How to Overcome Anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety


When you’re held hostage by anxiety, it’s like being bound and gagged with invisible rope. It prevents you from moving forward with life because it’s an irrational fear of the unknown that keeps people stuck in a standstill.

When you’re stuck in a pattern of fearing the worst-case scenario, it can make pursuing your dreams and desires seem daunting. Though it seems difficult, conquering the grips of anxiety is possible.

There are several methods for getting rid of excessive anxiety that keeps you trapped in the cycle. Fortunately, these methods can reduce your worry and enable you to take control of your life again.

Overcoming Anxiety Naturally

There are many natural techniques that can be used to help one overcome anxiety. Holistic practices are increasingly included in an anxiety recovery program due to their stress-regulating properties.

Some techniques that can help:

One way to decrease anxiety is by practicing mindfulness-based meditation.

One way to help overcome anxiety is by practicing mindfulness meditation every day. Mindfulness meditation teaches people how to focus their thoughts on what’s going around them in the present without judging it. When you’re able to focus on what is happening around you, your anxious thoughts will eventually dissipate and stop controlling your life.

Mindfulness-based meditation has been shown to have a positive effect on individuals dealing with excessive levels of stress, including those that suffer from depression or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Deep breathing exercises can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety

Additionally, one can overcome anxiety by practicing deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing can help the body and mind relax, which is very beneficial to reducing anxiety. Breathing deeply throughout the day helps reduce a person’s stress levels while also calming their nerves for more restful sleep.

Practicing deep breathing exercises every day will allow one to have more control of their life, and find relief from the constant worries that come with anxiety.


Aromatherapy is another way people can help themselves get over anxiety; it reduces stress levels and calms nerves by inhaling essential oils like lavender oil. When you inhale the lavender oil, it releases a calming aroma that can help reduce anxiety. Aromatherapy  can be done with a fragrance candle or diffuser.

Aromatherapy can also  help people with their sleep. Lavender oil can be used in a diffuser to help people relax, and when your body is relaxed it will have an easier time falling asleep; as well, lavender helps relieve stress which leads to better quality of sleep.


Yoga  is another way that people can get over anxiety. It is a physical activity that will help the person feel more relaxed and stress-free, which in turn helps to relieve the feeling of anxiety.

Many people find yoga to be a helpful tool for this matter. Yoga  combines deep breathing exercises with physical postures, and it encourages practitioners to focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on what might happen next or what has happened in the past. Practicing mindfulness through this exercise can help reduce an individual’s feelings of stress and anxiety.

Progressive relaxation exercises

Progressive relaxation exercises are another way people can get over anxiety. It is a type of exercise that involves tensing and relaxing the muscles in your body, starting from the feet up to the head. The point of this activity is not about getting into shape or anything like that; it’s meant to help reduce stress levels by releasing the tension in your muscles.

Doing this exercise can help you feel less anxious by calming the mind and reducing physical tension which is often present when someone experiences anxiety. In addition, being more mindful of what’s happening in the moment will reduce feelings of fear or worry about potential future events that may never happen or something bad from a past event. This is a great technique for people who experience anxiety as it’s easy to do and doesn’t require any equipment or help from others.


Another way people cope with anxiety is by journaling. Journaling helps people process their thoughts and feelings, which in turn will help them to reduce the feeling of anxiety.

Many people find journaling to be a helpful tool for this matter; it’s easy to do with a pen and paper or on an electronic device like your phone or computer. Journaling is a type of self-care that doesn’t need to be expensive and can easily begin with writing lists, doodles, or just jotting down what you’re feeling at the moment.


Another technique that may help you reduce anxiety is walking. Walking outdoors helps people breathe in fresh, oxygen-rich air which can help calm anxiety.

Walking is a type of exercise that  requires no equipment and it’s easy to do anywhere; all someone needs is their own two feet or the shoes on those feet! When you walk outdoors your body will take in more oxygen than if you were sitting indoors; this will help calm anxiety which is often caused by the feeling of being trapped or closed in.

Walking also helps lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels, both of which can contribute to a reduction in feelings of anxiety.

Choosing a proactive approach in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety through these holistic activities can provide excellent results. Incorporate these practices into daily life for improved functioning and quality of life.

What methods help you feel less anxious? Please share with us in a comment below!

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