Seven days without laughter makes one weak

Seven days without laughter makes one weak

Many times we have heard that laughter is the best medicine. And there’s lots of evidence to support that. Plus it soothes tension, strengthens your immune system, relieves pain, improves your mood, and has many other benefits. It is an amazing immune boosting mechanism and a cure to many diseases. And it is absolutely free!

There are numerous benefits of laughter, but I will list just a few of them: laughter can reduce stress; it can relieve pain; it can reduce anxiety; of course it can improve your mood 🙂 ; it boosts your immune system; laughter can reduce blood pressure, as well as it is good for the cardiovascular system. And yes, ladies, it can even burn calories and help you lose weight 🙂 Who wouldn’t like to shed the extra pounds off by having fun and laughing?!

I am personally addicted to laughter. And it is one of the healthiest addictions I have ever had. It makes everything better. Bring as much laughter as you can to your life. And there are so many simple ways to do this:

  • Smile as it’s contagious
  • Spend time with fun and playful people as much as possible
  • Find something funny in every negative or neutral experience
  • Watch and/or read something funny
  • Laugh with your family and friends

Remember that making one person smile can change their world. Infect others with your laughing.

Laughter is one of the best treasures we all possess. And I absolutely love it! And I am planning to be addicted to it for the rest of my life. And just to warn you right away, I will not quit humor even for my clients. 🙂

Keep smiling! There is always a reason to smile, you just have to find it!


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