How to Build Good Habits

How to Build Good Habits

In order for us to be successful, we need to build new habits that support our goals. But oftentimes, people are unsuccessful in building new habits due to various reasons. One of my favorite books on this subject matter is Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you will have a chance – read it. ⠀

If you were trying to build a new habit such as healthy eating, physical exercising, gratitude exercises, meditation, or any other habit, and you were not successful at this… Here are the four simple steps to building a new habit. See if you can recognize that was the reason you were not successful before. Which one of these you may need to address? ⠀⠀

1) Make it Obvious⠀⠀

We must begin the process of behavior change with awareness. Is it clear that you want to make the change, if you are trying to lose weight, for example? Did you get rid of snacks, set out your workout clothes, or tell all of your friends and family what you are doing? ⠀⠀

2) Make it Attractive (Craving)⠀

”Dopamine is the neurotransmitter most implicated in pleasure and addiction. But it isn’t just associated with the experience of pleasure. It’s also released when you anticipate pleasure. This anticipation is what gets us to take action.” We have to be really clear about what the craving is that we want to fulfill. Are you craving confidence, energy, sexiness, or strength?⠀⠀

3) Make it Easy⠀

Reduce the friction of good habits and Increase the friction of bad habits. Going from 0-100 may not set you up for success and sometimes 60 is still too fast. Focus on building consistency. Work your way up. Do one thing for 5-10 min every day for some time, instead of one hour every day, and only get 3 days completed. ⠀⠀

4) Make it Satisfying ⠀

What is rewarded is repeated. And what is punished is avoided. Our brains want instant gratification. This goes back to the craving above. We want that craving to be completely fulfilled at the end of your task. How are you ensuring that in a way that pushes you towards your goals? Many of us reward ourselves with things that are totally counterproductive with our goal; that pull us away from the goal we want, such as having a pizza or binging cookies after a workout..I’ve been guilty of that myself some time ago. ⠀

I absolutely love and agree with this statement: “First You Create Your habits. Then Your Habits Create You.”⠀

And if you need help with creating your new habits and lifestyle – I am just one message away. 🙂

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