How to Stop Thinking You’re Not Enough

How to Stop Thinking You’re Not Enough

How to Stop Thinking You're Not Enough

You are enough. I know that I am not alone when I say I have had moments where I feel like I’m not good enough, or that I don’t deserve the love of others because I’m not perfect. When this happens it’s hard to get out of the negative mindset and see any positive in anything. 

The thing is, feeling like you’re just not enough isn’t a new problem for anyone – we all go through it at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or someone who works from home – we all have anxiety about our jobs and how much money we make, about our relationships with family and friends, about whether people will think what we do is dumb … you name it! 

I am here to tell you that I have been there, I’ve felt what it feels like to be not good enough. I know the anxiety and stress of wondering if someone will ever think that I am enough, that I am good at what I do, or think if I’m pretty enough for them.

What’s more, what’s fascinating is that all of our self-doubts stem from just one thing. Dependency, obesity, manic depression, bipolar disorder, disconnection, rage… All of these and many more can often be treated… Not with a lot of pharmaceutical medicines (which just mask the symptoms), but by understanding the source of the problem.

And the underlying cause of most of our issues is that we do not feel like we are enough: smart, attractive, talented, wealthy… you get the idea.

When people come to me feeling unworthy, I help them feel competent and worthwhile with these 3 powerful words: I am enough. Yes, that’s all there is to it. That’s all there is to know: you’re enough. This is the cure for nearly all of our mental anguish.

“How can I get myself to feel this way?” – You’ll ask me. It’s really much easier than it appears.

Change Your Focus

You must first identify yourself with who you want to be. Then place your attention on the person you wish to become. You must tell a new tale about yourself, a narrative about the individual you want to become. Replace self-critical, negative thoughts with a positive vision of who you want to be instead of the person you used to be. Soon, since our brains adore routine and seek consistency, these unusual ideas will become a habit and normal.

Listen to Your Inner Dialogue

You are what you think. It has the potential to do either good or terrible things. Your mind will accept whatever you tell it, whether it is positive or negative. If you say that you are bad at something, your mind will believe it. If you say that you are excellent at something, your mind will also accept this.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your thoughts and offering your mind positive affirmations that help you move forward. If your inner critic begins to doubt, simply convert it to something it can believe. Every day I’m gaining more clarity or becoming more certain.

You are in Charge of this Dialogue

You’re in control from here on out. You are the director and fully accountable for what you say to yourself Whatever you want to say, you have complete power over!

In fact, in most cases, we would rather reject praise and inject criticism, because, unfortunately, criticism is more prevalent in our thoughts.

But did you know that praising yourself rather than someone else is actually more effective? It’s true. How many times have you been hesitant to accept a compliment because you didn’t think it was genuine? For all of these reasons, it’s critical to start praising yourself for the things you want others to remark about.

Tell a new narrative to your mind, and it will react accordingly. Tell yourself things like “I’m a fantastic mother/daughter/sister,” “I’m intelligent,” “I’m smart”, “I’m organized”, “I’m a wonderful friend,” and so on… and the most important one is to tell yourself that You Are Enough, Always Have Been and Always Will Be!

What would you use a magic wand for if you had one that could alter your own beliefs in any way? To discover how you can, schedule a free session:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Have a Beautiful Day!

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