How to Be Present

How to Be Present

A lot of people nowadays are experiencing a similar issue: they are struggling with being present for their loved ones. They might be physically near them, but totally absent emotionally.  And even though they are acknowledging the fact that they are not present for their families and friends, they completely disregard the fact that they are also emotionally absent for themselves.

When you are more present, you also become more joyful and more appreciative of other people in your life. And this also leads to having more fun in life, which is an extremely important quality factor, in my opinion.

So how do you become more present and alive? Practice being totally absorbed by the activity you are doing. For example, when you are unloading groceries from your car, think about a grocery bag that you are carrying, instead of thinking how you are going to organize the groceries, and what you will be cooking.  When you are brushing your teeth, just concentrate on that activity. Think about each tooth you are brushing, instead of thinking about what you will have for breakfast. I know it might be weird at first, but like everything else – it takes practice to master. Whatever you do, concentrate on being consumed by just that activity.

Another way to practice is when you are talking to someone, try to find something beautiful about this person. And I don’t mean physical, which it could be as well. Do this with your family, friends, as well as with a clerk at the store or a nurse in a hospital. Find a gift in each person and find a reason to appreciate everyone you encounter on your journey. This is an incredible practice that will help you feel more present and alive. If you are struggling to find beauty in others – this might be the time to look within and what is blocking you. But this is another topic for another conversation.

Let yourself be vulnerable and express your emotions. Oftentimes, we are hiding our true emotions inside. And this is not healthy for us. This might lead to an emotional breakdown and/or anxiety/depression. Most of us barely let ourselves feel any emotions – we need to let them out. There are healthy ways for doing it for every kind of emotion. This is something I work on thoroughly with my clients in my Emotions Intelligence program. When we express our emotions fully, we let go of the emotional baggage that we carry.

Shift from your head to your heart. Most of us live in our heads and are not connected to our hearts. And being connected to your heart makes a major difference in life. You become so much more resourceful. Therefore, making better decisions, enjoying your life, and being happier. Test it for yourself… 🙂

Being present is not something you will be able to transform overnight. It will take some practice. But trust me – it is absolutely worth it, as nothing is more important than being happy!

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