Do you know anyone who is an addict?

Do you know anyone who is an addict?

Do you know anyone who is an addict? If your answer is no then you might be surprised after you will read this article. People are addicted to not just drugs and alcohol, but the most common addiction is food. When you zoom in on this issue, you will realize that a lot more people are addicts than we thought.

And why do these people become addicted? Some would say: because of a bad relationship, a bad breakup, losing a loved one, loneliness, or they are just simply “spoiled”, and so on. But in reality, it’s not the outside circumstances that lead people to addictions, it’s their inside world.

The main reason why people become addicted is that they have a belief that they are not enough. And this ‘not enough’ feeling can take a form of: “Not good enough, not interesting enough, not smart enough, or not worthy.”

What is addiction? Addiction is something that takes you away from a bad feeling towards a good feeling. And people become addicted because of that emptiness inside that they are trying to fill in with food, gaming, adrenaline rush, alcohol or drugs, shopping, and even drama. (These are the most popular addictions, but there are many more)

The reason why people fail, more often than not, to overcome addiction permanently is because they are trying to quit an actual addiction, which is just a symptom. The common denominator behind addiction is believing you are not enough.

When I work with clients, almost always their addictions link back to believing that they are not enough in one of the ways described above. (Of course, if their addiction is hard drugs and alcohol, they may need the additional support of a specialized program.) Think about your own addiction and see if you can link it back to where it originated. Oftentimes, it originates in very early childhood. Once you discover its origin, you can start to change your life.

If you can relate to this personally, the number one thing you can do right away is to start telling yourself that you are enough. Take a minute in the morning, during the day, and before you go to sleep to say: “I am enough.” Write some notes to yourself. Set up calendar reminders and alarm notifications throughout the day to remind you – You Are Enough. It might sound very silly, but it truly works.

You don’t have to struggle your whole life. You can put a stop to your suffering and become happy again!

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