In Order to Change, We Must Be Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

In Order to Change, We Must Be Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired


A lot of people are asking me this question: “How do I change something permanently?” And my response to this is: “You have to get really disturbed!” What do I mean by that?

In order for you to change something, or quit a bad habit permanently, you need to have a lot of pain associated with keeping this habit. You really have to get disturbed by the idea of living with this your whole life.

All people are driven by two things: avoiding pain or gaining pleasure. If you want to change something, the first step should be for you to write down as much as you can regarding the following:

  1. How this activity, this habit will be more painful if you keep it permanently. Imagine your future and what it’s going to be like if you don’t change anything. Go one, five, ten years in the future when visualizing this.
  2. Now think of how changing this behavior will bring pleasure to you. What will you gain by getting rid of this activity? Again, think of your future, and what’s it going to be like without this destructive habit.

In my opinion, if you are not disturbed enough with something, then it’s just a minor inconvenience. And we don’t go out of our way for inconveniences. But once you will link as much pain as possible to this habit, you will get sick and tired of it, you will be able to send it on its way out.

You can change almost anything in life. You are in charge! Give yourself a sense of freedom that can only come from being in control of your life.

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