If You are Going to Look Back on Something and Laugh About it

If You are Going to Look Back on Something and Laugh About it

How many times did you go through unnecessary stress in life, only to later realize that it was all for nothing? When something unexpected happens, or a different outcome is expected, you begin to drive yourself crazy over it…

We often take certain negative information and, in our minds, blow it out of proportion. And only later on, we realize that it wasn’t as bad as we thought, and even laugh at ourselves for reacting the way we did. But by that time, we already went through a great deal of stress and might have caused things such as insomnia, low energy, aches and pains, headaches, loss of focus, and other negative things.Once you become aware of your stress, you can shift your state of mind. Next time you will notice that you are nervous and edgy, take a 2 minutes break and start breathing slowly, concentrating only on your breath. Count to 5, breathing in, and count to 5, breathing out. After 2 minutes of slow breathing you will notice a change in your state of mind.

Another thing you can do is to ask yourself the following questions:

-Is there something funny about this situation that I haven’t noticed?
-If this was my lesson, what could I learn from this?
-What am I grateful for? (Interesting fact: it’s not possible to be grateful and stressed at the same time.)

Your quality of life is a direct reflection of the state of mind you live in. Change your focus and you will change your life!  And if you need personal guidance dealing with a stressful situation, send me a private message and I’ll help you through it.


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