

I have been doing this as a hobby at first, and later on, it has transformed into my side part-time job. I am excited to share with you that I became a professional Personal Development and Relationships Life Coach.

For most of my professional life, I have been working in Management positions. I have always achieved all of my goals and have even exceeded them. I have always been successful at everything I do.

And after reaching a certain goal at work, it definitely felt good. But what I have realized, in the last several years, is even though it has felt good, it didn’t give me that feeling of deep satisfaction. I wanted something more, something bigger. I wanted to feel fulfilled.

I have started digging deep in myself to try to figure out what the keys to fulfillment are. I didn’t even realize right away that during that self-research process I began to transform my life.

I wrote many articles about my own transformation. The first purpose of this article is to tell you about something that you don’t know about me, and the second purpose is to tell you about my path of finding what fulfills me.

By transforming certain areas of my life, I realized how drastically my life has changed. I was able to shift my state of mind from sad to happy. I was able to do this myself and completely naturally.

My family didn’t recognize me anymore, in a good sense. My husband even said that he feels like he is cheating on his wife because this person I became is a completely different person.?

One of the evenings my husband and I were discussing and brainstorming about our own strengths. And it is very easy for me to see other people’s strengths, but was a little challenging to figure out what my own biggest strength is.

I know that I’m a responsible and organized person. But what IS my biggest strength, what distinguishes me, I wanted to know… And my husband had “opened my eyes”. He told me: “It’s obvious. Your superpower is your ability to transform yourself!”

That moment felt like I just have had a major breakthrough in my life. Yes, of course it is! How could I not see it before?! I was able to lose a lot of weight and keep it off permanently. I was able to become athletic. I quit smoking after over 20 years… I completely changed my lifestyle from toxic to healthy. I was living in a pretty dark state of mind, being depressed and under anxiety for most of my life, even though people have seen me as energetic and happy on the outside, and I was able to shift my state of mind to being happy. And now I have to help others!


I started studying to become a professional life coach from that moment on, nights and weekends. Tony Robbins is my idol, and I thought that I should follow his teachings and philosophy. I have discovered that he is a co-owner of life coaching certification programs.

After receiving my first certification as a Strategic Intervention life coach, I wanted to learn more and started studying for my second certification as a Practitioner of Excellence. I have attended several different events, read quite a few books, went through several certifications while practicing with clients nights and weekends.

I finally know what makes me feel fulfilled! And that is helping others to achieve their goals, to shift their emotional state, to transform their relationships and to transform their lives.

I was excited to get up in the morning, regardless of the amount of sleep I have gotten. My husband told me that I started glowing. ?

I have found my purpose in life and I would like to share it with you. Here it is:
The purpose of my life is to empower, enlighten and inspire others while radiating unconditional love to all.
And if any of you need guidance and assistance to achieve the goals that you thought you could never achieve, to shift your emotional state to be happy, to transform your relationship, as well as your life, you just might know the right person for all of those.

Is there something that no one knows about you? Please share it if you feel it’s the right time.

Many of you have visited my website to read my blog. But you can check out my updated website at And as always, you can contact me at [email protected].


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