About Yelena

Yelena Tselenchuk, Doctor of Holistic Health (BCDHH), Naturopath & Homeopath (BCN & BCHP), Biofeedback & NLP Practitioner

Yelena is a dedicated and compassionate Doctor of Holistic Health with a deep understanding of women’s wellness. She offers personalized care, utilizing functional lab testing, to uncover the root causes of health challenges.

Yelena specializes in Digestive Health, Fatigue, Mood Disorders, and Sleep Problems, addressing the root causes behind these challenges. Her holistic wellness plans, (that go beyond symptom management), supported by Functional Lab testing, empower you to achieve lasting well-being.

Her expertise encompasses Functional Lab Testing, including Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Hormonal Balance, Thyroid Health, Gut Health (including Candida, SIBO, and Celiac assessments), Toxic Burden (including Heavy Metals, Mold, Environmental), Food Sensitivities, Vitamins & Minerals, and more.

Join Yelena on a journey of holistic healing that combines physical well-being and emotional health, unlocking your innate potential for lasting vitality.

Yelena is on a mission to help individuals achieve their full potential and live their most fulfilling life. She meets her clients where they are and provides solutions that bridge the gap in their lives. Whether her clients aim to improve their health, finances, relationships, career, or overall quality of life, Yelena is committed to empathetically understanding their journey and guiding them towards their desired outcome.

Yelena brings to the table a wealth of experience in holistic health, business operations, management, marketing, and business ownership, which allows her to work in a dynamic style that caters to the specific needs of her clients. She firmly believes that anything in life is achievable as long as you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

What drives Yelena’s passion for naturopathy is its holistic and hands-on approach that supports the body’s innate healing system. Naturopathy perfectly aligns with Yelena’s personal values, which include a deep appreciation for nature, natural healing, and sustainability, as well as her strong desire to help people thrive every day.

Friendly and approachable, Yelena enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds. She is trained in Naturopathy and Homeopathy and uses various modalities and techniques to help clients overcome a wide range of issues.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yelena has resided in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1996 and is a proud mother of two. In her spare time, she loves to travel, spend time with her family, read, and explore opportunities to create a positive impact in the world.

Yelena firmly believes that anyone can live a life of adventure, love, and passion by making the decision to live life on their own terms and not letting limited beliefs hold them back. She also believes that we all have limitless possibilities, and her role is to support clients as they lean into their edge and grow. Seeing clients discover what’s possible and step forward towards a more fulfilling life brings Yelena immense joy, and her job is not done until they celebrate their accomplishments.


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