What Is Energy Healing And How Does It Work?

What Is Energy Healing And How Does It Work?

Energy healing is one type of alternative medicine that is proving to be incredibly popular. As the name suggests, this type of therapy is when there is an interaction of the human energy field with other energy fields, which can also be human or otherwise. Everything is energy, and humans emit different types of energies, which include: light, magnetic, electrical, and many others.

Illnesses appear when there is a disbalance in a person’s energy field or there is a lack of flow to our various energetic systems. Keep in mind that energy medicine has a scientific basis. The entire framework of energy healing is based on modern quantum physics.

The concept of energy medicine includes biofeedback modality and biofeedback frequencies, which are based on quantum physics as well. There are many different types of energy healing out there. Some of the most popular ones are acupuncture, reiki, biofeedback, pranic, therapeutic touch, and many others.

Most of them involve a practitioner that assesses the client’s energy field and rebalances it through energy healing techniques. There are multiple reasons why one might seek energy healing, as it is known to help with:

  • Reducing Stress Disturbances
  • Reducing or Releasing Anxiety
  • Improving Overall Quality Of Life
  • Optimizing Physical & Emotional States
  • Rejuvenating Your System
  • Clearing Destructive Patterns & Limiting Beliefs
  • Emotional Blockages Clearing
  • Improving Feelings of Wellness & Vitality·
  • Improving Quality of Sleep
  • Assisting with breaking addiction patterns
  • Brain Cognitive Enhancement
  • Positive and Powerful Change
  • Receiving Assessment & Solutions Frequencies in Many Areas of Life


If you want to reap any of these benefits, then you should try energy sessions for yourself. The practitioner will assess what you need and guide you accordingly. The primary aim is to bring balance to your body, mind and biofield, by detecting stressors in your energy field and providing feedback for healthy frequencies to inspire your system to be regenerated and rebalanced; as well as reducing energy blockages to utilize your life force energy in transforming your life.

When considering energy healing, you can get it from a practitioner physically, or you can even opt for distance healing. Energy work can be done from a long distance because energy does not follow space and time constraints.

Energy is quantum, which is why it doesn’t travel in the same way as material objects. You can send balancing frequencies to someone’s energy field from the opposite end of the world. That is why you see more and more practitioners provide distance energy sessions.

A distance energy healing session is done through a phone or video call. During this session, the practitioner will connect and/or measure your energy field. Once they have determined reactivity in your field, they start with energy balancing.

Some people have reported the following physical sensations during and/or after the sessions:

  • Tingling sensation in the body
  • Waves of energy going up and down the body
  • Temperature fluctuation in certain areas of the body


And others feel nothing at all during the session, but that is nothing to worry about as energy work is still taking place. Once your session is over, you may feel relaxed, light, calm, clear, and joyous. That is because the practitioner uses various biofeedback frequencies or biofeedback modalities to help clear energy blockages.

It is essential to prepare yourself before you go into an energy healing session. The most important thing you need to do is keep your heart and mind open. We tend to store our emotions in our bodies, so sometimes; it can be challenging to face them.

Keep in mind that you might face all the emotions and memories you have stored, which may come up during or after an energy balancing session. The primary aim of the session is to trigger these emotions so you can process them and clear them out of your body.

Many people have reported feeling thirsty following a biofeedback frequency session and other types of energy healing. You will notice that you are feeling thirsty more often. It is a good sign as it means you have released a lot of stored energy and toxins from your body during the session.

So, it is essential to increase your water intake after a session. Doing this will help get toxins out of your body more efficiently as the energy needs to be released somehow. Many call this an energy purge as it is the process of releasing everything you have stored for so long.

Anyone can benefit from an energy balancing/healing session. It is one of the best forms of self-care as it allows you to release everything you have stored inside your body, such as trauma, negative emotions, and much more. If you have suffered trauma, depression, or anything life-altering, you can significantly benefit from energy balancing.

The best part is that if you are scared to face these emotions during a physical session, you can always opt for a remote one and reap the same benefits. A distant session will also help you tune into your inner needs and clear everything that is stored.

If you are ready to try energy balancing for yourself, take control of your life, clear all energy blockages and face your emotions, you can schedule your complimentary session below.


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