The Ultimate Health Reboot

The Ultimate Health Reboot

The Weight of Overload Have you ever encountered the exasperating scenario of your computer slowing down, weighed down by a multitude of running programs, and frustratingly stuck in an endless loop of spinning wheels? It’s a moment of frustration, where your only recourse is to shut it down and embrace the alluring reboot button. In […]

Boosting Energy: Holistic Solutions for Fatigue


Are you tired of feeling tired? Fatigue can cast a heavy shadow on our lives, affecting our productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. This article serves as your guide to unlocking sustained vitality through a holistic lens. We’ll delve into the symptoms of fatigue, explore energy-draining factors, and uncover the power of holistic solutions that can […]

Unlocking the Body’s Natural Healing Power

Unlocking the Body's Natural Healing Power

Have you ever wondered why a simple paper cut heals on its own? Or why does a common cold eventually run its course without the need for medication? These everyday occurrences are windows into the incredible healing power that resides within our bodies. Consider this: when you accidentally cut your finger, it’s not the bandage […]

3 Things Women Over 40 Should Know About Their Health

Navigating Symptoms in Your 30s and Beyond Transitions in life can bring about a range of changes, both mentally and physically. As women move into their 30s, many begin to experience new symptoms associated with hormone fluctuations and age-related issues. The transition to menopause can be daunting for some, but understanding the common symptoms along […]

Acupressure’s Sweet Spot – How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar

Acupressure's Sweet Spot - How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar

Are you a sugar user? More and more people are resorting to high-sugar drinks and snacks for a quick jolt of energy. But the trouble with using sugar for an energy boost is that it sets up a roller-coaster effect that can soon become addictive and lead to health problems down the line. Recent research […]

Alternative Holistic Medicine vs. Western Medicine

Alternative Holistic Medicine vs Western Medicine

The major difference between alternative and western medicine is in the approach. A Western doctor, or MD, sees his/her duty as searching out disease, diagnosing it, and treating it. If he does that correctly and effectively, he’s done his job. Most often, this means the doctor prescribing a pharmaceutical drug or a surgical procedure to […]

Experiencing Brain Fog? Adrenal Issues? Start with the Kidney Meridian

Experiencing Brain Fog Adrenal Issues Start with the Kidney Meridian

The Meridians Panel is one of the most fascinating aspects of Quantum Biofeedback technology. Working on the energetic pathways called meridians are a great way to speed up healing progress and produce excellent results. This is because they access the three essential parts of a person: mind, body, and spirit. Today we will talk about […]

Acupressure Fast Facts – Get Pain Relief at Home

Acupressure Fast Facts - Get Pain Relief at Home

Acupressure originated in China thousands of years ago, and evidence has been found that acupressure was practiced in the stone age! Acupressure has been used to reduce post-operative nausea and vomiting in children. Acupressure also reduces nausea in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Acupressure can be done anywhere without special equipment. You can treat yourself safely […]

12 Natural Ways to combat PMS

12 Natural Ways to combat PMS

PMS can be debilitating for some women, making it hard to focus on anything else. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ve put together a list of natural ways to combat the symptoms of PMS so you can feel like yourself again in no time.    Keep Track:   Writing a symptoms diary can […]

What is Homeopathy and Why Use It?

I am happy to announce that I have recently become a Board Certified Homeopathic Practitioner. I have been working and studying holistic health, and when I discovered homeopathy – it just seemed like a perfect fit for me. I did a lot of research on it before becoming certified and found that it really is […]

How to Increase Your Energy: Mood and Adrenal Health

How to Increase Your Energy Mood and Adrenal Health

You’re sitting at your desk, feeling sluggish and exhausted. You’ve been dealing with a lot of stress recently, and you can’t seem to get motivated enough to do anything about it. What’s going on? Your adrenals are affecting your energy levels! Your mood is connected to your adrenal health as well – the two go […]

How to Clear Negative Energy In Your Home

How to Clear Negative Energy In Your Home

You might not think that anxiety has anything to do with the energy in your home, but it actually does. If you have anxiety, it could be because there is too much negative energy in your house. Negative energy can come from many sources – a previous tenant, bad vibes off the street, or even […]


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