The Power of Cold Showers

The Power of Cold Showers


I have always known that cold showers are beneficial. But only recently I found out about all the advantages. By implementing cold showers into your daily routine, you are not just charging yourself throughout the day, but also gaining long term benefits.

Nowadays, cold water and ice bath therapy is a very popular method for medical treatment as well as to gain focus and energy for many people throughout the world. But the origins of this are traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations.

I have come across a few videos and articles regarding hydrotherapy and started practicing it myself. Since I have implemented this into my routine, I have become an advocate for cold showers.

And these are the reasons why I have become an advocate:

 1. Cold Showers Increase Focus and Alertness 

When our body is exposed to a sudden change in temperature, it triggers a neural response that creates a natural boost of energy in our system. It’s kind of like experiencing an adrenaline rush in your body. 

 2. Promotes Weight Loss

Not too many people are aware of the fact that cold water promotes weight loss. Apparently, there are two types of fat in our systems: white fat and brown fat. Brown fat is considered a healthy fat, and white fat is unwanted fat. White fat accumulates when we eat more than we burn in calories.

There was a study done that showed that ‘Shivering’ for 10-15 minutes can have the same effect as exercising for 1 hour on a bicycle. Another study showed that you can lose up to 9 lbs a year just by keeping up this practice. 

 3. Recovers and Improves Hair and Skin

As women, we are always looking for ways for our skin and hair to look better. We are spending thousands of dollars to buy all sorts of expensive creams, other products, and some even go for procedures. And all we need to improve the condition of our skin and hair we have right now, that doesn’t cost us anything. 

It has been proven that hot water dries out our skin and strips the skin of its natural oils. Therefore, these unwanted wrinkles and lines appear deeper and deeper on our skin. It is the same principle for our scalp and hair. 

Cold water, on the other hand, helps our skin get hydrated and get it’s elasticity back, by tightening pores and preventing them from getting clogged. 

 4. Improves Immune System

 Cold water can lower blood pressure, can improve circulation, clear blocked arteries and improve our immune system. Cold water makes us physically healthier in many ways and it definitely improves our overall heart health. 

 5. Reduces Stress

Cold showers work like magic for getting rid of or drastically reducing stress. Unfortunately, a cold shower is not always available to jump into, especially when you are at work. 🙂 In this instance, see my other articles that will help you to change your state of mind, almost instantly at a time of stress.

 6. Ease or Relieve Depression

When cold water hits your skin, your brain gets electrical impulses, which boosts mood and promotes an antidepressant effect.

Additionally, cold showers can ease up or drastically reduce stress. By reducing stress, you can relieve your depression symptoms as well.

 7. Recover Faster from Muscle Soreness 

If you are an athlete, or just someone who works out on a regular basis, you can get some severe muscle soreness after you try a new exercise routine or implement some exercises that you haven’t done for a while. Cold showers can definitely help to relieve the sore muscles.

 8. Feel Great About Yourself

After taking a cold shower, you get an amazing feeling. It does not just feel amazing because you have achieved something and benefited your health. You are getting some kind of natural high feeling that lasts for a while as well.

There are different strategies on how to start the cold water routine. You can read up on it and choose what will work best for you. I will share with you how I have started. 

When I implemented cold showers in the morning, I eased into this. I started with warm water first and then switched to colder water 1-2 minutes; then switched back to warm water for a couple of minutes and back to cold water for a couple of minutes. I did 3 to 4 rounds of this. 

After a few days, I started with cold water and left it on for about 3 minutes.  

After 1 week I have started with cold water and left it on for 3-5 minutes, 2 rounds. And then I shifted to 5-7 minutes of cold showers.

You can find below a few suggestions that can help you with starting your cold showers routine: 

  • Some people like to play their favorite songs while they are taking cold showers
  • Others like to do a short meditation
  • You can do your mantras, incantations while taking cold showers
  • You can do some breathing exercises while taking a cold shower
  • You can do some visualization exercises and see yourself in some beautiful vacation spot, whatever that place is for you
  • And if cold showers are too hard for you, you can implement a contrast shower into your routine. 

I encourage you to try a 2-week challenge and see for yourself how beneficial it is. If you have a severe medical condition of course, please consult your doctor before implementing cold showers into your routine.

Live your life on your terms. Become your own healer!


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