Life really does begin at forty…

Life really does begin at forty…


When I was a teenager, I thought that by the time I will be 21, I will have my whole life figured out. 🙂

There were many things I thought I will have by that age, but here are the main ones:

  • I will have my degree
  • Professional job with ridiculously high salary, where I will achieve a lot at by that time
  • I will be dating my husband to be

Out of everything that I have thought I would have, the only thing I did have was my degree.

When I was 21, I thought I would have everything figured out by the time I’m 25. On top of all of the things that I was planning to have at 21, I have added to the list to have the job of my dreams where I would retire, be happily married, have kids, be unbelievably successful and have a perfect balance of life and work.

I did get married at 25, and I was successful in my career. But that’s about it from that long list I have had in mind when I was 21.

When I was 25, I thought by the time I will be 30, I will have all of the above for sure. As you probably figured it out already, it didn’t happen the way I thought it would. 🙂

I didn’t even plan my 40-year mark, as I thought that is way too old, it is closer to the retirement age than present me. 🙂

And only at 40, I have figured out my real purpose and what fulfills me.

And then I came across this quote that I could totally relate to:

“Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” – Carl Jung

Before I read this quote, I was thinking, somewhere deep inside, that I have wasted many years of my life. But after reading it, I have finally realized that I was, in fact, doing research all of those years.

We have a tendency to blame events, others and sometimes even ourselves when things are not what we expect them to be at the moment. And that is never a good thing. All we are doing is we are poisoning our life by our thoughts when we are blaming something, regardless of what it is.

What if instead of blaming someone, outside circumstances, certain events or ourselves, we would think about all of the good things we became because of that? What if we will appreciate the thing we were just blaming?

Our perspective will change. Our quality of life will change. It is definitely worth trying.:)

I became curious… Now knowing that I was doing research for all of those years, could I be done with my research a few years earlier? Could I achieve certain things earlier than I did? And if so, what should I have done differently?

And I have realized that the difference between me achieving what I have planned vs not achieving was the actual planning process.

Before I was just dreaming, I had never planned in detail the things that I wanted to achieve and have. Additionally, I have planned everything in my mind, instead of writing it out and creating a specific plan on paper.

All you need to make things happen, for your dreams to come true, is to plan out these things properly. This is the actual difference between those who achieve what they want and those who don’t.

It is so simple but true. If you have something you are trying to achieve and were not successful at before, or you don’t know where to start to achieve what you want, you can contact me via email at [email protected] or visit my website at, and I will guide you through this simple, but effective process.

Make your dreams your reality!!!


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