Affiliate Relationship Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

This document outlines our affiliate partnerships with various businesses and products.

Adhering to FTC regulations, it’s important to understand that any links, posts, images, or other content on this site may be affiliate links. This means Yelena Tselenchuk and/or Fulfilled Life LLC could earn a commission from sales of certain items, without affecting your purchase price. In many instances, using the provided codes or links could result in a discount for you.

Our affiliate relationships are with brands we trust and personally endorse. The products or services we promote are those used and approved by our team or me, and I would confidently recommend them to my loved ones.

By purchasing through our affiliate links, you help support Yelena Tselenchuk and/or Fulfilled Life LLC, as we earn a commission from purchases made via our specific links.

Understanding Affiliate Links

An affiliate link includes a unique tracking code or discount, exclusive to our business, allowing us to earn a commission on sales of products you buy. This does not affect your purchase price, and sometimes, I can offer a discount on items through these links.

All reviews and opinions on this site are genuinely my own, focusing on products we stand behind. Please assume all links on or our social media platforms are affiliate links, and purchasing through them is a way to support us, for which we are incredibly thankful.

Usage of Affiliate Links

When I share an affiliate link for a product, it’s something I personally use, believe in, and would recommend regardless of an affiliate relationship. My main goal is to provide resources to assist you in achieving the best health and wellness, and I only link to products or resources (affiliate or not) that align with this mission.

Additional Information

Be aware that any product bought through an affiliate link is from an external company over which we have no control. We cannot guarantee any aspect of these companies’ products or services (like shipping, quality, product functionality, expiry dates, etc.). Any issues should be directly addressed to the specific company.


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