Exercise That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Exercise That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

I will have a short and interesting exercise for you that will improve your quality of life instantly. 🙂

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative shit.” Tell me, what was the first thing you thought of when you read the words “negative shit”? Now write that stuff down.

Can you take a break from all of the things/activities that you wrote down, for a week? And after a week, notice what happens in your life. You will probably really like the results, and might even decide to eliminate this stuff for good.:)

And I understand that some things you can’t eliminate from your life. But can you delegate it to someone? Can you possibly hire someone to do this? There are always options if you think deep enough.

And something else to notice: does it feel better instantly, knowing that you don’t have to deal with it for at least a week? I bet it is. And here is the Happiness formula: Get rid of the negative stuff and do more of what makes you happy.:)

And I can help you get creative and finalize your Happiness formula.:)



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