How to Make Your Dreams Your Reality

How to Make Your Dreams Your Reality

Does it ever happen to you? You decide that you want to achieve something and set a goal, but realize that you don’t know where to start. If it sounds familiar, know that you are not alone. The majority of people I have encountered used to struggle with this.

Let’s talk about simple steps you can take to overcome this.

First, you need to figure out the results that you want to achieve. Then you need to decide the reasons why you want to achieve them. And create a Plan of Action for achieving them.

We have previously talked about What and Why, so this time we will concentrate on the Plan, the Road Map to your success. Remember the analogy of driving a car. If you want to drive to a specific place, you need to know directions to this place. Otherwise, you will be just driving and wasting your time and gasoline.

One of the best strategies for achieving big goals, in my opinion, is to treat your goal how you would treat a project. And I will list below simple summary action steps that I take when I am working on a project.

  • First, decide what the end result will look like when you will achieve your goal.
  • Then you need to set a due date by which you are planning to accomplish your goal.
  • Afterward, break down your main goal into smaller goals.
  • Prioritize smaller goals in the order of importance
  • Schedule a due date for each of your smaller goals
  • Break down each of your smaller goals into action steps
  • Prioritize your action steps in the order of importance
  • Schedule each action step in your calendar on a specific date and time.
  • Celebrate each accomplishment

Achieving goals is a much simpler process when you are looking at them and breaking them down in the way that is described above. But remember, that it is very important to follow through on what you have scheduled. And if for some reason you were not able to get to your planned activity, reschedule and complete it at another time, at your earliest convenience. As a general rule, what is not scheduled – will not get done on a consistent basis.

And another important thing that I wanted to mention here is one of the best practices for daily productivity. Start your day by working on the task that has the biggest impact on your goal. And oftentimes, it happens that this task is the one that you want to work on the least. 🙂 So work on this task first, at the beginning of the day, the one you have been avoiding doing the most. So when you are scheduling your daily action steps – schedule accordingly.

“Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them – create them!” Tony Robbins


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