How To Stay Focused and Productive During Lockdown

How To Stay Focused and Productive During Lockdown


We live in crazy times right now… A time of uncertainty… And a lot of people are on the edge because of this. It is definitely uneasy, and for some more than others.

But one important thing to remember is that – while we cannot control the outside environment, we have absolute control over our minds. The way we respond to these uncertain times will define our future. We need to stop panicking and define a new meaning for ourselves.

Yes, we should get prepared as much as we can; stock up on food and supplies and avoid going outside whenever possible. You shouldn’t ignore the warnings. There is a reason why we are told to stay at home. We need to stop spreading this virus. But at the same time, we need to not panic. We see empty shelves in stores because people are scared. But let’s be reasonable…

If you had to name a few positives about this situation for yourself and your families, what could it be? Perhaps you could find some time to spend with your family or to have more time for yourself, or possibly to organize something you didn’t have time for 10 years or clean a closet out? 🙂 What is it for you?

As unfortunate as this pandemic is, it has benefited our climate worldwide. Air quality has improved in lockdown areas. There has been a significant drop in air pollution in many areas. The Venice Canal appears to be running cleaner water than ever before. And there is more…

Use this time to work on your relationships; work on connecting with your families. What if you turn off TV’s, tablets and put away phones for at least one hour, and play table games with your family?

Or you can spend time developing yourself and possibly take some training or course you never had time to take, that you have been putting off.
I think it would be safe to say that one of the luxuries, that almost everyone in the world has acquired now, is extra time. We have spent so much time on commuting, getting ready to go in public, making ourselves “look pretty, etc.” 🙂

If you are one of the millions that got extra time now that you didn’t have before: What are you spending it on? What are you choosing to do? Are you trying to watch all of the movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon? Are you getting together with your friends on zoom calls and pretending you are in a bar? Are you drinking alcohol like it is going out of style? 🙂  (I know some people that do…)

Or maybe you have decided to concentrate on your health and body… Do those home exercises you never make time for and find the strength within you rather than looking to the outside world for answers. You can exercise at home as much, if not more, than in a fitness club.

Maybe you will challenge yourself to read a book a week? Or to finish reading something you have started 5 or 10 years ago…

Or maybe you are focused on your personal growth? If you want to learn, nothing should be stopping you now. The two biggest obstacles for people were always time and money. You are probably one of many who has extra time now. And there is so much free content on the internet nowadays that you can learn pretty much anything you want to.

Many people have lost their jobs and are trying to get some income going online. And most of them were not prepared for this in advance. Many do not have the luxury of an existing home office. And attempting to create some income by improvising the office space: Laying on the bed, sitting on the chair or sofa, with your phone or tablet.

If someone told me before that I would have to hide in my own house from my kids to jump on the call, I would tell them they “have lost their marbles.” 🙂
No wonder that a lot of people are on the edge now…

So if you are trying to get your home business going, I would suggest taking a 5-10 minutes break every hour or every 2 hours. Pick 3-5 exercises and practice them on your break. If you need help with choosing your exercise, I have listed below for you few reputable links to choose them:

Another suggestion I have for you to ease up tension and anxiety is Breathing exercises. I have written about this in my last article, but I will briefly mention it here again.

Follow this breathing pattern for 5 minutes:

  • Inhale for 5 seconds
  • Hold for 5 second
  • Exhale for 5 seconds

If you cannot inhale, hold and exhale for that long – adjust the time to whatever is comfortable for you. If you can inhale, hold and exhale for longer periods of time, 7 to 10 seconds, you are more than welcome to do this. Just make sure that you are consistent with all 3 stages.

When you have completed this 5 minutes exercise (you can do it longer if you wish), say out loud: “Life is beautiful”, 5 times in a row. This will conclude your exercise.

So, going back to the original topic: What are you choosing to do with your extra time?

Use this priceless commodity, time, wisely. There is so much you can do. Please don’t take me the wrong way. I am not trying to be mean. 🙂 I just wanted to remind you that all of us have a choice. You can always choose what things mean to you, as well as choose what to spend your time on.

And once this is over, you want to be proud of yourself and come out on a whole new level.


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