New Year’s Resolutions

 “New Year’s Resolutions”, a phrase we keep hearing left and right come the holiday time. Why do we want to create this list? Because we want to be responsible and trying to be our own friend to help ourselves to become better. For the most part, all of us are creating a list for New […]

What are Your Plans for the Holidays?

  I absolutely love the holiday season. It is such a magnificent time! And the best part of the holidays for me is the pre-holiday time. The anticipation of upcoming holidays is magical. Decorated houses, streets and public places is like a breath of fresh air. Waking up of kind spirits and souls is remarkable […]

Things I Regret

Even though my philosophy in life: ‘Do not regret anything’; I have made an exception and started thinking about things that I regret doing and not doing. And the logic behind it was: Things that I really regret doing-I need to make sure that my kids will not make the same mistake, or at least […]

Alcohol Makes you Fearless

  I know that some of you are not drinking and consider alcohol a root of all evils. I will not be arguing with you, as I do agree that it does very much damaging and sometimes irreversible damage. And I don’t want to offend anyone. But for the purpose of this blog post, I […]

Asking Yourself the Right Questions

Recently I have had a breakthrough regarding, what seemed to be a minor thing, but in reality a very important matter. What I am referring to is the power of questions that we are asking ourselves regularly. I have learned about the power of questions, that we are asking ourselves on a daily basis, when […]